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June 2010

Review: Prince Neos 1500

The industry standard gets updated again. (Click here to read more...)

September 2009

Stringing machine review: Wilson Baiardo

The features and benefits of the top machines in the industry with a unique focus on ergonomics. (Click here to read more...)

April 2006

Prince Precision Tuning Center

The Prince Precision Tuning Center (PTC) is a machine that allows you to measure the weight, balance, and swingweight of tennis, racquetball, squash, and badminton racquets. Even though many of these measurements are available to USRSA members, published measurements... (Click here to read more...)

March 2006

Babolat Star 5

If you visit the stringing room of most major tournaments, you'll find that with few exceptions, Babolat machines are the mainstay of the tour stringer. Rugged and reliable, with excellent mounting, clamping, and tensioning, a stringer could hardly ask... (Click here to read more...)

March 2005

Review: Super Coach

Super Coach is a one-machine company, but that one machine is the first we've ever encountered that really can feed any ball a person can. It offers a seemingly endless list of features and settings and is designed to... (Click here to read more...)

November 2004

Sports Tutor Shotmaker Super Deluxe

As the name would suggest, the Shotmaker Super Deluxe is Sports Tutor's flagship machine. It offers more features and settings than any of their other machines and is designed to last a long time. It is great for use... (Click here to read more...)

September 2004

Review: Lobster Elite

The Elite is Lobster's top-of-the-line ball machine. Designed for maximum durability, the portable, battery-powered Elite operates even where there is no AC power source. The Elite sells for $1,049. To contact Lobster, call 800-526-4041, or visit ASSEMBLY In... (Click here to read more...)

July 2004

Silent Partner Aria

Over the years, Silent Partner has been not-so-silently making a name for itself as a manufacturer of ball machines and inexpensive manual and electric stringing machines. Thanks to a patented technology, their electric stringing machines start at $249, a... (Click here to read more...)



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