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November 2015

Racquet Tech: Gripping 101

The grip is a player’s connection to the racquet. Make sure it is installed properly. (Click here to read more...)

Equipment: Getting a Grip!

Having the right grips and overgrips are crucial not only to good performance, but also to the player’s health. (Click here to read more...)

August 2014

Racquet Tech

Building Up Handles, Tracking Match Stats A New Way to ‘Siz-Up’ Handles More than a decade ago, heat-shrink sleeves revolutionized the way we built up a racquet handle. The method was so easy and precise, other methods soon disappeared.... (Click here to read more...)

April 2014

Playtest: Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip

According to Tourna, Mega Tac is the tackiest overgrip ever made, period. An exclusive polyurethane coating creates an ultra tacky surface that literally clings to your hand. Tourna also promises a very long tack time, with Tourna reporting tackiness... (Click here to read more...)

September 2006

Handling Your Players

Emphasizing your replacement grip business will serve your customers and give you a better grasp on profits, too. (Click here to read more...)



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