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May 2017

Footwear: Building a Foundation

A multi-step process of conceiving, planning and testing goes into creating quality tennis footwear. (Click here to read more...)

February 2017

Shoe Outlook 2017: Stepping Forward

Whether sales will be up or down this year, shoe technology and styling continue to move ahead. (Click here to read more...)

September 2016

Footwear: Stepping Out

The US Open fortnight is an opportunity for manufacturers to build their brands with new shoes for the season. (Click here to read more...)

May 2016

Footwear: Stepping in the Right Direction

While size still matters, putting your customers into the right shoes involves a balancing act that includes weight, stability, durability and comfort. (Click here to read more...)

March 2016

Footwear: Success Stories?

With new marketing strategies and products, shoe manufacturers have some strong stories to share. (Click here to read more...)

February 2016

OUTLOOK 2016: Shoes — Stepping Forward

Colors continue in new shoes for 2016, along with moves to either lighter weight or more durability. (Click here to read more...)

November 2015

Footwear: Mixing It Up

Tennis shoe manufacturers are creating opportunities with a complex balance that includes changes in the game, available technologies and new fashions. (Click here to read more...)

September 2015

Foot Care: Base of Operations

They may not be the glamorous part of tennis, but socks and orthotics can make or break a player’s game. (Click here to read more...)

August 2015

Footwear: Fancy Footwork

Manufacturers are aggressively moving to add to their share as the shoe market continues to increase. (Click here to read more...)

July 2015

Footwear: Bottom Liners

Offer customers the opportunity to match their shoes to their preferred court surface for optimum performance. (Click here to read more...)

May 2015

Footwear: Kicking It Up

Becoming a shoe expert will boost your store’s sales and your customers’ loyalty. (Click here to read more...)

March 2015

Footwear: The In-Store Advantage

For players, buying shoes in a brick-and-mortar shop will provide advantages over Internet and big-box retailers. (Click here to read more...)

February 2015

Outlook 2015: Shoes — Stepping up the Game

The new shoe showcase features vehicles that perform and look good, too. (Click here to read more...)

September 2014

Selling Footwear: Gaining a Foothold

Here are some tips to help keep your shoe sales moving forward. (Click here to read more...)

Fall Introductions: New and Improved

The latest in racquets, strings, and shoes will have something for every player. (Click here to read more...)

August 2014

Footwear: Regaining Its Footing

Tennis shoes are enjoying steady sales growth, as manufacturers take advantage of Grand Slam visibility. (Click here to read more...)

July 2014

Footwear: Stress Relief?

A podiatric surgeon and tennis professional says for performance and protection, players and manufacturers need to change priorities when it comes to tennis shoes. (Click here to read more...)

May 2014

Footwear: Where Rubber Meets the Road

Narrowing in on finding the right shoes for the right court surface. (Click here to read more...)

March 2014

Tennis Footwear: Performance Artists

With an eye toward making more of a performance and technology splash, new tennis shoes look to balance durability, weight and speed. (Click here to read more...)

February 2014

Outlook 2014: Kicking It Up!

Sensing good news afoot, tennis shoe manufacturers are offering more options for 2014. (Click here to read more...)

November 2013

Footwear Preview: Running in place?

Tennis shoe sales may be treading water, but manufacturers are stepping in with new offerings for 2014. (Click here to read more...)

June 2013

Footwear Trends: Stepping Into the Future

New performance elements, introduced in categories such as running and basketball, are likely to emerge in the tennis-shoe market, too. (Click here to read more...)

May 2013

Footwear: Polish Up Your Shoe Sales

Provide customers with the models, prices, and especially service, and they’ll beat a path to your door. (Click here to read more...)

February 2013

Outlook 2013: Step Lively

Tennis companies are making shoes increasingly innovative in both style and technology. (Click here to read more...)

September 2012

Equipment: New Racquets and Shoes for Fall

The US Open fortnight is a time of reflection and hope for tennis manufacturers and retailers. Much of the reflection focuses on dollars and how to get more of them in the coming year. The hope is driven by... (Click here to read more...)

April 2012

Footwear: Kicking It Up

Shoes are the ‘journeymen’ of tennis equipment. But sooner or later, every player will need a new pair. (Click here to read more...)

February 2012

Outlook 2012: Footwear — Holding the Line

Although shoe releases seem to have declined this year, the latest models incorporate tech advances and address needs to help players’ games. (Click here to read more...)

August 2011

Relief for the Feet

Stocking the right socks can give your customers a leg up in their game. (Click here to read more...)

June 2011

How to Help Your Players Find the Right Fit

By Ken DeHart, PTR & USPTA Master Professional For tennis players, shoes are critical pieces of equipment that can affect performance on the court. Your players’ shoes need to be comfortable, yet they need to provide support that allows... (Click here to read more...)

February 2011

Performance Footwear is King

In tennis shoes, consumers want it all — fit, durability, lightweight, great looks. But in the end, it’s all about how they work on court. (Click here to read more...)

April 2010

What the Top Pros are Using

What are the top 20 men and women pros using on court? We contacted manufacturers and scoured various websites (including manufacturer and player sites) to give you the racquets, shoes and clothes the top players are using. (Rankings are... (Click here to read more...)

February 2010

Outlook 2010: Footwear

Despite the tough economy, manufacturers are fired up about their shoe offerings. (Click here to read more...)

June 2009

A Cool Ride!

In tennis shoes, players are looking for ventilation and breathability to keep their feet cool and dry. (Click here to read more...)

February 2009

Outlook 2009: Manufacturers gear up

Despite worries about the economy, the makers of racquets, shoes, apparel and strings are optimistic that their products will strike the right chord with consumers. (Click here to read more...)

February 2008

Foot notes

From fine-tuning successful lines to adding new models, footwear manufacturers are providing players with plenty of options. (Click here to read more...)

September 2007

Foot Soldiers

What can a hundred bucks get nowadays? For your customers, it can get a lot of great technology for their feet. (Click here to read more...)

June 2007

Babolat Debuts New Team All Court Shoes

In tennis, 80 percent of the movement on court is lateral and diagonal, says Babolat. That's why the company says it designed two new shoes specifically to aid in lateral movement. The Team All Court 3 and Team All... (Click here to read more...)

February 2007

Outlook 2007 -- Getting Serious

Footwear manufacturers are designing tennis shoes to meet the needs of hard-core players. (Click here to read more...)

September 2006

Special Effects

As tennis shoes become more specialized, retailers need to understand their key features. (Click here to read more...)

July 2006

On the Road

When it comes to shoe outsole design, here's what your customers need to know. (Click here to read more...)

April 2006

Lacing Systems that Enhance Fit

When it comes to tennis shoes, your players need to have a perfect fit. Wearing shoes that fit correctly will not only help your customers play their best tennis, but also, it can keep players from getting injured. Many... (Click here to read more...)

February 2006

Get your kicks

In tennis footwear, companies are cutting the weight while upping the quality. (Click here to read more...)

September 2005

Foot Soldiers

From big-name endorsements to grassroots player appeal, tennis shoe manufacturers have the kicks for your customers. (Click here to read more...)

August 2005

Orthotics Can Help Keep Your Players Playing

Tennis teaching pros and facility managers have a common goal — to get as many people as possible to play tennis. It's simple: The more they play, the more they pay — for racquets, shoes, apparel, court time, etc.... (Click here to read more...)

June 2005

Proper protection for your feet

The more time your customers and members spend pounding the ball on the court, the more their feet take a pounding, too. Adequate protection for your players' feet is a must, which means socks become a vital component in... (Click here to read more...)

Fit Your Players to the Right Shoes

Tennis shoes are just as much a part of a player's "equipment" as is his or her tennis racquet. If a player's shoes don't fit properly, it doesn't matter how wonderful his racquet is or how clean his strokes... (Click here to read more...)

February 2005

Outlook 2005: Footwear

Manufacturers are turning to lightweight yet strong materials for tennis shoes that add support, not extra weight. (Click here to read more...)

January 2005

Anatomy of a Shoe

Shoes are an essential piece of equipment for your players. Here's what you and your staff need to know to best service your customers. Achilles Notch A cut out area at the top center of the heel counter that... (Click here to read more...)

October 2004

A Model Year

Tennis shoe makers want your customers to walk away with the best fit. (Click here to read more...)

April 2004

Watching Your Steps

These retailing tips can help you find your way through the footwear minefield. (Click here to read more...)

February 2004

No Compromises!

Tennis shoe manufacturers are finding ways to give players all the benefits, with no trade-offs. (Click here to read more...)



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