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April 2017

Building Our Future

Net Generation, the USTA’s new youth brand, is designed to inspire and engage a new wave of players, parents and providers. (Click here to read more...)

March 2017

Working Knowledge

With help and support from USTA University, Professional Tennis Management programs are growing across the country. (Click here to read more...)

November 2016

Teaching Tools: Tech Support

Teaching pros should view technology not as competition, but as a tool that will grow revenue and help players improve. (Click here to read more...)

January 2016

Professional Development: Class Acts

The new ‘USTA University’ is leading the way in creating new Professional Tennis Management programs throughout the U.S. (Click here to read more...)

April 2013

How the GPTCA Is Changing Coaching and Pro Tennis

You may not have heard of the Global Professional Tennis Coach Association, but sooner or later this new organization will come to an academy, club, or tournament near you. The GPTCA grew out of an idea that Alberto Castellani... (Click here to read more...)

May 2012

Get Them Ready to Play

Properly preparing juniors for sanctioned tournaments isn’t just about strokes and strategy. To stay interested and involved, they need to know the rules, regs and procedures, too. (Click here to read more...)

September 2011

Cultivating a Winning Character

With the enormous financial costs associated with pursuing a college tennis scholarship, let alone a possible career as a professional tennis player, most tennis families are seeking avenues to help defray the expenses. Getting a sponsorship with a major... (Click here to read more...)

April 2011

Career Enhancement: Take Advantage of Your Skills

Looking for extra income? If you’re a club pro, consider adding a school or college tennis coaching position. (Click here to read more...)

The Power of Collaboration

Teaching pros don’t have all the answers, and ‘sharing’ students can bring benefits for everyone. (Click here to read more...)

Educate Yourself More, Seek Out Others to Help

by Jeff Greenwald, M.F.T. If we look at almost every other sport, particularly team sports, this collaborative paradigm is the norm. No one coach alone is expected to manage every technical, tactical, physical and mental component in an athlete’s... (Click here to read more...)

February 2010

On-the-Job Training

Internships offer positives for students, your business, and the tennis industry. (Click here to read more...)

January 2009

Positive Reinforcement

Whether you’re a retailer, teaching pro or manager, using the same key mental strategies as top athletes can help you weather the economic storm. (Click here to read more...)

July 2008

A High-Performance Network

With dozens of tennis academies participating from around the world, the Prince Plugged In program is raising the level of junior competition. (Click here to read more...)

June 2008

Happy Returns

With experts in racquet customization and stringing on hand, the GSS Stringers Symposium can be a key investment in your business. (Click here to read more...)

April 2008

Overcome Obstacles to Play

Don't just teach your beginners how to hit the ball. For more complete participation in your programs and leagues, teach them how to play a match. (Click here to read more...)

January 2008

Bringing In the Dough

For one club in Canada, a simple promotion with a local pizza franchise is putting more kids, and adults, on court. (Click here to read more...)

Inaugural Stringers Symposium Draws Beginners and Veterans

Last April, I participated in one of the best things the stringing business has ever seen — the first Grand Slam Stringers Symposium, which was held at the T-Bar-M Resort in Texas. This event was the brainchild of 2007 RSI... (Click here to read more...)

Child’s Play: 10 and under tennis

Tennis pros and facilities — and the sport itself — stand to gain with the upcoming launch of the QuickStart Tennis format. (Click here to read more...)

August 2007

Learning Curve

The USTA's new school tennis curriculum can open up opportunities for local teaching pros and facilities, too. (Click here to read more...)

July 2007

Navratilova headlines USTA Conference

Hundreds of tennis coaches, instructors, and professionals will again gather in New York City on the eve of the US Open to network, share knowledge, and watch some of the best tennis in the world as the USTA hosts the... (Click here to read more...)

'Yoga for Tennis' DVD

Health and fitness industry veteran Rick Devereux combines two of his passions, tennis and yoga, in a new DVD, "Yoga and Yoga Stretches for Tennis." As a tennis player, tennis coach, and yoga teacher, Devereux is fully aware of... (Click here to read more...)

June 2007

USPTA Launches Online Resource for H.S. Coaches

The USPTA recently launched a new website that offers extensive resources to high school tennis coaches and others who work with high school tennis teams and players. The new site — — will help support the "No-Cut" high-school... (Click here to read more...)

PTR Offers TennisOne Benefit

In a new partnership agreement, PTR members will receive a complimentary one-year membership to the tennis instruction website TennisOne. Launched in 1996, TennisOne is a premier instruction website and has twice won Forbes magazine's best tennis site of the... (Click here to read more...)

Playing the Numbers

A No-Cut Program at your local high school will increase your business in every way possible. (Click here to read more...)

May 2007

USPTA's Tennis Across America in Its 18th Year

The USPTA's 18th Annual Tennis Across America Day is set for May 12. USPTA-certified teaching pros will offer free tennis clinics in more than 350 cities, then provide follow-up programming. Established in 1990, the goal of Tennis Across America... (Click here to read more...)

Tennis Warehouse to Sponsor USTA Tennis on Campus

Tennis Warehouse has become the presenting sponsor of the USTA Campus Championship and the official online retailer of the Tennis on Campus program through 2008. Tennis Warehouse will offer product discounts to all Tennis on Campus program participants, in... (Click here to read more...)

USPTA Offers Certification Exams

The USPTA is offering more than 125 tennis certification exams across the U.S. Each test date includes a certification review course then the exam. The exam includes an on-court evaluation of private and group lesson instruction, plus evaluation of... (Click here to read more...)

April 2007

Smart Tennis

The USTA's Tennis & Education Foundation is focused on growing the game and helping its youngest players. (Click here to read more...)

February 2007

U.S. Coach Helps to Bring Wheelchair Tennis to Developing Nations

As wheelchair tennis grows in popularity and relevance in American sports, steps are being taken to introduce the sport in developing nations, where other wheelchair sports are already on the scene. For nearly two weeks this past summer, wheelchair... (Click here to read more...)

January 2007

Busy Making a Living? College Courses Are Just a Mouse Click Away

Tennis teaching professionals must be self-motivated and goal-driven to be successful. The organization that the pro works for has the responsibility to provide them with the necessary environment in which to perform their tasks, but the professional must be... (Click here to read more...)

PTR on Campus Program Trains and Certifies Full-Time Students

With a double major in marketing and business management, Ondrej Vana plans to get a job in business after he graduates in 2008 from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Ark. He'll always have a second career option, however, since... (Click here to read more...)

May 2006

The Soft Sell

"Transition balls" are gaining in popularity and exposure, and can help your business make gains, too. (Click here to read more...)

March 2006

Continuing Education

Joe Dinoffer thinks outside the box in creating teaching tools for the tennis court. (Click here to read more...)

January 2006

How to Fix Your Game

At the 2006 CTDW, you'll find people, seminars and ideas that can help your business — and help the game grow. (Click here to read more...)

August 2005

A Recipe for Junior Success That Goes Beyond Tennis

Put yourself in a brainstorming session with other industry leaders. Your group's assignment is to come up with a recipe to help create more dynamic and successful junior development programs and tennis academies. The recipe must include all the... (Click here to read more...)

June 2005

Reaching Your Goals

The author of The Winner's Mind: A Competitor's Guide to Sports and Business Success reveals how champions in any activity clearly identify goals and set up game plans to achieve them. (Click here to read more...)

April 2005

In Chicago, a Courtless Tennis Program for Countless Kids

See that man in Chicagoland? The one with no tennis court but with a legion of children who owe their love of the game to him? That's Mark Miller. He's changed how tennis caters to youngsters in the Chicago... (Click here to read more...)

March 2005

Advancing its position

After the initial push, the Tennis Welcome Center campaign is refining — and improving — its offerings. (Click here to read more...)

July 2004

To Best Serve Your Players, Continue Your Own Growth

There's a principle that states that, just like our bodies go through phases of growth, all organizations, businesses, and individual careers start off in a growth phase and then level off after time, before heading downward to complete the... (Click here to read more...)

June 2004

You Can Run Tennis Camps That Make a Difference

Just like any other business, some tennis camps succeed and some fail. But there are some ingredients that you can add to your camp recipe that can ensure success. These are features of any program that can get your... (Click here to read more...)



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