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May 2017

Court Fashion: Having It All

New outfits combine on-court and off-court looks as consumers expect excellent performance and exceptional style. (Click here to read more...)

February 2017

Apparel Outlook 2017: Mixed Company

Tenniswear continues its fashion appeal as more bright colors and trendy designs mix with on-court functionality. (Click here to read more...)

September 2016

Apparel: Fashion Fallout

New tenniswear for fall includes bold and sporty colors in comfortable blends to help players look and play their best. (Click here to read more...)

June 2016

Apparel Retailing: Clothes Calls

Is selling apparel a challenge for your shop? These retailers make it look easy. (Click here to read more...)

April 2016

Apparel: Trends That Make Tenniswear Tick

From high fashion, to toned-down neon, to greater use of tech fabrics, to better stretch and mobility — and more — the trends continue to take apparel from on court to off. (Click here to read more...)

February 2016

OUTLOOK 2016: Apparel — Springing Ahead

It may be frosty outside in the northern tier, but that only means it’s time to start stocking up on Spring tennis gear, and courtside never looked so good. Soft sophisticated tones and shapes are coming back, leaving the... (Click here to read more...)

August 2015

Apparel: Fashions That Are a Smashing Success

Sea blues, charcoals, pinks and corals form much of the fall/winter palate as the year end ushers in sleek, fun designs with high-tech, sustainable fabrics promising comfort and breathability. (Click here to read more...)

June 2015

Apparel: Group Sales

Going after the team business — whether for clubs, leagues or schools — can be a nice boost for your store. (Click here to read more...)

April 2015

Apparel Trends: High-Tech Fabrics Take Performance to a Higher Level

By Emily Walzer At last summer’s US Open, several ball boys and girls wore Polo Tech shirts made by Ralph Lauren that featured sensors knitted into the garment to read biological and physiological cues. Soon enough this type of... (Click here to read more...)

November 2014

Apparel: A New Level of Style for Spring

From vibrant, splashy stripes and details to shades of ‘Mad Men,’ Spring ushers in variety, texture and style. (Click here to read more...)

August 2014

Accessories: Cool-Headed

These hot-weather accessories can keep your players cool and comfortable on court. (Click here to read more...)

June 2014

Dress for the Occasion

The dress is hot. In fact, some can go from court to cocktails. Combos of pink, coral, rich blues and taupes are signature colors for summer and beyond. Here are a few that will add a spring to your... (Click here to read more...)

April 2014

Apparel: A Cooling Trend Approaches

New textiles and products are promoting “active cooling,” to make it easier for players to stay comfortable during warm-weather workouts. (Click here to read more...)

February 2014

Outlook 2014: Attention, Shoppers!

The looks on court this year pop with eye-catching color and attention to the details. (Click here to read more...)

November 2013

Accessories: Keeping a Grip on the Racquet

Tennis gloves have never been a widely successful category. Many players don’t know the product even exists, and those who do haven’t shown wide interest. The lack of popularity in the category has even led Louisville Slugger, longtime maker... (Click here to read more...)

Apparel Preview: All-court game

Colorful, retro, functional, classic — tenniswear for spring hits all the right shots. (Click here to read more...)

May 2013

Sports Apparel: Trends in High-Tech Fabrics

The latest material innovations take performance to a whole new level (Click here to read more...)

February 2013

Outlook 2013: Sources of Inspiration

Fashion pros give insight into how they create their looks for 2013. (Click here to read more...)

January 2013

Apparel: With Djokovic, Uniqlo Gains Tennis Inspiration

Last May, the world’s fourth largest retailer, Uniqlo, took over from Sergio Tacchini as clothing sponsor of the world’s then No. 1 player, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic. In August, in conjunction with the 2012 US Open, the Japanese chain unveiled... (Click here to read more...)

November 2012

Apparel: New Fashions Spring to the Net!

Fall Fashion week in New York previews the colors, styles and patterns to come for spring, and tennis is no exception when it comes to taking cues from the runway. Pink, aqua, vibrant blue, flashes of orange, bright green,... (Click here to read more...)

June 2012

Apparel: Dresses that Break the Fall

Tangerines, pinks, bold blues and greens — these are some of the hot colors of the year, and they are not lost on court couture going into the fall. (Click here to read more...)

March 2012

Apparel: Support on the Court

Everything about tennis has become technical — from racquets to shoes and apparel — so it figures that sports bras have become the next product category to undergo the same transformation and innovation. Many tops and dresses now come... (Click here to read more...)

February 2012

Outlook 2012: Apparel — Center Court Stars

For 2012, fashion continues to shine as apparel makers use fabrications that are stylish and comfortable. (Click here to read more...)

November 2011

Couture Look, Court Function

From classics to contemporary, tenniswear for spring takes its cues from the fashion runway — with functional features, too. (Click here to read more...)

August 2011

Material World

Tennis clothing is at the forefront of fabric technology, but it appears fashion is still the big attraction for consumers. (Click here to read more...)

February 2011

A Colorful Game

Apparel makers are hoping their high-tech features and fashionable looks will catch the eye of consumers. (Click here to read more...)

September 2010

Fit, Function, Fun

Upcoming styles are designed for comfortable play, on and off the court. (Click here to read more...)

August 2010

Visual Aids

Teaching pros, and players, risk damaging their eyes in the sun. Here are tennis-specific sunglasses that can keep you seeing clearly. (Click here to read more...)

April 2010

What the Top Pros are Using

What are the top 20 men and women pros using on court? We contacted manufacturers and scoured various websites (including manufacturer and player sites) to give you the racquets, shoes and clothes the top players are using. (Rankings are... (Click here to read more...)

March 2010

Fashion Forming

Fitting your customers with the right clothing. (Click here to read more...)

February 2010

Outlook 2010: Apparel

Despite the tough economy, manufacturers are fired up about their apparel offerings. (Click here to read more...)

September 2009

No-Fault Fashion

Bold designs are a hallmark of the upcoming year’s newest tenniswear. Feel and fit continue to be important to active players and those who just want “the look.” Combining traditional looks with cutting-edge fabrics and cuts are sure to attract a broad range of consumers, both men and women. (Click here to read more...)

March 2009

Fashion Focus

Apparel makers are hoping performance features, details and color will grab players’ attention. (Click here to read more...)

February 2009

Outlook 2009: Manufacturers gear up

Despite worries about the economy, the makers of racquets, shoes, apparel and strings are optimistic that their products will strike the right chord with consumers. (Click here to read more...)

September 2008

With New Collections for Spring, Wilson Moves Into Tenniswear

In a move that could be taken as yet another positive sign that tennis is continuing to gain in popularity, particularly in light of industry data that continues to show participation increases, Wilson Racket Sports has made a major... (Click here to read more...)

Off and Running

With technical fabrication and looks that range from hip to retro, tenniswear moves into spring. (Click here to read more...)

April 2008

Taking one for the Team

Team apparel can be big business for retailers, as tenniswear manufacturers offer outfits to suit all types of groups. (Click here to read more...)

February 2008

Functional Fun

With game-winning fabrications and plenty of color, new tenniswear offers something for players of every stripe. (Click here to read more...)

January 2008

Displays of Fashion

These retailers know how to assemble clothing to appeal to their customers. (Click here to read more...)

September 2007

Swinging in Style

Court fashion for spring is all in the details. Look for a rainbow of colors, exciting prints, innovative fabrications, classics revived, and much more. Lejay Some of Lejay's new lines will feature 50 UV protection, anti-microbial tightly woven poly-lycra... (Click here to read more...)

July 2007

Court Appeal

The latest tennis apparel features something for every player. (Click here to read more...)

May 2007

Ace Collections Offers New Apparel Line

The new apparel line from Ace Collections includes styles that run from a shapely A-line mini dress to A-line skirts (with shorts built-in and separate), and coordinating muscle tops and square-neck fashion tops. Ace accessories include two designer leather/canvas... (Click here to read more...)

February 2007

Outlook 2007 -- Court Couture

Apparel makers are giving players exactly what they need to perform their best on court. (Click here to read more...)

November 2006

Ferreira Tennis Serves a Growing Market

When No. 1-ranked doubles player Ellis Ferreira left the pro tennis circuit a few years ago, he needed to build another career — something that would be viable and at the same time, keep him close to the tennis... (Click here to read more...)

August 2006

Tennis Fashions That 'Fit'

For the coming seasons, apparel manufacturers will continue to stretch the boundaries between court time and off-court/fitness/cardio activities with pieces that have crossover appeal while using technical fabrics to help athletes perform better. The newest pieces reflect the growing... (Click here to read more...)

May 2006

How to Shop for your Customers

Confused about what apparel lines to carry? Making sure you bring in lines that will easily find their way back out the door is one of the toughest tasks you'll face. You need to pick what appeals to your... (Click here to read more...)

February 2006

Popular Appeal

Whether it's high fashion or high performance, the new tennis apparel is hitting all the right notes for your customers. (Click here to read more...)

January 2006

Taking Cover

The latest warm-ups offer coordinating style and function and are great for more than just tennis. (Click here to read more...)

July 2005

Accessories That Supply the Final Touch

Round out your inventory and stock up on accessories that not only complement an outfit, but multi-task as functional pieces as well. Here are some quick buys that can give your customers items they might not think about, and... (Click here to read more...)

May 2005

Tenniswear to Handle Sun and Heat

More and more tennis apparel companies are recognizing the need to supply tenniswear that helps players deal with the sun, heat and humidity. As the northern part of the country enters the outdoor season, here are some of the... (Click here to read more...)

September 2004

Lines of Force

Tenniswear collections for Spring 2005 are big on textures, tech fabrics and colors. (Click here to read more...)

August 2004

Made to Order

Looking for a way to spice up your apparel sales and to offer something unique to your members and customers? Put your logo or facility name on your tenniswear. Many apparel manufacturers offer a "custom-embroidery" program, in which you... (Click here to read more...)

February 2004

Lookin' Good!

In tennis apparel, new fabrics and designs will captivate your customers. (Click here to read more...)



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