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September 2017

Facility Management: Party Lines

Make a celebration sizzle and connect with your customers in an exciting way by throwing a tennis party at your facility. (Click here to read more...)

Retailing Tip: Enjoy the Game!

If your store culture is upbeat, you can positively affect your customers and your bottom line. (Click here to read more...)

August 2017

Customer Service: Relationship Advice

Communication is key when dealing with your staff, customers, members and players. (Click here to read more...)

July 2017

USRSA Conference: Group Dynamics

Registration opens for the inaugural USRSA World Conference, to be held in October at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona. (Click here to read more...)

Retailing Tip: Educational Advantage

With classes and other educational offerings, you can become part of the experiential economy. (Click here to read more...)

Retail Stars: For these three tennis retailers, success starts with a passion for the sport.

Tennis is the sport for a lifetime; retailing is a day-to-day business. While both can be great fun at the highest levels, neither can be a completely fun diversion. Like most pros trying to make it on the tour,... (Click here to read more...)

June 2017

Customer Service: Changing Times

As your players and customers age, make sure you’re still serving them in ways that keep them on the courts. (Click here to read more...)

May 2017

Retailing Tip: Memory Bank

For today’s tennis specialty consumer, shopping is about more than just the purchase — it’s about the experience. (Click here to read more...)

Club Marketing: Something Old, Something New

Boost your club business by combining traditional marketing methods with modern strategies. (Click here to read more...)

Social Media: Shared Benefits

Reaching members and players with Facebook and other social platforms is a necessity for your business. (Click here to read more...)

Player Relations: Great Expectations

To create a positive customer experience, examine how you interact and know what you have to offer. (Click here to read more...)

April 2017

2017 Racquet Selector: Finding the Perfect Fit

Don’t just sell racquets — use our exclusive Racquet Selector tool to fit your customers with their perfect frame. (Click here to read more...)

March 2017

Retailing Tip: Give Them a Show

Creating a better retail customer experience involves all areas of your store. (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: Wage Differential

When it comes to managing overtime for your staff, the issues — and laws — are by no means clear-cut. (Click here to read more...)

Creature Comforts: Locker rooms that are attractive yet functional are key to retaining your members.

By John Torsiello High-definition televisions, complimentary Wi-Fi, smartphone charging stations, massage chairs, food and beverages, service-to-go capability via a club app, heated towels, eucalyptus steam, shoe shines: those are just a few of the creature comforts planned for the... (Click here to read more...)

February 2017

Retailing Tip: Futures Market

As we head into the new year, tennis retailers should consider these guidelines and trends. (Click here to read more...)

Selling Racquets: Merchandise with a Purpose!

Displaying your racquets by power level makes it easier for your customers to buy the right frame. (Click here to read more...)

January 2017

Social Media: Video Frequency

YouTube can be an important marketing tool for tennis facilities and teaching pros. (Click here to read more...)

November 2016

Racquet Tech: A New Level of Service

View as PDF The new Professional Racquet Advisor certification focuses on selling and servicing racquets and strings. By Bob Patterson, Executive Director, USRSA I have every issue of U.S. Racquet Stringers Association publications dating back to the very beginning,... (Click here to read more...)

Retailing Tip: Sell the Experience!

Holiday retail can be fun and profitable if you offer customers ‘experiential’ gift options. (Click here to read more...)

September 2016

Retailing Tip: Service With a Smile

Hiring customer-service naturals will help drive sales and build shopper loyalty. (Click here to read more...)

August 2016

Racquet service: Stringing stars

With their stringing and service expertise, these shops grow their bottom lines while helping customers play better tennis. (Click here to read more...)

June 2016

Retailing Tip: There Are Still Only Three Ways To Grow Your Retail Biz!

Technology has changed retail, but focusing on business fundamentals remains the smart approach. (Click here to read more...)

May 2016

Retailing 144: Human Contact — a Rare and Valuable Commodity

By Jay Townley As online shopping grows, consumers, of course, will have fewer contacts with a live human being. But for those who play tennis — or the 15 million who may not play currently but are “interested” in... (Click here to read more...)

April 2016

Retailing 143: Your Store Is The Brand!

By Jay Townley As I look over the retail landscape, I am struck by the difference between specialty retailers who think complaining is a strategy, and the new-wave and outlier specialty retailers who are creating uncontested local market space.... (Click here to read more...)

Tennis Event Marketing: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

By Laura Bowen As the director of marketing for the USTA Florida Section, one of the questions I get asked most often by tennis providers is, “How can I get more people to attend my tennis event?” Whether it’s... (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: Event Tracking — the Next Level of Service

It’s 1 p.m. on a Tuesday and out of nowhere, you are slammed with an unbelievable number of members and guests. Your staff is well-trained, but such unexpected numbers are overwhelming. The tennis courts are swamped with players having... (Click here to read more...)

March 2016

Retailing 142: A Group Retailers Can’t Afford to Ignore

While Millennials have garnered much of the attention, the real power of the purse is with that old standby — Baby Boomers. (Click here to read more...)

February 2016

Racquet Service: New Concept in Racquet Service

Babolat continues to transform tennis from conventional to connected. (Click here to read more...)

Retailing 141: Specialty Stores Are Alive and Well!

For customer experiences and preferences, small retailers have attributes that online and chain stores just can’t match. (Click here to read more...)

January 2016

Industry Message: Growth Factors

The outgoing president of the TIA shines a light on the often behind-the-scenes role the organization has when it comes to growing the business of tennis. (Click here to read more...)

November 2015

Community Tennis: Local Delivery

For Tennis Service Reps, it’s all about growing tennis in your area. (Click here to read more...)

Cardio Tennis: Numbers Game

Don’t have the numbers yet for an ‘ideal’ Cardio Tennis session? You can still create a great CT experience for your players, which will quickly grow your classes — and your profits. (Click here to read more...)

September 2015

Retailing 140: Understanding and Measuring Conversion

By Jay Townley In retail, “product conversion rate” is the percentage of shoppers who enter your store and actually buy something. The product conversion rate is an important measure for retail performance, but unfortunately, many specialty retailers do not... (Click here to read more...)

August 2015

Retailing 139: Why Fitting Rooms Matter!

By Jay Townley How can you increase sales of tennis apparel to women? By installing fittings rooms, or cleaning up and remodeling your existing fitting rooms. Then educating and training owners, managers and staff about how to integrate fitting rooms... (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: 34 Ways To Grow Tennis Club Membership

By Rich Neher When it comes to facility management, three issues are at the top of every tennis club owner’s or manager’s list: membership growth, member retention and bottom-line profitability. Membership growth is, of course, one factor to drive... (Click here to read more...)

June 2015

Retailing Success: Basic Training

Driving sales in your store often involves a simple formula. (Click here to read more...)

Your Players: Shady Dealings

Keep your players, and your teaching pros, healthy and on the courts by offering products to protect from the sun. (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: Getting the Word Out in Today’s World

We would all agree that communication to club members as well as among staff is crucial. Research has shown that it takes between 10 and 30 “touches” of communication before people respond to an advertisement. Knowing this stat, at... (Click here to read more...)

Retailing Success: Basic Training

Driving sales in your store often involves a simple formula. (Click here to read more...)

May 2015

Retailing 137: The Power of ‘Hello’

Successful specialty retailers continue to refine their store’s greeting to make it timely, sincere and helpful. (Click here to read more...)

2015 Tennis Summit: Industry Addresses Major Issues and Concerns

Top tennis and sports executives examined the state of the tennis industry and ways to grow the sport at every level at key conferences in Indian Wells. The 2015 TIA Tennis Summit, held March 17-18 in conjunction with the... (Click here to read more...)

April 2015

Retailing 136: Your Path to Profits

Top specialty shops place themselves in the consumers’ “path to purchase” by doing four consumer-centric things well. (Click here to read more...)

March 2015

Inventory Management: Select the Right Gear to Stay Competitive

Consumers have high demands and unlimited shopping opportunities, so choosing the correct inventory is essential to success. (Click here to read more...)

February 2015

Facility Operations: Simple Secrets to Superior Service and Sales

I work at the Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs, Fla. — a member-owned club with 18 Har-Tru tennis courts, a 1,200-square-foot tennis pro shop, five golf courses, golf pro shop, and fitness and spa facilities. We always strive... (Click here to read more...)

Retailing 135: Back to Basics!

These nine timeless tips are keys to serving your customers and differentiating your store. (Click here to read more...)

Facility Manager’s Manual: Behavior Modification?

Changing members’ behavior is a tricky situation for any facility manager. (Click here to read more...)

November 2014

Retailing 134: Extending Your Website

With ‘buy online, pick up in store,’ you can hyper-differentiate your shop from other retailers. (Click here to read more...)

September 2014

Retailing 133: Hiring Smart

When 4 out of every 5 new employees turn out to be bad hires, it’s time to tighten up your hiring procedures. (Click here to read more...)

Tennis Research: State of the Industry

The latest research from the TIA holds clues to how you may want to conduct business. (Click here to read more...)

August 2014

Cardio Tennis

Keep Things Active, Fun and Profitable With a Triples Tourney (Click here to read more...)

Retailing 123: Sign Language

Informing and educating shoppers is a key objective of an effective in-store sign strategy. (Click here to read more...)

July 2014

Facility manager’s manual: Impact Through Influence

With proper training, you’ll make sure your staff has knowledge, power and influence. (Click here to read more...)

June 2014

Marks of Excellence

Use our checklist to make sure your customers always feel welcome and comfortable. (Click here to read more...)

May 2014

Tennis Fundraising: Money Supply

To ensure continued success for your tennis fundraiser, make sure it’s fun and a great experience for all. (Click here to read more...)

Retailing 130: The Consistency Principle

What’s the secret ingredient to making customers happy and selling more products? (Click here to read more...)

Programming: League Players

League tennis is one of the most popular aspects of tennis, and it can easily help boost your business. (Click here to read more...)

Industry: Futures Market

The TIA’s inaugural ‘Future of Tennis Summit’ brought together all segments of the industry to focus on growing the sport. (Click here to read more...)

String Retailing: String Theories

With the right inventory, presentation and product knowledge, you can help your customers find the right string and optimize your string sales. (Click here to read more...)

April 2014

Retailing 129: Close the Deal!

You may think tracking close rates is old school, but they are effective at boosting your sales. Small to medium retailers, including specialty tennis retailers, seem to have forgotten about the importance of closing a sale. For many, the... (Click here to read more...)

March 2014

Retailing 128: Basic Training

To thrive in a tennis retail environment, make sure you master the fundamentals. (Click here to read more...)

February 2014

Retailing 127: ‘Complaining Is Not a Strategy!’

For specialty retailers, the internet isn’t happening to them, the future is happening to retailing. (Click here to read more...)

Grassroots Game: Game for All Ages

A Massachusetts high school team spreads tennis’s message to the community. (Click here to read more...)

January 2014

Retailing 126: Take Advantage of ‘Webrooming’

Brick-and-mortar retailers need to move quickly to integrate online and mobile, to provide a seamless shopping experience. (Click here to read more...)

November 2013

Retailing 125: Plan Your Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time to create and distribute your holiday Gift Guide for your tennis store. You’ve probably noticed that some large retailers have had their holiday promotions in full swing for weeks already. Remember,... (Click here to read more...)

September 2013

Retailing 124: In Today’s Retail World, You Need to Be Consumer-Focused

When it comes to your tennis retail business, is it about the “product,” or is it about the “experience”? (Click here to read more...)

August 2013

Retailing 123: How to Find the Right Part-Time Employees

Part-time, seasonal employees can make or break your selling season. Your customers expect a great retail shopping experience from your store or facility, whether it is provided by you, a full-time employee or part-time seasonal help. Here are some... (Click here to read more...)

Facility Manager’s Manual: Don’t Add, Multiply

The recent growth in tennis’s popularity has provided a great opportunity for organizers to increase attendance in events and activities. Now instead of adding more to a program, we can expand exponentially, multiplying participation. That’s the nature of our... (Click here to read more...)

July 2013

Retailing 122: How to Put Shoppers in the ‘Comfort Zone’

Consumers will decide in the first three to five seconds if they are comfortable in your store. Making shoppers comfortable in your specialty tennis retail environment as soon as possible is a critical factor in your conversions and your... (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: Emergency Services

Do you and your staff know what to do, and what equipment to have on hand, if there’s a medical emergency at your facility? (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: Life Insurance

‘Whether required or not, all tennis facilities should have an AED on hand.’ Regardless of whether having an automated external defibrillator (AED) or public access defibrillation (PAD) in your health facility is required by law, doing everything possible to... (Click here to read more...)

June 2013

Retailing 121: How to Use Point-of-Purchase Displays to Increase Sales

Increasing the value of transactions is one way to actually grow your specialty tennis retail business, and point-of-purchase displays can attract shoppers’ attention to merchandise. POP displays also serve as focal points for you and your sales associates to... (Click here to read more...)

Racquet Sales: Tip sheet

Tennis retailers tell us their strategies for selling more racquets. (Click here to read more...)

May 2013

Retailing 120: Create an Extraordinary Tennis Shopping Experience

A great store environment, including display fixtures, lighting and outstanding displays, are essential to attracting shoppers to your specialty tennis retail store today, but they are only the beginning. Here are some tips to bring your store environment to... (Click here to read more...)

Retailing: Retail Appeal

In a multi-channel retail world, how do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Three tennis retailers serve up strategies. (Click here to read more...)

Facility Managers: Building the Bridge Between Tennis and Fitness

In the last several decades, almost any tennis club that could has added a fitness program to their agenda. The extent of that addition depends on the space and the interest of their members. The space that is available... (Click here to read more...)

April 2013

Retail Sales: Expiration of Payroll Tax-Cut Holiday May Impact Your Business

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, over 70% of Americans are planning to adjust their spending due to the recent expiration of the payroll tax-cut holiday. In fact, 46% of consumers indicated they will... (Click here to read more...)

Retailing 119: Using ‘Benchmarks’ to Improve Your Specialty Retail Business

In January, we talked about the TIA Retail Business Assessment, which is a great way to get a check-up for your specialty retail business and receive valuable input for your business planning process. Taking the TIA Retail Assessment is... (Click here to read more...)

March 2013

Retailing 118: How To Use Research to Help Your Retail Business

Why do tennis retailers need research? Great question! Research has been the stuff of big retailer strategic planning and corporate board rooms. But the speed of change and the New American Consumer, empowered by technology, has made it essential... (Click here to read more...)

Finances: ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Package Offers Tax Savings Opportunities

The so-called “Fiscal Cliff” tax package recently passed by Congress and signed into law renewed more than 50 temporary tax breaks through 2013, saving individuals and businesses an estimated $76 billion. Admittedly, single individuals with incomes above the $400,000... (Click here to read more...)

February 2013

Resort Management: Stepping Up Their Game

Sea Island hires high-profile pros to revamp its tennis and squash programs. (Click here to read more...)

Retailing 117: Build Your Operational Business Plan

Planning to grow your business and make money … can actually be fun! We are optimistic about the future of specialty tennis retailers in the U.S. This may seem odd considering we have pointed out in TIA Webinars the... (Click here to read more...)

January 2013

Retailing 116: First Step in Planning Your Future

The TIA Retail Business Assessment — offered free in January — can build sustainable growth for your store. (Click here to read more...)

Social Media: How to Launch Your Social Business

Being on Facebook, Twitter and other sites can be the boom your business is looking for. (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: More Influence, But Less Control

Now, we can reach a vastly larger audience than ever before, but that also means a lack of control over what they ultimately decide to do. (Click here to read more...)

November 2012

Retailing 115: Having a Happy Holiday

Coordination and preparation are keys to a successful holiday selling season. (Click here to read more...)

Retailing: Shopping Centers

Tennis facility pro shops are having to change with the times, and it’s the consumer who is determining the direction. (Click here to read more...)

September 2012

Retailing 114: Digital & Email Marketing

With the explosion of handheld digital devices, retailers need to evolve to best reach their customers. (Click here to read more...)

Social Media: How Facebook Can Grow Your Business

Your current and potential customers are online a lot. If you’re not there too, you’re missing a great opportunity. (Click here to read more...)

August 2012

Retailing 113: Playing ‘Customer Tennis’

In specialty retailing, it’s no longer about being “product experts” — you need to be focused on the consumer. (Click here to read more...)

Facility Management: Membership Drive

A more aggressive sales approach may be what you need to bring more members to your facility. (Click here to read more...)

July 2012

Retailing 112: Sudden Impact

Your customers are using instant communication to help them shop on their terms, but you can use technology to your advantage, too. (Click here to read more...)

June 2012

Retailing 111: Special Effects

Store promotions around special events can bring a nice return on your investment. (Click here to read more...)

Finances: Capitalize vs. Deduct

When it comes to repairing or replacing business assets, should you write it off over time or deduct the expense? (Click here to read more...)

May 2012

Retailing 110: Direct Appeal

If you haven’t yet used Direct Response Marketing for your retail business, you’re missing a simple and effective way to bring in customers. Direct Response Marketing often is misunderstood by independent specialty retailers, and as a result, this effective... (Click here to read more...)

Selling points

These ideas can help boost your sales and provide your customers with excellent service. (Click here to read more...)

April 2012

Retailing 109: What Do Women Want?

Answering this age-old question — as it applies to tennis retailing, of course — can bring more love to your business. (Click here to read more...)

March 2012

Retailing: Manufacturer Reps — Your Best Resource

For tennis retailers, your sales reps can provide a wealth of information and assistance. (Click here to read more...)

February 2012

Retailing 107: Plan Your Year

The time you spend working on your business could be the most valuable you’ll spend all year. (Click here to read more...)

Facility management: Diagnosing Your Club

Whatever changes you may be considering, you need to consider your facility’s individual “personality.” (Click here to read more...)

January 2012

Retailing 106: Everything You Do … Is Marketing!

Consumers remember your brand as the sum total of everything they have seen, read, heard or experienced about your store. (Click here to read more...)

November 2011

Retailing 105: Create a Comfortable Shopping Environment

High-profit tennis specialty retailers make their shoppers as comfortable as possible. (Click here to read more...)

Racquets: Demonstration Sport

Demo programs are a key to selling more racquets. Here are some tips that may help send more frames out your door. (Click here to read more...)

Marketing: Promotional Material

The US Open is a cost-effective venue for manufacturers to find a captive industry audience — and they target that audience in different ways. (Click here to read more...)

September 2011

Retailing 104: Is Your Store ‘Consumer-Centric’?

From a revenue growth and net profit standpoint, you should focus on consumers first rather than product. Our case studies show that one of the keys to Operational Excellence for independent specialty retailers is a commitment to being truly... (Click here to read more...)

Timing Gear

The US Open has always posed timing issues for new product. But if manufacturers are not introducing racquets and shoes, they’re still raising awareness of their brands. (Click here to read more...)

August 2011

Tennis Specialty Retail Tip: Manage the Unexpected with Weekly KPI Reporting

In today’s economy, monthly financial reporting just isn’t current enough to manage the unexpected. You need weekly reports covering strategically selected key performance indicators — or KPIs — reporting actual performance compared to your budget objectives and last year’s... (Click here to read more...)

The ‘New’ Older Market

A huge demographic shift is under way that can dramatically affect your business. Are you prepared for the Baby Boom generation? (Click here to read more...)

July 2011

Tennis Specialty Retail Tip: A POS System Will Help Grow Your Business

Retailing 102 (Click here to read more...)

Independent Practice

Are you, or your workers, employees or independent contractors? It pays to know the difference. (Click here to read more...)

Do the Math

For facilities, retailers, court builders and teaching pros, getting on board with the 10 and Under Tennis Initiative can add up to big profits for your business. (Click here to read more...)

June 2011

Tennis Specialty Retail Tips: Competing in Today’s Marketplace

Tennis specialty retailers and pro shops are no different than other small to mid-size retailers — all have been affected by the intense competition in today’s marketplace. But some of the most successful tennis retailers today have been able... (Click here to read more...)

Build Your Junior Tennis Business

By Robert Wynne Tennis teaching pros face a competitive environment — not just from other pros, but also from soccer, swimming, martial arts, video games, movies and other activities. Two innovative Los Angeles-area tennis pros have discovered a series... (Click here to read more...)

Bringing Courts to 10 And Under Tennis

With the promotion of 10 and Under Tennis under way in the U.S., temporary 36- and 60-foot courts have been springing up in surprising places: on the South Lawn of the White House, on top of Cincinnati’s tallest building,... (Click here to read more...)

Displaying and Selling Frames

What does it take to sell racquets? These four shops find success with both tried-and-true tips and innovative ideas. (Click here to read more...)

May 2011

Rules of Engagement

It’s been a tough couple of years for apparel retailers. But with careful buying, trimming inventory, creative merchandising and expert customer service, these shops are surviving and thriving. (Click here to read more...)

April 2011

Filling ‘Dead’ Court Time

By Denny Schackter Tennis facilities face many issues every day. One of the most serious and costly is the inability to fill unused court time. Most experts in the industry will tell you that the most difficult time to... (Click here to read more...)

State of the Industry: Play by Play

While the latest Participation Survey shows a decline in players over last year, the overall trend is still increasing. (Click here to read more...)

What Frames Should You Stock?

Tips from a top tennis retailing pro can help find what will sell in your shop. (Click here to read more...)

March 2011

Welcome Signs

Is your facility a hospitable environment for beginners? Here are some simple things you can do to help welcome new players to the game. (Click here to read more...)

Tennis to go

With the 10-and-Under Tennis initiative, you can help bring tennis to kids, and bring in more business for you, even if there are no existing courts. (Click here to read more...)

Reliable Resources

Good help is hard to find … unless you know where to look. (Click here to read more...)

September 2010

Meeting the Challenges

Your facility may meet the ADA regulations for wheelchair compliance, but is it truly welcoming for players with disabilities? (Click here to read more...)

Professional Challenges

In this second of two articles on pro tennis in the U.S., we explore how tennis can grow in the crowded landscape of American pro sports. (Click here to read more...)

August 2010

Professional Standards?

In this first of two articles on pro tennis in the U.S., we look at the changing landscape of tournament tennis, sponsorship challenges and more. (Click here to read more...)

July 2010

Revenue Generation: Happy Campers

A tennis camp at your facility can be a valuable source of revenue in tough economic times. (Click here to read more...)

Special Report: Facility Management

Whether large or small, public or private, tennis facility owners and managers face many common challenges. (Click here to read more...)

June 2010

Flex time

The growing popularity of flex leagues are filling a need for players with busy schedules and are helping to feed players into other tennis programs, too.’ (Click here to read more...)

State of the Industry: Teaching Assistance?

For nearly 35 years, there have been two teaching pro groups in the U.S. Now the question is being raised again: Is this the best system for tennis? (Click here to read more...)

May 2010

Sales Divisions

Tennis sales appear to be rebounding somewhat, but industry retailers still have major concerns about their business. (Click here to read more...)

Selling Tips

Retailing, especially apparel, has certainly been a challenge recently. But there are some tennis retailers who are pulling in business, and serving their customers in such a way that they’re growing and positioning themselves better for the future. Here... (Click here to read more...)

April 2010

Special Report: State of the Industry — Brand Management

For industry manufacturers, the economic storm may be clearing, but they’re not putting away the foul-weather gear yet. (Click here to read more...)

March 2010

The Changing Tennis Landscape

Our upcoming series will take a hard look at what’s good and bad in this industry, and how we can make things better for everyone. In the coming months, RSI will be running a series of articles on the... (Click here to read more...)

Is Your Facility a Tennis Hangout?

It may not take much to make sure your courts appeal to your clientele. (Click here to read more...)

September 2009

Social Service

Create opportunities to interact and “social spaces” and you’ll encourage people to play more tennis and hang around your facility. (Click here to read more...)

July 2009

Racket Up America

A new industry-wide promotion is designed to drive more sales at retail and help stimulate the marketplace. (Click here to read more...)

June 2009

Youth tennis

Private donations keep tennis free for island youngsters. (Click here to read more...)

May 2009

Let’s Keep This Sport Moving Forward!

From the TIA President (Click here to read more...)

Bright Spots for Our Sport

From the TIA Executive Director (Click here to read more...)

Talking points

Share the industry news. (Click here to read more...)

Support Your Industry

As the trade association for our sport, we’re dedicated to making this industry strong and increasing tennis participation — so all businesses grow and prosper. And, together with our industry partners, we put 100% of our resources back into... (Click here to read more...)

Staying Afloat

How can you weather this economic storm? We asked four retailers how they’re keeping above water. (Click here to read more...)

April 2009

When to Fire a Client

Sometimes, a difficult customer just isn’t worth keeping. How do you know when it’s time to show him the door? (Click here to read more...)

March 2009

All in the Details

With members, often it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. (Click here to read more...)

February 2009

Grips Program Takes Hold

A unique program uses grip colors to help push new players to higher levels. (Click here to read more...)

January 2009

How to Become the Perfect Manager

New economic challenges are putting managers to the test. Here are some of the characteristics they’ll need to acquire to meet these changing dynamics. (Click here to read more...)

Mature Outlook

Package tennis to meet all the needs of the over-50 player, and you’ll meet your bottom-line needs, too. (Click here to read more...)

November 2008

Careers in Tennis Generation Next?

With the “graying” of industry personnel, leaders are worried that the tennis business isn’t attracting enough young talent. (Click here to read more...)

Major Players

As overall economic uncertainty continues, increasing tennis participation may be the bright spot that sees this industry through the hard times. (Click here to read more...)

Hitting The Numbers

As costs to produce racquets continue to rise, expect to see retail prices head higher, too. (Click here to read more...)

Playing Ball

With materials, labor and shipping all undergoing dramatic cost increases, are we looking at rising tennis ball prices? (Click here to read more...)

A Softening Market?

While soft-goods dealers are optimistic, uncertain times are forcing some changes in how they do business. (Click here to read more...)

August 2008

Preparing for Problems

Creating a “Maintenance Information Center” will help you and your staff resolve crises easier. (Click here to read more...)

Embree Sees Solid Team, Edgy Brand Driving Prince

Tennis industry veteran John Embree has been president of Prince Americas since this spring, and he’s been putting the wheels into motion as he works toward his goals for the Prince brand. Embree says he’s been assessing what’s working... (Click here to read more...)

Holabird’s ‘Shoes for Grades’ Makes a Difference for Students

One racquet sports equipment store has the secret of motivating teenagers to get better grades: athletic shoes. “There’s probably no piece of clothing that means more to high school kids than those shoes,” says Doug Crusse, marketing director of... (Click here to read more...)

Learn from a Reborn Club

After a change in ownership, the Circle C Tennis Club in Texas was forced to revamp how it operated. Here’s how the facility achieved success. (Click here to read more...)

Valuable Lessons

From the tennis pro to the shop staff to the maintenance crew, everyone can help ensure that students have not only a great tennis lesson, but also a wonderful experience. (Click here to read more...)

Grow Your Market!

With retention as the goal, you need to communicate and program effectively to reach the players of today. (Click here to read more...)

July 2008

First Impressions

To truly welcome members and guests, don’t neglect your front-desk staff. (Click here to read more...)

June 2008

Retain Control of your Website

Your job as a business owner is to ensure that you have a duplicate set of keys to your online kingdom. (Click here to read more...)


When players sign up online, you’re providing the ultimate in customer service and giving your business a boost, too. (Click here to read more...)

New Generation

Whether you run a tennis shop, facility or program, interactive elements can help market your brand. (Click here to read more...)

Spreading the tennis bug

For one club, the viral nature of Facebook has been a boon to their business. (Click here to read more...)

Web write-offs

Right now, there are no formal tax rules on how to treat web expenses. But there are ways you can benefit. (Click here to read more...)

May 2008

Tennis' Upward Swing!

Across the board, this sport is growing, and that's good news for everybody in this industry. (Click here to read more...)

Centers of Action

Family-oriented, affordable, and fitness for life are proving a winning combination for both private and public tennis facilities. (Click here to read more...)

Valuable Lessons

With the public finally realizing all the benefits that tennis provides, teaching pros — and the sport itself — are beginning to cash in. (Click here to read more...)

Shopping Centers

Business remains good for most tennis retailers, and there are some strategies you can use to keep it going. (Click here to read more...)

String of Success

Unit sales have increased, but even bigger is the growth of the premium string category, which means more profit for you. (Click here to read more...)

Public Service

For CTAs and parks, gains in participation have led to full courts, new facilities, an increasing economic impact at the local level, and more. (Click here to read more...)

April 2008

Working Effectively

Multi-tasking can be a great tool for your business. But if you're not careful, it can also drag you down. (Click here to read more...)

March 2008

Bonding With Members

A good rapport with members and customers is essential to achieving your goals. (Click here to read more...)

Online Solutions

New TennisWorks software aims to drive business for retailers and facilities. (Click here to read more...)

February 2008

7 Things to Look for When Buying Liability Insurance

Do you need or carry general liability insurance in order to teach or coach, or do you require your teaching professionals or coaches to carry this type of insurance? If so, you might be surprised to know that liability... (Click here to read more...)

Starting from scratch

For new club managers, you need to attack the first few years with a comprehensive plan of action. (Click here to read more...)

Outlook 2008

OK, it's time. It's time for your business to take that giant leap forward that many of us in this industry have been hoping for, and predicting, for the last few years. Retailers, facility managers, and court builders are... (Click here to read more...)

Business that clicks

By offering online program enrollment, you'll have greater participation, reduced costs and better customer retention. (Click here to read more...)

Make the Connection

The relationships you cultivate are essential to your success in this business. (Click here to read more...)

January 2008

Spreading the Word: Facility Manager’s Manual

Communication to both employees and members is the key to a successful business. (Click here to read more...)

November 2007

Winning Merchandise

Justine Henin and Roger Federer brought their best to the Open this year, and so did tennis manufacturers. (Click here to read more...)

September 2007

In Good Company

Creating a corporate tennis league in your area will bring more business to your facility. (Click here to read more...)

Strokes, or Service?

Lose the automated, feel-good responses, and interact honestly and sincerely with your members. (Click here to read more...)

August 2007

Forever Young

Get on the 'boomer bandwagon' with your tennis programming, and you'll find your business booming, too. (Click here to read more...)

Facility Manager's Manual: When We All Win

Teaching pros must look at the bigger picture and work for the success of the facility. (Click here to read more...)

The Personal Touch

Providing good, old-fashioned customer service is rare these days, but it will make you stand out from the competition. (Click here to read more...)

Returns of Service?

Dealing with returned merchandise and warranties can be a sticky thing for retailers. (Click here to read more...)

July 2007

Sign Up to Participate In New 'Court Activity Monitor'

The TIA, USTA, PTR, and USPTA are backing a new system to keep tabs on the amount of tennis being played at the grassroots level in the U.S. The new "Court Activity Monitor" will provide a monthly count of... (Click here to read more...)

Prince Poised to Break $100 Million in Sales

Prince Sports Inc. says it is looking to break $100 million in sales by the end of its fiscal year, which would be the first time in 10 years the company has reached that mark. "The first quarter of 2007... (Click here to read more...)

Lever 2000 Launches Grassroots Promotions

Lever 2000, the lead sponsor of the US Open Series, will conduct one of the largest tennis promotions in history, intended to challenge Americans of all ages to "raise the game" on physical fitness, says the USTA. The promotion... (Click here to read more...)

June 2007

Corporate Structures

Before restructuring and downsizing became widespread practices, corporations customarily employed a variety of recruiting tools to impress prospective workers. It wasn't unusual, for example, for a generous benefits package to include membership to a corporate tennis facility among its... (Click here to read more...)


Make potential customers as comfortable as you can and you'll turn them into regulars. (Click here to read more...)

Industry Continues Bullish Streak Into '07

The tennis industry, after finishing a strong 2006 in racquet and tennis ball sales, has begun 2007 with more good news. First-quarter shipments of tennis racquets to all dealers were up 11.5 percent in dollars and 8.9 percent in... (Click here to read more...)

Wilson Promotes Adams, Springer

Wilson Sporting Goods' Racquet Sports Division announces two promotions. Jeffery Adams is the new national sales manager and Cory Springer is the new U.S. marketing director. Both are newly created positions. In his new role, Adams will manage the... (Click here to read more...)

Keep 'Em Interested!

When it comes to promoting lessons and clinics, don't take a "wait and see" attitude. (Click here to read more...)

Hit Your Target!

The latest research from the TIA can show you exactly what your customers are looking for. (Click here to read more...)

May 2007

Lever 2000 Promotion to Help Bring In New Players

Tennis facilities are invited to sign up for a promotion from Lever 2000 designed to help them attract new players to their facilities. Visit to sign up and be eligible to win hundreds of prizes and tickets to... (Click here to read more...)

April 2007

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Your customers are the most important people in the world. You need to do everything you can to keep them wanting more. (Click here to read more...)

Last-Minute Tax Breaks That Can Save You Money

Many tennis shop and facility owners may be overlooking a number of tax breaks under the false impressions that they had expired. Still other tax breaks, that may have been considered too complex in the past, have now been... (Click here to read more...)

Areas of Influence

Allocating merchandise space based on sales by square foot can greatly expand your revenue centers. (Click here to read more...)

March 2007

Raising Your Game

After suffering through tennis's lean times, new marketing strategies have helped the Scranton Tennis Club rally back. (Click here to read more...)

Finding a Slogan That Works for Your Business

Companies have names, but they are remembered for the type of service they provide. This is where slogans come in. Think of slogans as subtitles to movies, such as the Star Wars or Harry Potter series. The title of... (Click here to read more...)

Accidental Publisher: How to Convert Website Visitors to Customers

Your business card says you work in the tennis industry, but does it ever feel like you're in the publishing business? Working in tennis is largely an off-court venture, but these days much of it is an online adventure.... (Click here to read more...)

February 2007

Kicking it up

With some creative marketing and promotions, you can drive participation in your programs. (Click here to read more...)

Outlook 2007 -- Introduction

With equipment sales growing and more people trying — and coming back to — tennis, the new year looks to be another good one for your business. It's been a nice couple of years for tennis equipment retailers and... (Click here to read more...)

Change of Pace

The industry needs to create an environment that will better serve the changing market and culture of today. (Click here to read more...)

Order on Your Courts!

A few bad apples can spoil the fun for all. Help your players by posting these Seven Sins of Social Tennis at your facility. (Click here to read more...)

January 2007

Against the Wall

With Rapid Rally, beginning players have a fun way to get into tennis. (Click here to read more...)

New Members: Your Key to Staying in Business

"Recruit or perish." Many organizations live by that saying. So, too, should your club or facility. Since some degree of annual attrition is unavoidable, if you don't bring in new members, your business will gradually whither away. The tennis... (Click here to read more...)

November 2006

Open Champions

Every year, the players bring their best games to Flushing Meadows, and so do tennis manufacturers. (Click here to read more...)

September 2006

Courting Other Sports

Racquetball and squash may represent opportunities for your business. (Click here to read more...)

Set the Stage to Make Your Customer Service Shine

In our last customer-service article (June 2006, page 34), we were gearing up to kick off a big spring/summer with some new techniques and ideas. Now we are hot, dehydrated, with the farmer-tan in full bloom, and hopefully taking... (Click here to read more...)

August 2006

Connect With Your Customers

For a facility in Georgia, TennisConnect software is helping out all aspects of their business. (Click here to read more...)

July 2006

Owning Assets That You Lease to Your Business Can Make Sense

It is not uncommon for the owners or shareholders in a racquet sports business to own the real estate or other assets personally, then rent them to their operation. In fact, it is often a smart move from both... (Click here to read more...)

June 2006

Where Credit Is Due

Advanta teams up with WTT to bring tennis to thousands of children across the country. (Click here to read more...)

Service & Return

How simple customer service techniques can increase your revenue. (Click here to read more...)

Can You Afford to Offer Health Insurance?

Massachusetts recently passed and sent to its governor legislation making health insurance mandatory for every resident. One controversial provision would fine any business that failed to provide health insurance $295 a year for each employee. The plan aims to... (Click here to read more...)

Pull In the Youngest Players, and You'll Get Their Parents, Too

It's always fun to see juniors spread out and be active on a number of tennis courts. But it becomes magical when practically all of the kids are so young they measure their growth by seeing if they are... (Click here to read more...)

Reaching Out

A well-thought-out marketing strategy will help you attract and retain customers. (Click here to read more...)

May 2006

New promotions, workshops add to Cardio Tennis' appeal

Tennis facilities are always looking for ways to increase revenues. And the new Cardio Tennis program may be just the thing to help your bottom line. For the 250 facilities that took part in a survey last fall to... (Click here to read more...)

Made to Order

Building up and promoting a racquet customizing business will reap rewards for you, and give your players unparalleled service. (Click here to read more...)

Options for Hiring On-Court Summer Help

Worried about finding the right people to help you on court with your summer programs or holiday camps? There are three often-overlooked categories that you should look into to ease your hiring anxieties. Consider any one of these resources,... (Click here to read more...)

On Guard!

Theft — whether from employees or customers — can destroy your business. Here's what you can do to prevent it. (Click here to read more...)

Extracurricular Aces

By "adopting" local schools, pros and facilities can attract children to after-school programs that will help grow the game and their businesses. (Click here to read more...)

Payback Time: Affordable Ways to Reward Your Customers

Anyone trying to make a dime certainly treasures their customers. Even when the customer isn't right, "the customer is always right." Right? Making your customers happy — and keeping them that way — is the secret to sustained business.... (Click here to read more...)

April 2006

Hire Right and Keep It Fun to Turn the Tide of Turnover

You see it all the time at small to medium-sized tennis facilities across the country. A customer walks into a tennis pro shop and the person behind the counter is either on the phone with a friend or hanging... (Click here to read more...)

Net Return

Sports InterActive gives specialty dealers a fighting chance on the internet. (Click here to read more...)

Heads-Up Displays

Top retailers offer advice for sprucing up your display space. (Click here to read more...)

Website Facelift: Free Tools to Improve Your Customer’s Experience

While it's vital in 2006 to have a fresh website for your club, shop, or company, the fact is that you're in the tennis business, not the internet business. But there's hope — without spending any hard dollars on... (Click here to read more...)

February 2006

Flaunt Your Customization By Creating a Racquet Service Center

Most tennis retailers know that racquet stringing is their highest profit category, yet it is often relegated to "second-class" status in the shop layout. The stringing machine is crammed into an out-of-the way corner, or even in a back... (Click here to read more...)

Outlook 2006

Bolstered by gains in participation, equipment sales, and pro tournament attendance, the new year looks to be a winner for your business. (Click here to read more...)

January 2006

How 'Likeability' Can Affect Your Bottom Line

Whether you are a tennis teaching pro, general manager, owner of a retail store, or an employee who interfaces with customers, being "likeable" is a key factor in the success of your business. In terms of customer satisfaction, employee... (Click here to read more...)

To Drum up Business, Take Your Show on the Road

Whether you're managing a private club or public facility, one essential piece of information to identify is the value of your customers. Sounds simple but few have this number at their fingertips. Here are some tips to ballpark this... (Click here to read more...)

How to Reward Your Service Stars

It was the last day of the season at an outdoor club in the Northeast. The staff was gathered in the clubhouse to hear the general manager's closing remarks before heading off to their winter jobs. He highlighted the... (Click here to read more...)

Finding the Right Insurance for Your Business

It's a simple concept: Businesses need insurance. So many things can happen on or to your property or with your products that you need to be protected against losses and lawsuits. For those who can't afford or don't want... (Click here to read more...)

Finding the Right Treatment

Emergency medical devices, such as defibrillators, are reassuring to clubs and their members. (Click here to read more...)

Use the Internet to Improve Your Business Skills

Is tennis your life? It's certainly your work if you're reading Racquet Sports Industry. You likely attend industry conferences, and even play tennis for fun on the weekends and on vacation. It's a great gig, but "all tennis, all... (Click here to read more...)

September 2005

Make Your Telephone the Ultimate Customer-Care Tool

The telephone just might represent the ultimate love/hate relationship. On one hand, it's the lifeline of our business; on the other, it's the scourge of our business day. (Can you say "telemarketer"?) Likewise as it relates to our customers,... (Click here to read more...)

Introductory Courses

Racquets, shoes, string, apparel — we've got the new stuff your customers want. (Click here to read more...)

August 2005

Fit the Profile

Anticipate what your customers will need — and want — by keeping records on them. (Click here to read more...)

Are You Machine-Ready?

Frequently overlooked, a vending machine may be essential to keeping your members happy. (Click here to read more...)

Capitalizing on 'Moments of Truth'

The paper towel dispenser is empty, the front door sticks, paper cups are blowing around the parking lot, there's a light out, the apparel fixtures are dusty. No big deal, right? Wrong. These conditions, known as "moments of truth,"... (Click here to read more...)

July 2005

Credit Lines: Peace of Mind for Your Business

Among the most basic types of credit used by any racquet sports business is the line-of-credit or revolving loan. Probably the shortest short-term financing offered by banks, a line-of-credit is just that, a loan agreement with the paperwork and... (Click here to read more...)

Hiring and Training for Exemplary Customer Service

By all accounts, Kirsten Mendoza is the ideal front-desk person. Her colleagues respect her, her boss relies on her, the club members love her. The attributes that make her respectable, dependable, and lovable were imbued in her long before... (Click here to read more...)

June 2005

The Brick-and-Mortar 'E-Tennis' Has Built Up a Solid Base

From the beginning, master racquet technician John Gugel and former ATP touring pro Tobias Svantesson were determined to create a full-service tennis specialty shop uniquely in tune with customer needs. So while the first visitors to e-tennis inc. in... (Click here to read more...)

Create and Maintain a Customer Service Culture At Your Facility

The club's mission statement said all the right things. It was about "valuing our members" and "exceeding expectations" and "treating each other with respect." The young man working behind the front desk, however, didn't quite walk the talk. "Only... (Click here to read more...)

Photos and Posters Can Help You Promote Your Business

We all know the expression "a picture is worth a thousand words." Well, it is … sort of. While it is true that pictures are higher impact than the written or spoken word, it is also true that if... (Click here to read more...)

Testing the Waters

Drive racquet sales by developing the right demo program for your customers. (Click here to read more...)

Moving the Dial?

The third annual Tennis Participation Study shows signs of improvement, and opportunities to boost your business. (Click here to read more...)

Looking to Remodel? You Can Benefit From a Number of Tax Breaks

Thinking about fixing up, remodeling or redecorating your facility or store? Naturally, you'll want to keep out-of-pocket expenditures to a minimum and recover as much of the funds spent as quickly as possible. Fortunately, retail shop and tennis facility... (Click here to read more...)

May 2005

65 Keys To Successful Retailing

We asked leading specialty retailers and others in the tennis sales business to share their hottest tips for success so you, too, can increase your profits. (Click here to read more...)

Cardio Tennis: Big time for your bottom line

Think of some of the fitness fads over the past few decades: aerobics, jogging, home exercise equipment, spinning, Pilates, even kickboxing. People are signing up for these activities by the millions. Yes, the millions. So, why not Cardio Tennis?... (Click here to read more...)

Net Connection

Improved customer service and convenience have made a hit with tennis facilities across the country. (Click here to read more...)

April 2005

Choosing the Best Organization for Your Business

What is the best entity for operating your tennis facility or shop? For tax purposes, the predominant forms of business enterprise are the regular, so-called "C" corporation; its pass-through small-business cousin, the "S" corporation; a partnership; a limited-liability company... (Click here to read more...)

Corporate Dividends

Starting company tennis leagues in your area can be lucrative for your business, fun for employees, and beneficial for the corporations. (Click here to read more...)

Ten Easy Steps to a Customer-Friendly Tennis Facility

Top retailers spend a considerable amount of time researching and analyzing what motivates the consumer to make a buying decision. Much of this research reveals that buying decisions are oftentimes emotionally based. We first want something, and then we... (Click here to read more...)

Promotions that work

These two racquet sports facilities may be taking different paths, but both are leading to increased profits. (Click here to read more...)

Ideas That Can Help You Sell More Racquets

When I managed pro shops and players wanted me to recommend a racquet, I usually walked them over to the display area and asked them what color they liked. This overly simplistic advice underscores something far more important. People... (Click here to read more...)

Signs of the Times

Use captivating graphics to capture more sales. (Click here to read more...)

March 2005

Active Aging

Changing demographics are causing everyone in this industry, including facility designers and builders, to take a look at how they do business. (Click here to read more...)

February 2005

Form an Activities Committee to Promote Your Events

Successful retail merchandisers in shopping malls across the country create promotional events so often and so well that we hardly ever notice being lured into their stores. But for most of us, our event programming seldom consistently generates the... (Click here to read more...)

All Systems Go?

The economy appears poised for "reasonable" growth, and signs are pointing to a bullish ennis market, too. (Click here to read more...)

Outlook 2005: Introduction

Tennis industry professionals are eyeing the new year with optimism for retailing, participation, and the sport as a whole. (Click here to read more...)

Tough Customers?

Every retail operation will come up against people who make life difficult. Here are some strategies to help you keep things under control. (Click here to read more...)

Build Business, Enjoy Yourself, and Write It Off

Imagine an enjoyable — and educational — vacation, but with Uncle Sam picking up part of the tab. Every racquet sports business, owner, employees, even someone who is a shareholder/employee, can legitimately claim an income-tax deduction for the expenses... (Click here to read more...)

October 2004

For Continuity, Establish Key Teaching Points for Your Pros

Give me a choice and I stay at Marriott Courtyards. At every location, I feel I am in a familiar place. I know that they'll all have complimentary hot beverages in the lobby. The room décor is similar; the... (Click here to read more...)

Retail survival guide

Tennis shops are facing more and different competition than ever before. (Click here to read more...)

September 2004

Open for Business

With the U.S. Open upon us, you can promote your shop or facility along with the tournament. (Click here to read more...)

August 2004

Control Your Profits By Controlling Your Costs

Every tennis specialty shop has a best customer. In fact, studies have shown that 80 percent of the income of most businesses usually comes from only 20 percent of its customers. But how can any tennis shop or facility... (Click here to read more...)

Higher Education

For players, the continuing technological revolution is all good; for retailers, it involves a whole new learning curve. (Click here to read more...)

July 2004

Hit the Highlights

The right lighting can make your store -- and your merchandise -- a lot more attractive. (Click here to read more...)

Risky Business?

With some high-profile pros and a grassroots push, Babolat's move into racquets 10 years ago has been paying off. (Click here to read more...)

Confused about sales tax? You're not alone

Sales taxes, which so many retailers collect, and even more end up paying, are increasing in both amount and complexity. Cash-strapped state and local governments are raising sales tax rates and stepping up enforcement of their collection rules. This,... (Click here to read more...)

At Singing Hills, Sophisticated Buying Leads to Frequent Apparel Turns

In her 20-year tenure as buyer for the Singing Hills Tennis Club in El Cajon, Calif., Kathy Rookus has seen apparel trends come and go, and come back again. Fortunately, she doesn't have to look far for the latest... (Click here to read more...)

SMUs -- Genie in a Bottle or Pandora's Box?

Depending on to whom you're talking, special makeup racquets can most accurately be described as: A super deal for the recreational tennis player. A secret weapon for big-box retailers. Instant market share for anxious manufacturers. A thorn in the... (Click here to read more...)

Tap a New Market

Catering to Special Populations may provide you with incentives that go beyond money. (Click here to read more...)

June 2004

Don't let closeouts close you down

Worried about inventory that you can't get rid of? Here are some strategies to help you cut your losses. (Click here to read more...)

Fair Representation

Your vendors' customer service and sales reps should be helping you do business. (Click here to read more...)

Share your knowledge

You can help this industry by telling us what has worked successfully for your business. (Click here to read more...)

How to Find the Right Web Host for your Business

Most business owners know very little about how to choose the internet hosting provider that's best for their website and for their business. What makes a good web-hoster, or a bad one? How can this important decision help, or... (Click here to read more...)

May 2004

Cheap, Overlooked Financing To Expand Your Business

For the second time in two years, our lawmakers have created federal tax cuts designed to spur business investment. However, despite record-low interest rates, affording the funds many within the tennis industry require in order to acquire the property... (Click here to read more...)

Dress Up Your Fitting Room and you'll help your apparel sales, too!

Many retail designers, consumer behavior experts, and customers believe that the fitting room has far more power to influence a consumer's decision to buy than retailers believe. "More sales get lost in the dressing room than on the sales... (Click here to read more...)

Your Mission: Get on the Same Page As Your Members

Retention of members is the key to success in the club industry. That's common knowledge. And one of the keys to retention is to keep yourself on the same page as your members in terms of expectations. Identify and... (Click here to read more...)

Lets Make a Deal!

In today's competitive climate, manufacturers may be more willing than ever to offer incentives to retailers. (Click here to read more...)

Level the Field

For a different take on learning and enjoying tennis, take a look at Bankshot Tennis. (Click here to read more...)

Pointing the Way

The second annual tennis participation study sheds more light on some of the obstacles to increasing play. (Click here to read more...)

April 2004

Kicking it up!

These three retailers know how to keep their numbers up in apparel and footwear. (Click here to read more...)

A Welcome Advantage

For this Pennsylvania facility, the Tennis Welcome Center concept has already been a big hit. (Click here to read more...)

On The Rocks

Learn to recognize and deal with a 'troubled' employee before it affects your business. (Click here to read more...)

March 2004

Late-Year Rally Is Leading To An Optimistic 2004 Forecast

There's no denying that 2003 was a down year for racquet sales at pro/specialty stores. For the whole year, sales were down in units, dollars and average price compared to 2002. But if you take a closer look, 2003... (Click here to read more...)

Rewards for Participation Are Good for Your Business

Everyone knows that the acquisition of customers, or players, is much more expensive than retaining them in the first place. As one executive with Club Corporation of America once told me, "You have to sell a ton of French... (Click here to read more...)

Meet and Greet

Some of the best marketing you can do is to simply let parents and kids get to know you and your program. (Click here to read more...)

Riding the Wave

These tennis e-tailers weathered uncertain times, and learned some lessons along the way. (Click here to read more...)

Effective Tax Planning is a Year-Round Endeavor

Every tennis-related business owner and manager should recognize the need for — and the benefits that can be derived from — tax planning. The objective of tax planning is to defer or reduce taxes whenever possible. Unfortunately, tax planning... (Click here to read more...)

February 2004

Research Can Help Keep You at The Top of Your Game

Every business owner needs to be knowledgeable about the industry from which he or she makes a living. In tennis, not only do you need to know about the ups and downs in the market and how they will... (Click here to read more...)

Tampa's Tennis Republic

With a "by the people, for the people" view, MP Tennis' ladder promotion is reaching new heights. (Click here to read more...)

The Future is Now

Recent economic news is leading industry-watchers to see positive signs for the new year. (Click here to read more...)

RSI Outlook 2004

As industry professionals gaze into their crystal ball, they see reasons to be optimistic in the new year. (Click here to read more...)

Rising to the Challenge?

In an effort to reach Alan Schwartz's 30 by 2010 goal, the USTA — and the industry — is pushing ahead with some key initiatives. (Click here to read more...)

What's Your Business Worth? It Depends on Who's Asking

How much is your tennis business worth? Of all the things asked of retailers and facility owners, placing a value on your operation often is the most difficult. This is, in part, because the value of any business often... (Click here to read more...)



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