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Getting a grip misses the mark

The cover of February Tennis Industry magazine is misleading. As tennis teachers, we try to help our students to use the correct service grip and not use the “waiter’s” serve. However, I do want to say you generally have a wonderful, informative magazine!

Arnold Bradshaw
USPTA Elite Professional
Montgomery, Ala.

Pickleball vs. Tennis?

Thank you, Kevin Theos, for your insightful “Your Serve” column (“Open-Door Policy) in the March issue on what the sport of tennis can learn from the growth of pickleball in the U.S. As you point out, tennis does, indeed, have “all the pieces to replicate the success of pickleball.”

For hard-core tennis traditionalists, it’s so tempting to see pickleball as the enemy. But in fact, I believe the two sports can survive and grow side by side, helping to keep more Americans healthy and active.

Mary Helen Sprecher
Columbia, Md.



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