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Social Media: Video Frequency

YouTube can be an important marketing tool for tennis facilities and teaching pros.

By John Torsiello

As a tennis facility owner or teaching pro, if you’re not using YouTube to reach out to existing and potential customers, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

“Instructors can introduce their teaching styles, along with their personalities, through the medium,” says Jack Brennan, a sports industry consultant who believes that YouTube can be a powerful marketing tool. “People tend to do business with a personality they like or relate to socially.”

Simon Gale, owner and general manager of Taconic Sports & Racquet in Hopewell Junction, N.Y., uses YouTube to get the word out about his facility’s offerings. Reaction has been positive.

“Videos aimed at the 10-and-under age group and facility drone videos have been used with great success,” says Gale. “We’re making a [red, orange, green, yellow ball] video that will highlight the progressions of each ball color. We are always looking for ways to get our message across more effectively.”

Gale says making the YouTube video can be time consuming, but is ultimately worthwhile. “Make sure you have someone on your staff who is familiar with video and social media,” he notes. “Less words and more video seem to be the overwhelming feedback. People can easily connect to it.”

Posting a video on YouTube is simple. Go to, create an account and sign in. Then click the “Upload” button and choose a video file. When your video has finished uploading, you’ll see a link where you can view it.

To edit your video, click “Edit,” then “Enhancements.” Adjust the fill light, contrast, saturation, and color temperature. You can even “Trim” and “Stabilize” your video. When your video looks the way you want it, share it with the world.

For an even better YouTube video experience, follow these tips:

With more tennis players and parents of juniors conducting online research prior to investing in lessons, joining a club or signing up for a tennis camp, owners and instructors with an online video presence have an advantage on the competition. Hop onto YouTube to help grow your client base, enhance your visibility and increase your bottom line.



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