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Letters: Focus on the Customer

I enjoyed Peter Francesconi’s “Our Serve” in the August issue, “The Best Part of Your Day.” What tennis director Adam Molda tells his coaches is very important.

When I was regularly conducting PTR certification workshops, I would always mention to the coaches the importance of what they do and that they need to always give the best lesson possible every time they step onto the court. I would tell them that for many of their students, being on the court with you is the hour of the week that they look forward to the most.

If you can’t give your best in every lesson you teach, then do yourself, your students and the game of tennis a favor and find something else to do for a living. Thankfully, most tennis coaches make a world of difference in their students’ lives.

Dan Santorum

CEO, Professional Tennis Registry

The “Our Serve” column in the August issue was a wonderful reminder of what really matters in our business (or any business): The customer’s experience. When a student feels that we actually care about them, that we’re taking the time to make an investment in their enjoyment, it’s a game-changer to our business.

For years I’ve told my students, “I’m just the hired help.” While I’d like to believe they don’t actually feel that way, it’s been a great way to convey the idea that, “it’s not about me, it’s all about them.”

Thank you for recognizing where the focus needs to be if we ever hope to grow our sport. It can’t be on the pros, the facilities, or even on the USTA — it needs to be on the customer.

Mike Kolendo

Tennis Director

Tennis at Maple Ridge/Northampton

(Mass.) Recreation Department



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