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Get Dennis Into the Hall!

I just read Our Serve in the April issue (“Righting an Industry Wrong”) and completed my nomination of Dennis Van der Meer for the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I hope it will get others to act. I can’t think of a more deserving candidate — Dennis is a great person, teacher, giver and friend.

After I first met Dennis as a South Carolina volunteer in 1984, he always greeted me by my first name and that famous Dennis Van der Meer smile. Whether I was a state volunteer or the president of the USTA Southern Section, he was always the same — warm, friendly and entertaining! We’ll hope for the best. Thanks again.

Rex Maynard

Former President, USTA Southern

‘Club Concerns’ On the Mark

I wish to compliment Alex Kor for his fine “Your Serve” article (“Club Concerns”) in the March issue on indoor club closures, college program closures, and raising some questions about the future of U.S. tennis.

I have worked to get low-cost first–class tennis facilities and programs built and expanded in the Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas for over 55 years. I agree with Mr. Kor’s assessment of concerns about the future of indoor and outdoor facilities and programs in the U.S.

Robert E. Davis

USPTA Master Professional

Silver Spring, Md.

Missed Connection

I am considered a poor reader per my technique of skimming from back to front and only settling on items that pique my interest. But the one column I always read thoroughly in Tennis Industry is Pete Francesconi’s “Our Serve,” as it is always insightful, caring and honest. Pete challenges us instead of just trying to paint a rosy picture, which seems to be popular, even though we are in the midst of a downturn in participation along with most other youth sports.

I actually looked at every page of the March edition, searching in vain for Pete’s “Our Serve” article. I hope I don’t have to go another month without the insightful tidbits I always gain from his column.

Bill Ozaki

Director of Programs & Player Development

USTA Southern

Editor’s note: Thanks, Bill, for your kind words and great support. Nice to know my Our Serve was missed! In this current issue, the Our Serve was written by new USRSA Executive Director Bob Patterson (TI is the official publication of the USRSA), and I hope you’ll find it equally insightful. — Pete F.



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