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Racquet Tech: Are Starting Knots a Thing of the Past?

By Bob Patterson

In our “Ask the Experts” section of the March 2016 issue, Associate Editor Greg Raven addressed a question from a reader that we field often here at the USRSA: “Are starting knots a thing of the past?”

Greg answers the question and explains the process of using a starting clamp in lieu of a starting knot, but I thought it presented a great opportunity to show the procedure in action.

Whether or not you are comfortable using a starting knot, as a racquet technician you should, at least, be familiar with how to use a starting clamp instead of a starting knot. Although we touched on the subject in an earlier RacquetTech article, “One Tool, Many Uses” (June 2015 issue), the accompanying photos should help demonstrate the procedure with using an offset device and without.

First, you will need a quality starting clamp. They can be a bit pricey, but getting a good one is well worth it. The one I use is almost 30 years old and still works great.

You may also want to invest in an offset device. These are available from various sources and I have seen some pretty good homemade ones, if you are so inclined. We have photos of several variations of these devices provided by Master Racquet Technicians Albert Lee, John Gugel and Mike Newbound.

Of course, it is up to you to decide the best practice and procedure for you, but as we always stress, be consistent! Consistency is the cornerstone of good racquet service.

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About the Author

Bob Patterson , the founder of the RacquetMAXX customization service, is a Master Racquet Technician with more than 20 years of experience. He was RSI's Stringer of the Year in 2005. He is Executive Director for the U.S. Racquet Stringers Association.



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