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Your article “Class Acts” in the January issue outlined an important new foundation to the growth of professional tennis instruction. Proper, modern and thorough education is essential for the industry to maintain respect and admiration of the people and institutions willing to pay for top class instruction. The schools that are creating PTM curriculum deserve praise for their commitment.

However, there was one PTM program overlooked. The PTM program at Tyler Junior College (known as "Tennis Tech") has operated since 1974. Led by Kimm Ketelson, USPTA Elite Professional, there are two programs in this department, both of which contain intense instruction on the philosophy of coaching, modern tennis techniques, programming team workouts, creating programs for camps and events, sports psychology, marketing and pro shop operations, an internship and passing the USPTA certification.

As a college graduate I appreciate the education offered by attending a four-year institution. When I attended Tyler Junior College several students were offered scholarships to play on the college level. This is extremely valuable to anyone with a desire to coach on the college level.

The Tyler Junior College PTM program should not be overlooked when deciding the avenue to this wonderful profession.

Tim Young, USPTA



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