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Racquet Service: New Concept in Racquet Service

Babolat continues to transform tennis from conventional to connected.

By Bob Patterson

Babolat is launching a new concept that is sure to enhance participating retailers struggling to maintain their brick-and-mortar identity in an online world. My Play Point is a multi-tiered program with several components designed to provide dealers an opportunity to offer their customers a unique experience while improving efficiency and promoting professional standards for the dealer.

Two key components to My Play Point will be a new stringing machine and new software for operating a racquet service center. The new machine will feature a more fluid and efficient ergonomic design. The machine can be configured to meet the needs of the dealer with several options available, from clamps to height adjustments.

The other key component is a software package that offers a variety of tools to track your customers’ service records. “The software is based on the software we have used at Roland Garros for the last five years,” says Mickey Maule, national sales director for Babolat USA. “We’ve honed and tweaked it over the years it has been in use and now have configured it for use in a retail environment.”

The software can be used on a computer or tablet and also has a feature to track racquets used for demo as well as customer racquets for service. Another feature is the availability of an app that customers can download and have access to their racquet service history along with other related features.

Other components will include display modules for storing strings in both sets and reels, a work desk, and other displays for racquets, shoes, and other merchandise — all coordinated to provide a uniform and professional look.

Babolat plans to launch My Play Point in February 2016 as a pilot in 16 stores in eight countries. The complete My Play Point will available in October 2016. Pricing is yet to be determined

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About the Author

Bob Patterson , the founder of the RacquetMAXX customization service, is a Master Racquet Technician with more than 20 years of experience. He was RSI's Stringer of the Year in 2005. He is Executive Director for the U.S. Racquet Stringers Association.



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