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Tennis sales rep of the year: Carrie Cimino

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Passion. Knowledge. Accountability. Each can make for a good sales representative. But combine all three, as found every day by the clients of Head/Penn District Sales Manager Carrie Cimino, and you have the 2015 Tennis Industry Sales Rep of the Year.

The University of Texas graduate and USPTA-certified elite professional began with the company in 1995 as Penn Racquet Sports Western Regional Promotions manager. She served as a district sales manager in Atlanta before moving to Southern California to head up sales for that region. She has been recognized as Head/Penn’s 2009 District Sales Manager of the Year and with the company’s 2013 Hall of Fame award.

“My success is based on my customers’ success,” Cimino says. From day one with a new retailer, she learns as much about their business as she can. Her aim is to create an account-specific product assortment plan and serve as a bridge of trust between her company and the people (not just clients) of her territory.

“Carrie is a consummate professional and always balances the needs of the retailer with the goals of the company,” says Greg Mason, president of Head USA. “She is always working to make sure it’s a win/win. And she lives by the 5 ‘P’ rule: ‘Proper planning prevents poor performance.’”

“You have to have a genuine passion for the company that you represent and for and the products that you are selling, but more importantly a lifetime love for tennis!” Cimino says. “Passion brings enthusiasm … and enthusiasm is contagious.” — Kent Oswald

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