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Racquet and String Intros: Year-End Boost

There are plenty of new racquets and strings coming out this fall to help your sales right through the holidays.

By Bob Patterson

Although most new product is introduced in the spring, there are plenty of things coming this fall to boost your sales, from the buzz surrounding the US Open right through the holiday shopping season.

Babolat • 877-316-9435

After a successful revamp of the Pure Drive line earlier this year, Babolat is doing the same with the Aero line, including a new name and a new racquet. The Pure Aero line (an evolution of the Aeropro Drive) will debut this fall and for the first time include a Tour model.

Pure Aero Drive, Pure Aero Drive +, Pure Aero Drive Team, and Pure Aero Drive Lite will replace the Aeropro models. The Pure Aero Tour and Tour+ are new to the line. It should be noted that these are new racquets, not just cosmetic updates, as the string patterns have changed slightly.

Three other new racquets being introduced in early 2016 include the Flow Tour, Flow Lite and Flow 105.

Dunlop • 800-768-4727

Dunlop is introducing four new tennis racquets and four new squash racquets. The new traditional racquets complement Dunlop’s iDapt line introduced earlier this year. The M2.1 has a 95-square-inch head. The M3.1 and F3.1 Tour both feature a 98-square-inch head and S8.1 Lite has a 115-square-inch head.

New squash frames include the Force Revelation 125 and 135 and the Force Evolution 120 and 130.

Gamma • 800-333-0337

Although Gamma is not introducing any new racquets for fall, it does have new strings: iO Soft and Moto Soft, both polyester monofilament. Designed as a more forgiving version of its popular iO and Moto strings, both offer less shock on impact than stiffer polyesters, says Gamma. iO Soft is available in 17, 16 and 15L gauges. Moto Soft is available in 17 and 16 gauges.

Genesis • 888-750-1011

Genesis introduces Trionic, a co-polyester string. Available in 16 and 18 gauges, Trionic features a triangular profile for increased spin, control and feel. Also new is Black Magic 18 gauge, a monofilament co-polyester. According to the manufacturer, Black Magic is softer than most co-polys and offers comfortable play with a serious punch.

Head • 800-289-7366

Head continues to expand the Graphene XT line with the introduction of six new tennis racquets: GrapheneXT Instinct PWR, GrapheneXT Prestige PWR, GrapheneXT Speed PWR, GrapheneXT Extreme Lite, GrapheneXT Extreme Pro and the GrapheneXT MP. The frames feature the Head Adaptive String Pattern (ASP), allowing the frame to be strung either as a 16×16 or 16×19 pattern by swapping out the side grommet strips.

The company also is adding five new GrapheneXT squash racquets: GrapheneXT Xenon SB 120 and 135, and GrapheneXT Cyano 110, 120 and 135.

The ASP technology is also introduced into the racquetball line with four new racquets that can be strung as either a 12×16 or 16×16 pattern by swapping out the top grommet strip. New racquetball models include the Extreme 155 and 165, Extreme Edge and Extreme Pro.

Head is also introducing two new strings: Reflex MLT and Velocity MLT. Both are multifilaments and are offered in 16 and 17 gauges. According to the manufacturer, Velocity provides a perfect combination of power and touch thanks to a special construction featuring over 1,000 filaments and an outer wrap of 30 filaments. Reflex MLT provides excellent touch and power thanks to over 1,300 filaments and a soft PU resin. Both strings feature a low friction coating, providing faster snap-back and less stress on the arm, says Head.

Pacific • 941-795-1789

Pacific introduces four new racquets: X Force Lite, X Force Pro No. 1, X Tour 97 and the X Fast Team 1.45. All the frames feature Pacific’s unique Basalt 2 technology, which the company says has 30 percent more basalt fibers within the same material, 20 percent lighter weight, is 28 percent stronger and provides 20 percent more dampening.

Prince • 800-2TENNIS

Prince rolls out Textreme technology with four new tennis frames for fall: The Tour 100P, Tour 100T, Tour 100L and the Warrior 107L. The 100P features an 18×20 pattern, while the rest are 16×18 patterns. Textreme is an advanced super-thin material that allows for a tighter weave pattern, packing more carbon fibers per square inch, which Prince says delivers greater control.

Tecnifibre • 888-504-7878

Tecnifibre continues to expand its Dynacore line with the introduction of the new racquets: T Flash 285, T Flash 300 and T Flash 315. According to the manufacturer, Dynacore provides an unmatched combination of flexibility and torsion stability. The new T Flash line features Velocity Shaft Design: 11 percent less beam size on the shaft for more speed and spin versus a standard elliptical beam.

Volkl • 866-554-7872

Volkl introduces four new frames in its Super G line: Super G 3, Super G V-1 Pro and the Super G 10 Mid, which is available in 320- and 330-gram versions. Super G racquets feature Speedgrommets + V-Sponse material for more control, increased sweetspot and more speed with the best energy return, says Volkl.

Wilson • 800-272-6060

Wilson brings out five new tennis frames: Ultra XP 110 S, Ultra XP 100 S, Ultra XP 100 LS, Pro Staff 97 S and the Pro Staff 97 ULS. The Ultra lineup feature Spin Effect, Power Profile and Ultra High Performance Carbon Fiber Technologies. Both of the new Pro Staffs feature Spin Effect Technology and all five are “Smart Tennis Sensor Ready.”

Tennis isn’t all that is new for fall as Wilson also introduces two new racquetball racquets, the Drone and Drone Lite, and one new squash racquet, the Ripper 135 BLX.

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Bob Patterson , the founder of the RacquetMAXX customization service, is a Master Racquet Technician with more than 20 years of experience. He was RSI's Stringer of the Year in 2005. He is Executive Director for the U.S. Racquet Stringers Association.



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