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AEDs Should be Mandatory

As a follow-up to the “Emergency Procedures” letter in the August issue, our club experienced a scary situation just this past June when one of our members collapsed on court during a match. With the help of CPR-certified staff members, we were able to quickly use our AED to apply an electric shock to help save our member’s life.

Our club has been fortunate — this was the first time we’ve had to use the AED to issue a shock in over seven years. The AED also has capability to take and store an EKG reading that can be downloaded. In this case, doctors were able to review the EKG of our member and discuss options to help prevent future heart attacks.

We’ve had an AED at Fore Court Racquet & Fitness since 1999 — six years before Rhode Island made it mandatory for all health clubs. More people should be trained and an AED should be mandatory at all health clubs and athletic clubs across the country. Most people know someone who has suffered a heart attack and we have numerous community members who take comfort in the fact that our club is prepared.

Saving just one life is worth the expense of purchasing an AED and training staff members.

Jared Vadenais, Assistant Manager
Fore Court Racquet & Fitness Club
Cumberland, R.I.

Creating Collaboration

Just a quick thank you for the wonderful “Our Serve” in the August issue on “Creating That Collaborative Spirit.” I know I’m biased, but your words were spot on!

Paul Lubbers, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Coaching
Education & Performance
USTA Player Development



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