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Thankful for ROG

I was so happy to read Ellen Miller’s article in the February issue about Red, Orange, and Green balls (“ROG Balls and Shorter Courts Aren’t Just for Kids!”). At my little tennis charity, Camp Esmeralda, they are definitely not just for the kids.

One day a week I run a little tennis program in the shuffleboard room (yes, the shuffleboard room) of a senior center in the middle of a Milwaukee County park. In summer, we play outdoors. The ROG balls have enabled dozens of seniors (and some in their mid-80s), who had never so much as looked at a racquet, to play tennis. We let the ball bounce twice if need be and even play off the rather low ceiling.

We have seniors with hip problems, arthritis, you name it, but they love playing and tell me that the 90 minutes of tennis is the highlight of their week — and it’s mine, as well! I’ve seen their flexibility, reflexes and strength improve by leaps and bounds. One of our players has lost over 100 pounds and several are lighter by 20 or more.

Every once in a while we schedule a day for the seniors and the kids — the kids adjusting their games to accommodate the seniors. ROG balls definitely make tennis big fun!

Esme “Queen” Ehr, Director, Camp Esmeralda, Milwaukee



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