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Keep Things Active, Fun and Profitable With a Triples Tourney

Singles and doubles tournaments — that’s old school. Now we have the Cardio Tennis Triples Tournaments!

Triples is a signature Cardio Tennis game and one of the most popular. Cardio Tennis Triples uses a format of 3 on 3, with one player at the net and two at the baseline for each team. It’s fast-moving as players rotate positions after every point. By using the orange cardio balls, points are long and competitive — every player gets lots of touches.

One of the great things about a Triples Tournament is you can get many more people on the court than you can a normal singles or even doubles event. Each team can consist of three or four players, as the extra player simply engages in a Cardio Blast behind the baseline for about 15 to 30 seconds on one out of every four points played.

Our first event brought out 46 players. We started with a 15-minute Cardio warm up on three courts with the cardio ball and a three-court weave drill for players to warm up all their strokes. It was just enough to get them ready to compete.

We used a round-robin format, which guaranteed each team five matches. Each match was first team to 21 points, and we kept score by total points won, not just wins or losses.

One of the main differences in a Triples Tournament from the traditional triples played in a Cardio Tennis class is that instead of a pro feeding to start each point, one player self-feeds. This creates interesting strategy, as it is a challenge to drive the ball past an aggressive net player.

The playbook makes this tournament simple to run. It takes only three hours, not an entire weekend like most traditional tournaments. Although it is competitive, everyone was engaged the entire time and had a great experience, win or lose. It was so much more fun and energetic than a traditional mixer or a formal tournament and it really brought people together in a wonderful, social atmosphere.

With Triples, there is never a problem of having uneven numbers. It also avoids the “I lost first round and I’m done” or the “I’m winning so I have to be available the entire weekend” mentality that is so familiar in a regular tournament format.

Plus, it was profitable, at $30 a person.

The official Cardio Tennis Triples Tournament Playbook is available to all Cardio Tennis Authorized Providers. You can register as an Authorized Provider at

— Marcy Bruce



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