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Accessories: Cool-Headed

These hot-weather accessories can keep your players cool and comfortable on court.

By Chris Nicholson

The joys of playing tennis outdoors can be dampened a bit by the heat of summer. Sprinting around the court under the sun can get uncomfortable, and in extreme cases can be a health risk. Fortunately for warm-weather tennis players getting a little hot under the collar, technology can help us keep our cool.

“Evaporative cooling” is the science behind a relatively new realm of products that help athletes temper their body temperature. Essentially and simply, evaporative cooling describes what we all know at least intuitively — that as water evaporates from our skin, we get cooler. What these products do is assist the process. All are designed to help our bodies fend off heat a little more quickly and a little more comfortably.

For healthy and fun hot-weather play, no accessory can beat staying hydrated and using common sense. But all of these items can make a player’s day in the sun a little more chill. (Prices are suggested retail.)

Frogg Toggs — Chilly Bean Cooling Hat

After being pre-soaked, the Chilly Bean Cooling Hat retains water to keep a player’s noggin cool for hours. Moreover, the Chilly Pad fabric provides UPF 50 UV protection for your scalp, and is flanked by mesh to allow for ideal airflow. The hat is machine washable, one-size-fits-all and available in four colors, all with white sides and brims. ($14.95)

Ergodyne — Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Towel

With its advanced PVA cooling technology, the Chill-Its Evaporative Cooling Towel doesn’t just dry you off, it actually cools you. The fabric — available in five colors — seems like something out of science fiction: Wet it, and it remains noticeably cooler than the ambient temperature. Use it to towel off between points, or to drape around your neck during changeovers or after the match. ($7.99)

Keep’m Cool Products — Instant Chill Wipes

Menthol and denatured alcohol create a solution that, when applied to the skin, combines with sweat and evaporates quickly. The result? The body’s natural cooling mechanism is accelerated. The solution, also available separately as a liquid, is infused in wipes that are easy to carry in a racquet bag and to use on court. For an even quicker cool, store the container in the icebox with the drinks. ($9.99)

Polar Products — Cool Comfort Hybrid Wrist Wraps

Polar’s Cool Comfort Hybrid Wrist Wraps contain highly absorbent crystals that hold water at its original temperature for extended periods, providing a cool touch in any climate. Moreover, the wraps can be refrigerated or frozen, providing an even more dramatic effect. Wraps are available in blue or khaki, and fit with adjustable Velcro straps. ($11)

HyperKewl — Kewlshirt Tank Top

The HyperKewl fabric absorbs water quickly, but allows it to evaporate slowly, resulting in extended periods during which evaporation can cool the player’s body. The tank top is easy to wear in a high-activity sport such as tennis, allowing free arm movement despite the damp fabric. The tank is vented in the front and back panels, and can be worn under a breathable shirt or on its own. ($49.99)

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