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Our Serve: Why they stay

If you’re like me, or probably like most people in the tennis industry, you have days when you wonder why you’re in this business at all. You may be a retailer, struggling to maintain margin on the products you... (Click here to read more...)

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Information to help you run your business (Click here to read more...)


Dropping the Ball? I noticed the blurb in Industry News in the November/December issue about the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation doubling the cost of seasonal permits. I have always been shocked by how little attention... (Click here to read more...)

Retailing 129: Close the Deal!

You may think tracking close rates is old school, but they are effective at boosting your sales. Small to medium retailers, including specialty tennis retailers, seem to have forgotten about the importance of closing a sale. For many, the... (Click here to read more...)

Tennis people: Where Are They Now?

Fourteen years ago, Tennis Industry named its “40 Under 40.” You may be surprised to learn that many are still influencing the tennis business. Back in our July/August 2000 issue, Tennis Industry magazine named its “40 Under 40” —... (Click here to read more...)

Apparel: A Cooling Trend Approaches

New textiles and products are promoting “active cooling,” to make it easier for players to stay comfortable during warm-weather workouts. (Click here to read more...)

Stringing: The Dead Zone

What happens to tennis strings with time and use? And how can you help your customers determine when it is time to restring? (Click here to read more...)

Racquets: Frames of Reference

Our exclusive Racquet Selection Map will help you guide customers to their perfect frame. (Click here to read more...)

Distinguished Facility-of-the-Year Awards: Soft Focus

These outdoor facility winners are excellent examples of soft-court construction. (Click here to read more...)

Playtest: Tourna Mega Tac Overgrip

According to Tourna, Mega Tac is the tackiest overgrip ever made, period. An exclusive polyurethane coating creates an ultra tacky surface that literally clings to your hand. Tourna also promises a very long tack time, with Tourna reporting tackiness... (Click here to read more...)

Your Serve: Why Do You Love This Game?

Our original “40 Under 40” from 14 years ago explain what they (still) find appealing about the tennis business. D.A. Abrams, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, USTA: “Making a living doing something you love is incredible. I am charged... (Click here to read more...)



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