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Our Serve: Changing Our Game

By Peter Francesconi

When you picked up this magazine, we hope you noticed that we changed a few things. For one, we have a new name: Tennis Industry. For another, we have a new look.

Actually, our “new” name really isn’t new; we’re going back to the name “Tennis Industry.” Racquet Sports Industry was created in 2003 when the former Tennis Industry magazine merged with Racquet Tech magazine, which was the publication for USRSA members. As the world’s largest tennis trade magazine, the change back to Tennis Industry reflects the growing importance of tennis to this country’s recreational choices, and it re-emphasizes our key connection to the sport.

(But please note, we still plan on offering coverage of all racquet sports within our pages and online. In fact, the name “Racquet Sports Industry” will continue to be used within Tennis Industry for an occasional section that will cover racquet sports other than tennis.)

You’ll also notice we’ve changed our look. After 10 years, we felt it was time to freshen things up a bit. One of the things I’ve always liked about RSI is how “comfortable” it has looked and how readable the magazine has been. While changing a magazine visually always takes some getting used to, we feel our new look will quickly become just as comfortable for readers.

Content-wise, you’ll still find all the great things in this magazine that you’ve come to rely on. And, we have plans to continue to enhance our coverage. We also plan on continuing to develop and improve our online coverage of this industry (at As always, our business is all about helping your business succeed.

Another thing you’ll notice as you page through this issue is that Tennis Industry is now the vehicle to deliver ADDvantage, the USPTA’s membership magazine. For USPTA members, this means they’ll not only continue to receive their organization’s publication, they’ll now receive it inside every issue of Tennis Industry, so they’ll see all the industry news, how-to articles and great features TI offers. For Tennis Industry, not only does our audience of key tennis providers now include every USPTA teaching pro, but also readers who aren’t USPTA members will be exposed to all the news and information that teaching pro organization has to offer.

It’s appropriate that all these changes take place at the beginning of a new year, in our January issue — our annual “Champions of Tennis” issue in which we honor some of the true heroes of this industry.

We hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from each and every issue of Tennis Industry.

— Peter Francesconi

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About the Author

Peter Francesconi is editorial director of Tennis Industry magazine.



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