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These ideas can help boost your sales and provide your customers with excellent service.

By Kent Oswald

For most tennis retailers, it’s devotion to the sport that drives them. They put in untold hours, and what little time they may have left over is spent with family, friends or possibly squeezing in a quick set or two — not studying retail theories or reading consultant reports on best practices.

But even the most experienced tennis retailer can still benefit from a few tips now and then on how to squeeze sales from customers and provide top-notch service. And learning from the experience of others is more efficient than fighting through one’s own experiments gone wrong.

Consider the ideas below a sort of “SparkNotes” of best practices for selling racquets, shoes, string, apparel and accessories, having been gathered from years of RSI interviews and stories. Not every idea is guaranteed to work for every store, but each has proved valuable more than once as a way to get the most money out of retail square footage.







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About the Author

Kent Oswald  is a contributor to, producer at the and a former editor of Tennis Week magazine.



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