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Our Serve: Help the Sport, Help Yourself

By Peter Francesconi

Every business in this industry is important. When a tennis business goes out of business — whether it’s a local tennis shop or facility, a manufacturer, a court builder, a member of the tennis media, or a teaching pro who realizes tennis just can’t pay the bills anymore — our sport suffers, and it points to a weakness in this industry that we all need to be concerned about.

Certainly the overall economy plays a big part in the challenges we face. But, by supporting two key industry-wide initiatives, you can help boost your business and your profits. It’s a worthwhile two-way street: You help support these initiatives, they help build growth for your business. I’m talking about 10 and Under Tennis and, two initiatives that can help bring players, customers and members to your business or organization.

10 and Under Tennis is a priority for the USTA, and industry partners are on board, realizing that getting more kids into tennis has benefits for everybody. The USTA and TIA have resources, most of them free, that can help you reach out to kids and parents, bringing them into the game and onto the path to regular and frequent play. That means more court time, lessons, clinics, equipment purchases, tennis courts … and it virtually ensures customers for your business down the road. — our cover story this month (see page 16) — is a unique idea for this sport: It’s a non-branded “hub” for all things tennis, helping consumers easily get on the pathway to playing more. The goal is to increase the frequent-player base, which is what drives this business. The USTA and TIA have provided key resources and support to develop, which will launch to consumers in May.

Importantly, tennis manufacturers, organizations, media and other industry partners have all joined to make this “brand neutral” site the simple URL for all things tennis — all of these industry partners will be driving consumers to Your support of is important, and it’s a key to helping to increase your business. For tennis providers and others, all you need to do is go to the site to register or update your listing for free. It takes minutes, but your info then becomes searchable by consumers, who will be able to find your business or programs. And there is free marketing material at that you can use to help drive consumers to

With some simple moves on your part, you can position your business, and the sport, for growth.

Peter Francesconi
Editorial Director

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Peter Francesconi is editorial director of Tennis Industry magazine.



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