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Here’s RSI’s quick look at some of the court construction and maintenance products available for the coming year, from many companies that displayed their wares at the trade show during the ASBA’s annual Technical Meeting in December.

Performance Court 300/500

Creative Court Concepts’ Performance Court 300 and Performance Court 500 surfaces can be installed indoors or outdoors over asphalt, concrete and rooftops. Both products are suitable for new or existing courts and work great over cracked courts, says the maker, since the new surfaces fully adhere to the existing surface, resulting in no dead spots and a true ball bounce. The PC 300 and PC 500 also include a cushioned layer for added comfort and support. 203-410-6090

Ballasted Windscreen

Aer-Flo Inc. recently re-introduced its patented Ballasted Windscreen to its dealers after five years of testing. Each 5- by 6-foot Tuffy Ballasted Windscreen unit is attached to the fence (on alternating sides) with grommets at the top edge only; the bottom end contains a 15 lb.-weighted PVC pipe to keep the windscreen vertical in normal winds. For winds up to 95 mph, force reduction may approach 47 percent, says Aer-Flo, depending on fence post spacing, post diameter, pipe gauge and steel quality. Hook-and-loop strips built into each unit’s top allow it to be rolled up in anticipation of high winds. 800- 823-7356/

AeroPro by LSI

The new AeroPro by LSI Courtsider Sports Lighting combines the science of vertical burn design innovation with high performance reflector technology, says the maker. Using vertical burn pulse start metal halide technology, LSI says the AeroPro provides up to 45 percent more light output than conventional fixtures, with superior surface uniformity, allowing for greater ball clarity and glare-free visual comfort. It’s available in 1000W, 875W, and 750W pulse start metal halide versions. 800-436-7800 ext.3098/


Welch Tennis Courts’ AlgaeBlaster controls algae on clay courts and is the only algaecide/bactericide/fungicide labeled for treatment of clay and composition material courts, says Welch. 813-641-7787/

ArmorMesh Windscreens

CoverSports USA’s ArmorMesh windscreens feature IncrediSeal Heat-Sealed Hems, which eliminates stitching and the possibility of thread breaks, open seams or hems, says the manufacturer, and provides a cleaner look because there are no pleats, stitches or black webbing on the hem. Other features include a 14-oz. woven, extrusion vinyl-coated polyester fabric with excellent tear strength and abrasion resistance, a five-year warranty and availability in 12 colors. TuffPrint customization can add lettering and logos. 800-445-6680/

Duraplay Sports Tennis Surface

Challenger Industries is now offering an eight-year warranty on its Duraplay Sports synthetic turf surfacing for tennis courts. The surface is available in Sport Green and Red Clay colors, which simulate a grass/hard court and clay courts. 800-334-8873/

Har-Tru Sports Net Posts

With feedback from customers, Har-Tru has redesigned its aluminum internal and external wind net posts to make them easy to use, durable and safe, says the company. The internal wind post allows use of a standard 3/4-in. or 19-mm socket wrench to put up or take down the net in minutes. The external wind post features an easy to remove handle for easy net installation and safe and easy adjustments. Both posts feature a welded lacing rod and are constructed of the highest grade aluminum with a powder-coated finish. 877-442-7878/

Matéflex HomeCourt

Matéflex Corp.’s new HomeCourt is a custom year-round sports complex tile which comes in 16 colors. The maker say the tiles are engineered to provide controlled lateral give during play for reduced leg stress and greater comfort, while the narrow gauge ribs and low abrasion surface offer excellent traction while reducing wear and tear on athletic equipment and footwear. 800-926-3539/

Performance Padded Tennis Surface

Action Floor Systems’ TC Pro high-performance urethane pad-and-pour court system can be installed indoors or outdoors, over a new or existing court surface. The company says an Action TC Pro court incorporating the 9mm base mat pad provides 32 percent more shock absorption along with a 66 percent energy restitution. 800-746-3512/

TNT Gauge Net Tension Device

Cable Tension LLC offers the TNT Gauge (which stands for “Tennis Netcord Tension”), a device that installs on the anchor hook on the outside of a net post and measures net tension. There are two models, ensuring compatibility with all net posts with external anchors. The gauge has been tested and used at events around the world, and in 2012, all 20 competition courts at the US Open will have the device. It is available with club or team logos imprinted. 865-307-0474/

SportBase by Sport Court

SportBase is designed for applications that require a temporary court in areas where concrete is not feasible or practical, or when sustainable building is a concern. A full court using SportBase can be installed in a matter of hours. It provides a drainage solution superior to pervious concrete, says Connor Sport Court International, along with excellent shock absorption. Made from 100 percent recyclable materials, Sportbase can be used in many different locations, including freeze-thaw areas. 801-978-6208/

Rebound Ace Surfaces

Ace Surfaces says Rebound Ace Montreal, which features a Nike Grind underlayment, is the only permanent tennis court surface available that provides 59% shock absorption. Ace Surfaces suggests combining the surface with the company’s HARO Sports subfloor system for a long-lasting investment. Another product, Rebound Ace Rome, is a portable tennis court (four people can assemble a full-size court in less than four hours), most recently used at Nike’s Clash of the Champions and the WTT Finals in Charleston, S.C. 407-865-6279/

SportsEdge XT Slot Drain

Multiple asphalt or concrete courts in a series can be especially difficult to drain when it rains, but The XT Slot Drain can provide a cost effective and solution, greatly simplifying the design of such facilities, says the maker, SportsEdge. Installed between courts or along fence lines, the linear drain intercepts sheet flow coming the courts, then discharges the storm water to an in-line catch basin then an adjacent storm drain. 800-334-6057/



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