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Retailing 104: Is Your Store ‘Consumer-Centric’?

From a revenue growth and net profit standpoint, you should focus on consumers first rather than product.

Our case studies show that one of the keys to Operational Excellence for independent specialty retailers is a commitment to being truly “consumer-centric.” From our experience most specialty tennis retailers would argue they are consumer-centric, but on this count, most would be wrong.

The difference between thinking you are consumer-centric and actually being consumer-centric is putting the customer first and really listening to what their wants and needs are, and focusing on providing “tennis lifestyle solutions,” not just products. A big part of this difference is gathering as much information about your customers as possible, and using that information to the advantage of your customers.

It doesn’t matter if your store business plan and target consumers are fit, athletic tennis players, or families, or senior players, or junior players — or any combination. To achieve and sustain any reasonable growth in today’s market — a market that is totally controlled by consumers — you are going to have to change the way you do business from being product-centric to being totally consumer-centric.

With a consumer-centric store strategy, the product becomes the “tail,” which you then are able to “wag” to attract and retain customers. But if the tail “wags” the store, you’re not servicing your customers the way they want to be serviced, and you end up chasing them to your competition.

Deliver Lifestyle Solutions

The point here is that, if you are product-centric, you’re telling a shopper all about the tennis racquet your staff person thinks they should buy. But that simply doesn’t work nearly as well from a revenue growth and net profit standpoint as being consumer-centric — and focusing your whole store on listening, suggesting and delivering individual tennis lifestyle solutions to your customers.

So, what does it mean to be a consumer-centric tennis specialty store?

Many specialty retailers keep this type of customer information on file. Your point-of-sale system may be able to store this kind of data. Make sure everyone working at your store is trained and educated about fully utilizing your POS system to support your consumer-centricity.

Your store’s ongoing conversation with your customers will build loyalty and repeat business, and it is critical to enjoying increased revenue and profitability!

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