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We asked our suppliers what tennis court products were new, interesting or attention-grabbing this season. Here are some of the things they had to say.

Har-Tru Sports

Har-Tru Sports has added several new products this year. The Har-Tru Gator Rake line simplifies the maintenance of Har-Tru courts and improves traction, safety and performance, says the company. One of the most innovative features is that the tines are adjustable. Other rakes see a deterioration in performance as the tines wear, but the Har-Tru Gator Rake tines are loaded in an adjustable cartridge so the tines remain at optimum length.

Har-Tru is also offering new temporary lines to allow soft court managers to add 60-foot and 36-foot lines to their existing regulation courts. Lines can easily be installed and removed in minutes; the company has posted YouTube videos for demonstration purposes.

Har-Tru’s Advantage lighting systems provide higher lighting levels with lower wattage lamps, meaning better light for players while using less electricity. The Advantage fixture, while producing high foot-candle power, has a full cut-off flat lens, which is approved by the International Dark Sky association for neighborhood-friendly lighting.


Mondoten is a high-performance surface system that uses two primary components: an acrylic coating system made with premium raw materials, able to be formulated for customized coefficients of friction for desired play speed; and a shock-absorption layer with dual durometer rubber baselast construction to provide optimum shock absorption and energy return. Mondoten is available in 10 non-glare, UV-stable colors.


The SportsEdge XT Slot Drain provides drainage for hard courts. Using a continuous line drain can simplify design and aid in providing sufficient drainage either between courts or along fence lines. The slot opening is 12mm (15/32 in.) and is ADA-compliant, creating a clean and inconspicuous way to drain tennis courts.

Putterman Athletics

Recently, Putterman Athletics expanded its product line to include German-made, high-quality tennis court products. Putterman Athletics is the sole source to North America of the new line of Universal Sport benches, umpire chairs, court dryers, and court and line brushes.

Connor Sport Court International

Connor Sport Court International is now offering PowerGame, which the company notes is a stable surface with good ball bounce quality, excellent shock absorption, and attractive lifecycle costs in comparison to other products.


Tuffy Ballasted Windscreen is intended to protect chain-link fence from high wind damage. Available in individual 5-foot wide by 6-foot tall units in 20 colors, the windscreens are attached to chain link fence along their grommeted tops, but the units are installed alternately on both sides of the fence. The bottom of each section has a weighted PVC pipe inserted thru its entire width in a reinforced pocket, engineered to provide correct ballast to keep the windscreen unit vertical during lighter winds. It automatically opens up to let higher velocity winds flow thru, significantly reducing wind stress on the fence.



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