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Why Playing College Tennis Is a Good Choice

By Denny Schackter

The tennis industry today is blessed with thousands of students playing high school tennis. No-Cut tennis and dramatically improved coaching over the last 20 years have helped about 350,000 students continue to play in high school. Most states have high school tennis coaches associations with yearly clinics, newsletters and websites.

I’ve had some wonderful tennis experiences in my adult life, including coaching high school and college tennis, and being involved with the growth of the USTA’s very successful “Tennis on Campus” program for over 10 years. As I see participation grow in high school tennis, I also see the opportunities for play beyond high school growing as well. This is important for our industry because the tennis players coming out of college are hungry to continue tennis in their lives.

Here are my reasons why high school players should be encouraged to play in college, either on a varsity team or in a club or “intramural” program:

Tennis club owners, tennis directors, teaching professionals and facilities all have a vested interest in college tennis. Future players and members of tennis facilities are the byproduct of college tennis. Whether a facility’s young people are Division I, II or 111 or Tennis on Campus candidates, you simply can’t measure the maturity, bonding, and lifetime relationships that will emerge at the end of their college experience.

Those who participate in college tennis will find benefits that last a lifetime.

Tennis industry veteran Denny Schackter is a member of the USTA’s Tennis on Campus Committee and an active volunteer of the USTA Midwest Section. He formerly coached men’s tennis at Wisconsin and was a 22-year territory manager for Wilson Racquet Sports. He is a PTR and PTA member, teaches tennis part-time and owns Tennis Priorities, a recruiting firm working on finding young talent for tennis teaching.



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