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How to Pick a Stringing Machine

By Jonathan Wolfe, Master Racquet Technician

The number of features available on stringing machines today is staggering — you could even call it an embarrassment of riches. As you’ll see in our annual Guide to Stringing Machines on the following pages — which lists dozens of models from 13 different manufacturers — any stringer can find a machine to fit their needs.

But just how do you know what you need, or what is best for your particular stringing situation? Here are some basic guidelines that can help you navigate the bewildering variety of choices.

There are other considerations when deciding to take the plunge. For instance, your stringing machine may be (or you may want it to be) the focal point of your shop, the shining jewel to which eyes are naturally drawn. Having something that represents your professionalism and dedication can very often separate you from the competition.

It is also worth considering how many racquets you and your staff string. For high-volume shops, the deluxe machines not only offer time-saving conveniences, but they usually come with a wider range of customization.

Don’t forget customer support. Call the manufacturer and distributor and ask what happens if something breaks. Get a sense of the turnaround time and shipping costs. Make sure you consider the length and nature of the warranty, and please, read the manual from start to finish. You don’t want to pull out the soldering kit and start tinkering with the motherboard when there is a simple fix in the book.

A stringing machine is not only a major investment, but it can make a very positive impact on your business. Hopefully, our guide will help you discover which machine will best fit your needs.



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