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Put your ball machine to work generating more income for you, and helping your players reach their potential.

Ken DeHart

Ball machines are great for your business. They can help out in lessons and clinics by keeping your players moving and hitting shots. They provide consistent practice so customers can “groove” their strokes. And they can be great revenue-generators all by themselves — just by letting your members book time with the ball machine for their own practice sessions. Of course, you can probably find many other ways to use a ball machine to help your business, too.

To best help your players, though, you want to make sure they practice with a ball machine in a way that mimics what an actual opponent will do. So here are a few “do’s and don’ts” that you might want to tell your players when they face down this electronic foe.


5 Things to Consider When Using a Ball Machine


5 Things to NOT Do When Using a Ball Machine

Planning a Practice With a Ball Machine

Depending on your ball machine use policies, your players may have many options to consider when they plan to use a ball machine to help them practice. Here are some things they may want to consider to help improve the quality and effectiveness of their practice.

Tips for Making Practice Practical

Tips for Practicing for Doubles

Ball machines can easily be used to give your doubles players a workout. Here are some tips they should consider to best simulate match-play situations.

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