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Derek Ameel and Peggy Edwards

‘Careers in Tennis’ is Critical

I’d like to commend Mary Helen Sprecher on her article “Making Their Moves” in the May issue of RSI, about careers in tennis. Our industry will only be as strong as its members and future leaders. Developing the next generation of teaching pros and careers in tennis is critical to retaining and growing participation in this great sport. This should be a priority, and this article gives understanding and education of how the journey can begin.

Derek Ameel, Director
Professional Tennis Management Program, Ferris State University

Howard Brody a ‘Lifelong Friend’

I was delighted to read the “Pioneers in Tennis” article on Dr. Howard Brody in the June issue. Howard was so helpful when I started working at PTR 13 years ago. In my first week on the job, I found out I had to solicit articles for TennisPro magazine. As the former vice president of marketing for Majestic Athletic, I could have done that easily had the publication been about Major League Baseball, the NFL, or licensed products, but at the time, I had no contacts in tennis.

I opened the PTR Handbook and saw the page of our Sports Science Advisors. Listed alphabetically, Brody was first, so I called him to introduce myself and share my plight. He was so kind and empathetic. He gave me contact information for several of his contemporaries and instructed me to tell them that, “Howard said to write an article.” Dropping his name gave me the clout I needed to get started in my new career. That call also initiated a friendship.

They say tennis is the sport for a lifetime, but I have come to know tennis as a vehicle to forge lifelong friends. I am so very proud to call Howard Brody one of mine.

Peggy Edwards
PTR Director of Communications, Editor, TennisPro

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