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RSI Champions of Tennis Honor Roll

Our January 2011 issue marked the 10th year that RSI has named its Champions of Tennis winners. As we start the process for picking this year’s Champions of Tennis, we’d like to take a quick look back and recognize all of those winners — people, businesses, organizations — that have helped to make a difference in tennis, and the business of tennis, over the past decade

Take a look at this list and you’ll see that virtually all of these Champions of Tennis are still at it, dedicated to making this sport the best it can be, to bringing in new participants, to supplying players with equipment and places to play, and simply, to making tennis businesses grow. You can also see how interdependent all of us are in this industry — none of these winners accomplished their goals all by themselves.

And yes, while our business goals are to grow and prosper, we are all joined by a common thread: to share this great sport with as many people as we possibly can.

Person of the Year

2010: Jon Muir

2009: Eric Babolat

2008: Dave Haggerty

2007: George Napier

2006: Kirk Anderson

2005: Max Brownlee

2004: Arlen Kantarian

2003: Jim Baugh & Kurt Kamperman

2002: Alan Schwartz

Pro/Specialty Retailer of the Year

2010: NYC Racquet Sports

2009: Tennis Express

2008: Tennis & Golf Co.

2007: Michael Lynne’s Tennis Shop

2006: Swetka’s Tennis Shop

2005: Racquet World

2004: Players Choice Tennis

2003: Advantage Yours

2002: Chicago Tennis & Golf

2001: Dale Queen

Private Facility of the Year

2010: The Polo Club

2009: Reynolds Plantation

2008: Boar’s Head Sports Club

2007: Meadow Creek Tennis & Fitness

2006: Midtown Tennis Center

2005: Brookhaven Country Club

2004: Indian Creek Racquet Club

2003: New Albany Country Club

2002: Woodfield Country Club

Municipal Facility of the Year

2010: Copeland-Cox T.C.

2009: Reffkin Tennis Center

2008: Surprise Tennis & Racquet Complex

2007: Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis & Education

2006: Cary Tennis Park

2005: John Drew Smith T.C.

2004: Lexington County T.C.

2003: Midland Community T.C.

2002: Cooper Tennis Complex

2001: George E. Barnes T.C.

Builder of the Year

2010: Pro-Sport Construction

2009: DeRosa Tennis Contractors

2008: Boston Tennis Court Constr.

2007: Sportsline Inc.

2006: Courtsmiths

2005: Fast-Dry Companies

2004: Zaino Tennis Court

2003: General Acrylics

2002: Cape & Island Tennis and Track

2001: Welch Tennis Courts

Sales Rep of the Year

2010: Rick Walsh

2009: Tracy Lynch

2008: Jim Haneklau

2007: Hunter Hines

2006: Jim Willwerth

2005: Kay Barney

2004: Dustin Perry

2003: Bob Strimel

2002: Bob Pfaender

2001: Sheri Norris & David Blakeley

Grassroots Champion of the Year

2010: Robert Pangrazi

2009: Lisa Stone & Susan Chambers

2008: Sue Jollensten

2007: Dan Vonk

2006: Beverly Bourguet

2005: Shirley Ruane

2004: Gwen & Dan Ramras

2003: Scott Biron

2002: Mark Platt

2001: Donna Owens

Junior Tennis Champion of the Year

2010: Butch Staples & Leah Friedman

2009: Dan Faber

2008: Chuck Kuhle

2007: Craig Jones

2006: Bwana Chakar Simba

2005: Wayne St. Peter

2004: Emma Hubbs

2003: Phyllis Greene

2002: LaMont Bryant

2001: Ned Eames

Wheelchair Tennis Champion of the Year

2010: Harlon Matthews

2009: Dean Oba

2008: Michael Mercier

2007: Jason Harnett

2006: Bruce Karr

2005: Karin Korb

2004: Julie Jilly

2003: Dan James

2002: Tina Dale

2001: Nancy Olson

Community Tennis Association of the Year

2010: Southern Crescent T.A.

2009: Western Wake T.A.

2008: Lee County T.A

2007: Grants Pass CTA

2006: Montgomery County T.A.

2005: Baltimore Tennis Patrons

2004: Pikes Peak CTA

2003: Milwaukee Tennis & Education Foundation

2002: Macon Tennis Assn.

2001: Homewood-Flossmoor

Stringer of the Year

2010: Tom Parry

2009: Ron Rocchi

2008: Nate Ferguson

2007: Tim Strawn

2006: Grant Morgan

2005: Bob Patterson

2004: Randy Stephenson

Public Park of the Year

2010: Dwight Davis T.C.

2009: Darling Tennis Center

2008: Roswell Park & Rec

2007: Fort Lauderdale Park & Rec

2006: USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center

2005: Scalzi Park

Tennis Advocate of the Year

2010: Robin Jones

2009: Ellen doll

Online Retailer of the Year

2005: Tennis Warehouse

High School Coach of the Year

2010: Bill Wagstaff

2009: Rich Johns

2008: Sue Bordainick

2007: Marian DeWane

2006: David Steinbach

USTA Section of Year

2010: Southern

2009: Midwest

2008: Pacific Northwest

2007: Florida

2006: Texas

2005: Florida

2004: Pacific Northwest

2003: Southern

2002: Northern

2001: New England

Mass Merchant/Chain of the Year

2008: Sport Chalet

2007: The Sports Authority

2006: PGA Tour Superstores

2005: Golfsmith

2004: City Sports

2003: Sport Chalet

2002: Dick’s Sporting Goods

2001: Galyan’s

PTR Member of the Year

2010: Rodney Harmon

2009: Ken DeHart

2008: Jorge Andrew

2007: Luke Jensen

2006: Ajay Pant

2005: Lisa Duncan

USPTA Member of the Year

2010: Ron Woods

2009: Robert Greene Jr.

2008: Tom Sweitzer

2007: Mike Van Zutphen

2006: Brett Hobden

2005: Bob Reed

Send Us Your 2011 RSI Award Nominations

To nominate for RSI’s 2011 Champions of Tennis, email, and put “Champions” in the subject line. In the email, include the category, the name of the person or organization you are nominating, contact info (phone and email) for the nominee, and — briefly — some information about the nominee, including a website address if appropriate. All nominations will be confidential, but we’d also like your name and contact info, in case we have questions. Deadline for nominations: Sept. 30, 2011.



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