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Tournament Stringing: Pulling Together

The man behind the innovative Wilson/Luxilon Stringing Team shares what he’s learned in the world of tournament stringing.

Television and the internet have profoundly changed the way fans follow tennis. Multiple channels and live video feeds, along with massive amounts of statistics, stream to our TVs, computers and hand-held devices anywhere on the planet. Even so, many parts of professional tournaments remain hidden from the public, even if you happen to be at the tournament site.

In the next few issues, RSI will take you behind the scenes at the complex art of racquet stringing at the tournament level. Our guide for this journey will be Ron Rocchi, RSI’s 2009 Stringer of the Year and the Global Tour Equipment Manager at Wilson Sporting Goods.

In this first installment, Ron will introduce the Wilson/Luxilon Stringing Team and describe how, and why, it developed. In subsequent articles, he will talk about tournament stringing specifics, introduce some of the highly skilled Stringing Team members, and discuss what he calls “red flag areas,” including problems and how to solve them. Ron’s, and RSI’s, goal is to share what he’s learned in a way that will help you improve your stringing business.

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