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The Beauty of Tennis

I really enjoyed Jeff Lewis’s Your Serve (“Club Tennis at Its Finest”) in the February issue. It reminded me of playing with a general manager of a nuclear facility that provided reactors for U.S. Navy submarines. When I would call his secretary, who was a very efficient gatekeeper, she would way, “Dr. Natelson is in a very important meeting at the present time. Can I take a message?” When I would tell her it was just about a tennis match, she would then say, “I’ll put Dr. Natelson through immediately.”

The beauty of tennis is that you can be playing with world-famous scientists, unemployed bricklayers, eye surgeons, and symphony trumpet players—the only thing that matters is, can he get his second serve in with pace, depth and placement!

By the way, Dr. Michael Natelson is now retired from the Bettis Nuclear Power Laboratory, and we’re able to play lots of doubles together.

Jerry O’Hara
Mount Lebanon, Pa.

String Article Draws Praise

Thank you for Greg Raven’s article on synthetic string construction in your March issue. I worked for DuPont for 28 years, 13 of those in the polyester (Dacron) division. As I read the article, I could only imagine how difficult the actual written description of that process and its variables must have been. Well done.

Dave Heilig
Chapel Hill, N.C.

10 and Under Coverage

I was very impressed with the March issue of RSI and the coverage of 10 and Under Tennis. I was impressed with the number of QuickStart Tennis programs you highlighted (“Tennis To Go”), from all over the country, which is a testament to the fact it works everywhere. I hope you will continue to keep us posted on all the news and innovative programs dealing with 10 and Under—it’s an inspiration to us all.

Jean Greenwood
Salt Lake City, Utah
Vice Chair, USTA Community Tennis Association committee

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