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Pro Tennis Helps Grow Community Tennis

As the general manager of the Family Circle Cup held in the spring, I read with great interest Richard Pagliaro’s article in the August issue regarding professional tennis and its effect on community tennis. We are not part of the US Open Series but I can say that professional tennis has a dramatic effect on community tennis in Charleston, S.C. When we moved the Family Circle Cup to Charleston 10 years ago, we can compare the number of players joining leagues and USTA teams in 2010. We can definitely make a correlation between the arrival of the Cup in Charleston and strong growth in tennis participation numbers.

I also believe it’s vitally important to have a year-round presence. We are not here only to run the pro tournament, but we are an important part of the community fabric. I think that can get lost when a tournament doesn’t have that year-round presence and can extend the experience.

This year we had a great occurrence with a young girl who at age 7, in our first year in Charleston, was a ball girl and gave Jennifer Capriati her bouquet of flowers after her victory. Ten years later that same young girl came back to the Family Circle Cup as a player in our qualies and played great. She has since shot up the WTA Tour rankings to number 382 in the world. That may not have happened without professional tennis.

I would love to see a comparison of the number of professional tennis tournaments in the U.S., both men and women, comparing 1990 to 2010. I hate to say it, but we are the only women’s professional clay-court tournament left in the U.S.

Bob Moran, General Manager
Family Circle Cup/Nationwide Tour Championship at Daniel Island

What College Can Do for You

I saw the article by 17-year-old Kalindi Dinoffer in the July issue of RSI (“Your Serve”) and thought it was excellent! I wish more junior tennis players come to that realization before they get injured or start looking for a college for academics and tennis.

My daughter Kristin was injured early last summer and only missed a few months, however it helped her focus on what a college would do for her versus what she could do for a college. She found a college that fit her academically and still allow her to compete at a high level in tennis. Pomona College is a perfect fit for Kristin (it’s a little far from home for her mom though).

Good luck, Kalindi, in your recovery and future college endeavors.

Chaz Brikmanis

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