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String Playtests Make Job Easier

I’d like to tell you how the String Playtest has helped improve my customers’ game. The column helps me to delineate to them data on the new strings and how they react from actual use. The “use” comes from the “on the court” and from me allowing them to use the racquet I strung with the sample. It has proven to them that it is either something they want or conversely, something that does not work for them.

In either case the data and actual use has helped them understand there are many materials, types of assembly, gauges, and string tensions that can impact their game.

Thanks for the assistance in bringing this to me, the stringer, and to the customer, the actual user. Once they are more knowledgeable, it makes my job of stringing their racquets much easier. Keep up the good work.

David Trucksis, The Racqueteer

Supporting the Tennis Family

I read the “Our Serve” in the June issue (“Support From the Tennis Family”) about Jaime Kaplan and was so moved by it that Kids Play For Good (KPFG) made a donation on her CaringBridge web page. I don’t know Jaime, but she has done remarkable things for tennis and the tennis community at-large.

Lynn Morrell, Founder — Kids Play For Good (

Seeking Tennis Writer Guides

The U.S. Tennis Writers’ Association is searching for old USTWA Membership Guides. These small, white booklets were published annually from 1938 to 1978. If you have any or know where they may be obtained, please contact me at

Paul Fein, Chair, USTWA History Committee

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