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By Peter Francesconi

One thing that’s always gratifying to me is when I go to industry events and people come up to me and say how much they enjoy reading RSI, how informative they find the magazine, and how it helps them in their businesses. It’s nice to know that what we produce is having an impact in this industry.

Now, we’re making all this great information we put into each issue of RSI even more accessible. Our team, in particular our art director, Kristine Thom, and our associate editor, Greg Raven, recently converted all of our issues from 2008 through our current 2010 issue to digital editions, which are available on our website,

Racquet Sports Industry magazine

These digital editions have the look and feel of the actual magazine pages (you even hear a “swoosh” noise when you click the lower corners to turn the pages). You can literally page through the magazine digitally and see all the editorial, including photos, and all the advertisements.

In addition, websites and email addresses that are in the text will appear as clickable links, which will open in a separate browser window. And you can view a “contents” of the issue — miniature pages so you can hop right to the story you’re interested in. You can print stories or save PDFs of the pages, and you can email them to friends and colleagues.

Check out RSI’s digital editions. Just go to and click on the RSI cover image on the right side. That will lead you to an index of past issues, and you just click the issue you want to view. We haven’t digitized issues before 2008, but all the stories for those issues — and even for the issues we have digitized — are available in “Movable Type” versions. (To view the “Movable Type” versions, click “Past Issues of RSI” at the top right of the home page.)

We hope you make use of our digital editions and continue to enjoy and benefit from every issue of RSI.

Peter Francesconi

Peter Francesconi
Editorial Director

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Peter Francesconi is editorial director of Tennis Industry magazine.



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