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String Selector Map 2010

Use our charts to find the perfect strings for your customers.

By Dave Bone

The tennis string market in America seems to be moving in a counter-intuitive direction. At a time when more companies are closing their doors and reducing their inventories and selections, the tennis string manufacturers continue to increase the size of the string universe.

But, when you think about it, this probably shouldn’t be so surprising. Even though tennis players are being more careful with their money and putting off the big investments in new racquets and new outfits, they aren’t choosing to stop playing tennis. In fact, as the USTA just recently announced, more people are playing tennis today than in the last 25 years. So, with more people playing tennis and less people buying new racquets, it only makes sense that more people are having their racquets restrung than ever before.

Stringing has always been one of the most profitable parts of any tennis shop. This helps to explain why manufacturers continue to invest more in their string business.

All of these factors working together have created a string market today with more than 700 models of string currently available. That number can be overwhelming for someone trying to make a decision about what strings to carry. After all, it would be impossible to actually test every string and compare it to every other string and keep track of the results.

But, thanks to the USRSA, you don’t have to. Our exclusive String Selector visually maps over 700 strings based on their tension loss and stiffness. This powerful tool can help you find other strings that play similarly to a client’s favorite string or even help you find a string that outperforms your client’s current favorite.

Using the String Selector

  1. Start by finding the string your client currently uses in the appropriate list (we’ve broken the market down into four categories: Nylon, Polyester, Natural Gut and Kevlar).
  2. Note the string’s stiffness and tension loss numbers, go to the appropriate map and find the dot located at these coordinates.
    • If your client is completely satisfied with their current string and doesn’t want anything different from their next string, dots in the neighborhood (very close to their current string’s dot) will likely play similar.
    • If your client is happy with how long their string plays well, but doesn’t love the feel of their string, try something on the same vertical level, but farther to the right or left. Strings to the right should feel stiffer (or more crisp), while strings to the left should feel softer (or more comfortable)
    • If your client is happy with how their string feels, but not with how long it feels that way, try something in the same column, but higher or lower. Strings higher on the chart should soften (or loosen) up more quickly, while lower strings should hold their initial feel longer.
  3. Once you’ve found a dot that seems interesting, note the coordinates and look them up in the table.

The Geography of ‘Feel’

Finding Your “Feel Good” Location

all strings

Test Procedure. We tensioned each string to 62 pounds and allowed it to sit for 200 seconds. We then struck each string five times with a force equivalent to hitting a 120 mph serve. The tension loss represents the total amount of the relaxation over both time and impact. The stiffness value is a calculation derived from the amount of force created at impact to stretch the string. Lower values represent softer strings and lower impact forces. Higher values represent stiffer strings and higher impact forces.

Hybrids: To look up a hybrid combination, you must look up each string separately. If it is a pre-packaged hybrid, most packaging indicates the name of each string. There are a few hybrids using strings that aren’t sold on their own. Those strings are included in our lists. They will be listed as the name of the hybrid with (main) or (cross) after the name. For example, Head Protector 16 (main) is the string used for the mains in Head’s Protector 16 string.

(Note: USRSA members will find this information in the members-only section of in the String Specifications section. The data are both searchable and sortable.)

Nylon, Zyex, & Polyolefin (Sorted by Stiffness)

nylon strings
StringMaterialGaugeStiffness (lb/in.)Tension
Head Intellistring 17 (Cross)Polyolefin1.2813615.14
Head Intellitour 17 (Cross)Polyolefin1.2813615.14
Isospeed Platinum 16 (Cross)Polyolefin1.2713816.62
Head Protector 16 (Cross)Polyolefin1.3114015.77
Head Intellitour 16 (Cross)Polyolefin1.3314314.77
Head Perfect Power 17Nylon1.2214414.8
Gamma Professional 18Nylon / Zyex1.2214415.15
Alpha Gut 2000 18Nylon1.2114614.67
Ashaway Dynamite 17Zyex / Nylon1.2414713.72
Ashaway Power Kill 17Zyex / Nylon1.2414713.72
Gamma Asterisk 17Nylon1.2615013.98
Isospeed Professional 17Polyolefin1.2515115.35
Isospeed Professional 17 (Classic)Polyolefin1.2715215.06
Pro Supex Maxim Touch 1.25Nylon1.2515312.13
Ashaway Powernick 18Nylon / Zyex1.1615412.88
Isospeed Control 16 (Classic)Polyolefin1.2915415.43
Dunlop Dura Ace 17Nylon1.2215612.86
Tecnifibre X One Biphase 18Nylon / Polyurethane1.215711.47
Isospeed Control 16Polyolefin1.2715815.61
Ashaway Super Nick XL Pro 17Nylon1.2616214.06
Head Protector 16 (Main)Polyolefin / Nylon1.3216311.57
Wilson K Gut Pro 17Nylon1.2716315.21
Babolat Xcel Power 17Nylon1.2716410.76
Ashaway Super Nick XL Micro 18Nylon1.1616412.73
Isospeed Platinum 16 (Main)Polyolefin / Nylon1.3216512.46
Ashaway Super Kill XL 17Nylon1.2916512.86
Ashaway Dynamite WB 16Zyex / Nylon1.3716513.21
Ashaway Power Kill Pro 16Zyex / Nylon1.3616513.21
Toalson Bio Logic Soft 130Nylon1.3116520.88
Ashaway Super Nick XL 17Nylon1.2616612.08
Head Evolution Pro 16Nylon1.3116812.1
Gamma Professional 17Nylon / Zyex1.2916812.37
Babolat Xcel 17Nylon1.2616910.72
Tecnifibre TGV 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.2716914.69
Head ETS 17Nylon1.2517014
Ashaway Super Nick XL Titanium 17Nylon1.2417112.32
Forten Ti Blend 16 (Cross)Nylon1.3217113.56
Super String High Speed Viper V4Nylon1.2417114.37
Pacific PMX 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.2417212.3
Gamma Asterisk Spin 16Nylon1.2917212.73
Tecnifibre 225 18Nylon / Polyurethane1.1517213.96
Gamma Professional 16Nylon / Zyex1.3317413.28
Ashaway Powernick 17Nylon1.2617415.61
Prince Premier LT 18Nylon1.1917417.37
Gamma Prodigy 17Nylon1.2517511.16
Prince Premier w/Softflex 17Nylon1.2517511.97
Wilson Reaction 17Nylon1.2717512
Alpha Axiom 16Nylon1.3217512.67
Pacific Power Twist 16LNylon1.2917513.01
Tecnifibre TGV 16Nylon / Polyurethane1.3117514.6
Isospeed Energetic 16Polypropylene / Polyester1.2917518.76
Babolat Xcel 16Nylon1.291769.66
Head Synthetic Gut PPS 18Nylon1.1617611.93
Prince Premier w/Softflex 16Nylon1.3117611.97
Tecnifibre Xr3 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.2617710.6
Head Intellitour 17 (Main)Nylon / Polyolefin1.317710.87
Gearbox Multi Premium 18Nylon1.1717712.85
Alpha Ultra Spin SC 16Nylon1.3117716.2
Fischer Comfort 16Nylon1.3317717.44
Head RIP Control 17Nylon / Polyolefin1.2817810.25
Head Intellistring 16 (Main)Nylon / Polyolefin1.3217810.91
Gamma Professional Spin 16Nylon1.3217811.47
Pro Kennex Pure 1 Liquid 17Nylon1.2617813.96
Ektelon Premier Power w/Softflex 17Nylon1.2617814.84
Dunlop M Fil TS 18Nylon1.2117815.63
Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament 17Nylon1.2317816.08
Gamma Asterisk Tour 16Nylon1.3117819.95
Pacific Power Twist 16Nylon1.3517911.78
Gamma Asterisk 16Nylon1.2917912.15
Tecnifibre 505 HPR 18Nylon / Polyurethane1.21809.59
Isospeed Energetic Plus 16Nylon / Polyolefin1.3218010.41
Head FiberGel Power 17Nylon1.2618012.28
Gamma Asterisk Tour 17Nylon1.2718012.53
Ektelon Premier Power w/Softflex 16Nylon1.2918014.84
Pro Supex Nylon Kevlar Spiral 1.35Nylon1.3318016.49
Wilson Hollow Core Pro 17Nylon1.2418016.95
Prince Premier LT 17Nylon1.2618016.96
Tecnifibre X One Biphase 18 (1.18)Nylon / Polyurethane1.191818.96
Tecnifibre NRG2 18Nylon / Polyurethane1.171819.86
Wilson Reaction 16Nylon1.318111
Head Intellitour 16 (Main)Nylon / Polyolefin1.3718111.51
Gamma Prodigy 16Nylon1.318111.67
Head FXP Power 17Nylon1.2518113.37
Tecnifibre 305 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.2518115.04
Klip Excellerator 18Nylon1.2218115.26
Wilson K Gut Pro 16Nylon1.3318210.62
Toalson Synthetic Soft 130Nylon1.3218212.98
Head ETS 16Nylon1.3218213.16
Babolat Xcel Power 16Nylon1.321839.64
Tecnifibre Xr3 16Nylon / Polyurethane1.311839.92
Alpha Gut 2000 17Nylon1.2918311.46
Wilson K Gut 17Nylon1.2818311.59
Klip Venom 17Nylon1.2618312.46
Velociti Plus 16Nylon1.3118312.65
Velociti Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2118313.21
Toalson Bio Logic Soft 125Nylon1.2518314.31
Pacific PMX 16Nylon / Polyurethane1.3318410.8
Head RIP Control 16Nylon / Polyolefin1.3818411.02
Forten Tiegut 16Nylon1.3218412.08
Kirschbaum Hybrix Power 1.25 (Cross)Nylon1.2318413.06
Yonex Tough Brid 125 17 (Cross)Nylon / Vectran1.3518512.02
Velociti Plus 17Nylon1.2618513.63
Alpha Ultra Spin SC 15LNylon1.4518514.13
Tecnifibre 505 Biphase 18Nylon / Polyurethane1.218514.31
Unique Tourna Quasi Gut 16Nylon1.3118515.59
Babolat Attraction Power 17Nylon1.261869.84
Babolat Syntronic Brio 17Nylon1.2518610.41
Volkl Power Fiber II 17Nylon1.2518612.2
Gamma Revelation 17Nylon1.2618613.08
Head Megablast 17Nylon1.2618613.96
Ektelon Lightning XX w/Powerfoil 16Nylon1.3218711.01
Alpha Gut 2000 16Nylon1.3318711.23
Gamma Gut 2 16Nylon1.3418712
Isospeed Energetic 17Polyolefin / Nylon1.1918714.64
Prince Premier LT 16Nylon1.2918716.72
Yonex Tour Super 880 Ti Soft 16LNylon1.281889.77
Silent Partner Filament Frenzy 16Nylon1.3118811.55
Gamma Live Wire 17Nylon / Zyex1.2418813.74
Pacific Space Power TX 17Nylon1.2518816.54
Tecnifibre Multifeel 16Nylon / Polyurethane1.31899.81
Babolat Attraction 16Nylon1.318910.03
Volkl Power Fiber II 18Nylon1.1918910.39
Alpha Element 16Nylon1.3218910.89
Pacific Futura TXT 16LNylon1.2918911.16
Head FiberGel Power 16Nylon1.3118911.62
Head Megablast 16Nylon1.2818914.11
Toalson Neo Natural Mugen 1.25Nylon1.2718914.48
Tecnifibre NRG2 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.241909.55
Ektelon Lightning XX w/Powerfoil 17Nylon1.2419010.85
Yonex Tour Super 850 16Nylon1.3119010.89
Isospeed Hybrid Long Life 16Nylon / Polyester1.2919011.07
Kirschbaum Touch Multifibre 1.25Nylon1.2519011.2
Head Synthetic Gut PPS 17Nylon1.2219011.38
Unique Tourna Irradiated 17Nylon1.2719011.62
Klip Kicker 17Nylon1.2419011.68
Gamma Live Wire XP 16Nylon / Zyex1.3219012.04
Babolat Addiction 17Nylon1.2619012.06
Gosen OG Sheep Micro 18Nylon1.1919012.28
Gamma Live Wire 16Nylon / Zyex1.3119012.87
Pro Supex Maxim Touch 1.30Nylon1.2919013.06
Ashaway Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2619014.93
Gamma TNT2 Rx 17Nylon1.2619110.96
Wilson K Gut 16Nylon1.3119111.98
Head FiberGEL Spin 16Nylon1.3219112.08
Gamma Live Wire XP 17Nylon / Zyex1.2519112.35
Topspin Sence Seven 16Nylon1.3319113.29
Tecnifibre 505 HPR 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.2619114.09
Dunlop Explosive Poly Max 16Nylon / Polyester1.2919118.35
Tecnifibre X One Biphase 16 (1.30)Nylon / Polyurethane1.3119210.08
Tecnifibre X One Biphase 17 (1.24)Nylon / Polyurethane1.2819210.12
Prince Lightning XX w/Powerfoil 17Nylon / Polyester1.2419210.94
PowerAngle Duo Color TNT 17Nylon1.219212.01
Pro Supex Maxim Touch 1.35Nylon1.3419212.39
Pro Supex Synthetic Gut 1.20Nylon1.1919212.55
Gamma TNT2 Pro Plus 17LNylon1.2519212.74
Kirschbaum Touch MultiFibre 1.30Nylon1.3119214.07
Toalson Bio Logic 128Nylon1.2819214.97
Mutual Power Semi Gut 16Nylon1.3519215.11
Alpha Ultra Spin 15LNylon1.3819216.69
Tecnifibre Multifeel 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.271939.92
Gosen OG Sheep Micro Super 17Nylon1.2419311.51
Forten Omni Spin 15LNylon1.3719312.44
Wilson NXT 17Nylon1.2419312.99
Klip Venom 16Nylon1.321949.96
Babolat FiberTour 16Nylon1.3219410.45
Head FXP 17Nylon / Polyester1.2519410.59
Prince Lightning XX 16Nylon1.2919410.76
Volkl Power Fiber II 16Nylon1.319411.2
Yonex Tournament 80 Spin 15LNylon / Vectran1.3519411.33
Silent Partner Ultimatum 18Nylon1.1919412.04
Forten Sweet 17Nylon1.2719412.62
Ashaway Liberty 16Nylon1.3319412.9
Alpha Claycourt Plus 16Nylon1.3219413.8
Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2719413.96
Wilson Super Spin 16Nylon1.2919414.2
Wilson Hollow Core 16Nylon1.3419414.51
Pacific Space Power TX 16Nylon1.3219416.65
Alpha Gut 2000 15LNylon1.3819511.11
Unique Tourna Spin Plus 16Nylon1.3219511.14
Gearbox Mono Premium 18Nylon1.1719511.18
Klip Excellerator 16Nylon1.319511.44
Klip Excellerator 17Nylon1.319511.66
Gamma TNT2 Ruff 16Nylon1.5219511.95
Kirschbaum Hybrix Power 1.30 (Cross)Nylon1.3119512.39
Tecnifibre 505 Biphase 17Nylon / Polyurethane1.2619513.32
Alpha Comfort Plus 16Nylon1.3119513.74
Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Spiral Flex 16Nylon1.2819514.8
Prince Recoil 16Nylon1.319515.95
Mutual Power Power Match (Mains)Nylon1.3319517.5
Yonex Tour Super 850 Pro 16Nylon1.3419611.13
Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16Nylon1.3119611.69
Alpha Prodigy 16Nylon1.3219611.95
Gosen AK Control 17Nylon1.2619611.96
Pacific Space Power TX 16LNylon1.3119612.31
Prince Synthetic Gut Multifilament 16Nylon1.2819613.98
Toalson Neo Natural Mugen 1.30Nylon1.319614.64
Ashaway Liberty 15LNylon1.4119616.25
Tecnifibre NRG2 16Nylon / Polyurethane1.311978.05
Babolat Syntronic Brio 16Nylon1.3419710.52
Forten Spin GearNylon1.4319711.22
Gamma Revelation 16Nylon / Zyex1.3219711.88
Wilson Sensation 17Nylon1.2519711.91
Alpha Hardcourt Synthetic 17Nylon1.2619713.58
Kirschbaum Touch MultiFibre 1.35Nylon1.3419713.87
Toalson Neo Natural Mugen 1.30 SpinNylon1.2819714.75
E-Force Fluid 17Nylon1.2619715.66
Wilson NXT 16Nylon1.319810.69
Yonex Tournament 50 16LNylon1.2919811.53
Babolat Addiction 16Nylon1.3119811.79
Ashaway Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3419812.12
Pacific Premium Power X 16LNylon1.2919812.74
Velociti Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.319812.88
Forten Dynamix 18Nylon1.2119813.01
Mutual Power Dura Plus BX 16Nylon1.3119814.11
Mutual Power Titanium 900 16Nylon1.3319814.31
Mutual Power Topspin 16Nylon1.3619814.38
Alpha Power Cable 16Nylon1.3219815.1
Dunlop Explosive Synthetic 17Nylon1.2619815.62
Gamma TNT2 Tour 17Nylon1.2519815.81
Wilson NXT OS 16LNylon1.3219910.43
Dunlop Comfort Synthetic 17Nylon1.2319911.78
Yonex Tough Brid 130 16 (Cross)Nylon / Vectran1.419911.9
Gosen OG Sheep Micro 17Nylon1.2419912.35
Prince Tournament Nylon 15LNylon1.419913.19
Gearbox Mono Premium 17Nylon1.2619914.64
E-Force Oxygen 17Nylon1.2519915.35
Alpha Synthetic Gut MXT 18Nylon1.1619916.15
Topspin Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3119916.58
Babolat Xcel Premium 15LNylon1.3920010.17
Dunlop Comfort Synthetic 16Nylon1.3220011.07
Wilson Strike Zone 17Nylon1.2420011.57
Bow Brand Micro Tournament 17Nylon1.2420012.5
E-Force Oxygen 16Nylon1.2820013.65
Pacific Powerline 17Nylon1.2520014.7
Bow Brand t2000 15LNylon1.3720111.38
Mutual Power Response 16Nylon1.3220112.46
Forten Ti Blend 16 (Main)Nylon1.3420112.57
Silent Partner Ultimatum 17Nylon1.2820112.66
Alpha Sensor Fibre 16Nylon1.3520211.02
Gamma Challenger 17Nylon1.2720211.33
Klip Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2520212.87
Pacific Powerline 16LNylon1.3220212.9
Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Titan 17Nylon1.2520213.05
Alpha Hardcourt Synthetic 16Nylon1.3120213.3
Pacific Premium Power X 16Nylon1.3320213.67
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard 17Nylon1.262039.15
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard 18Nylon1.212039.68
Gamma TNT2 Rx 16Nylon1.362039.81
Kirschbaum Touch Classic 1.30Nylon1.320310.94
Kirschbaum Touch Classic 1.25Nylon1.2420311.23
Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex 18Nylon1.220311.51
Wilson NXT Tour 17Nylon1.2720312.46
Klip Screamer Titanium 16Nylon / Titanium1.320312.54
Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16Nylon1.2920312.96
Toalson Leona 66 15LNylon1.420314.18
Dunlop Explosive Synthetic 16Nylon1.3220315.39
Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut 15LNylon1.3620316.74
Alpha Synthetic Gut MXT 16Nylon1.3120317.05
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard 16Nylon1.3120410.03
Gosen OG Sheep Micro Super 16Nylon1.320411.29
Gosen AK Control 16Nylon1.2920411.31
Unique Tourna Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2220411.31
Unique Tourna Irradiated 16Nylon1.3320411.44
Forten Sweet 15LNylon1.3620411.55
Pacific Syntec 16LNylon1.3220412.37
Klip Excellerator 15LNylon1.3420412.68
Gosen Nanoblend 16Nylon1.2420412.97
Silent Partner Head Spin 15LNylon1.3820413.18
Silent Partner Titanium 16Nylon1.3220413.19
Gosen OG Sheep Micro Spin 15LNylon1.3520510.25
Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.2820510.3
Forten Dynamix 17Nylon1.2620511.14
Head Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.2920511.27
Kirschbaum Profi Tour 1.25Nylon1.2620511.43
Ashaway Super Kill 17Nylon1.2420513.23
Fischer Tournament Pro 16Nylon1.3620513.54
Alpha Quick Response 15LNylon1.3820518.94
Bow Brand Ballistic 15LNylon1.3520610.59
Velociti Synthetic Gut 15LNylon1.3520610.83
Silent Partner Ultimatum 16Nylon1.3320612.81
Alpha Viper MXT 17Nylon1.2520612.97
Wilson Strike Zone 16Nylon1.2920613.32
Klip Scorcher 17Nylon1.2720613.51
Prince Lightning XX 17Nylon1.262079.68
Pro Supex Synthetic Gut 1.30Nylon1.320711.27
Pacific Futura TXT 16Nylon1.3920711.51
Silent Partner Original Syn 16Nylon1.3320713.89
E-Force Fluid 16Nylon1.2920715.43
Alpha Tenacity 16Nylon1.2620720.84
Dunlop S Gut Ti 17Nylon1.2320810.76
Bow Brand Synthetic Gut XT 16Nylon1.3320810.85
Kirschbaum Profi Tour 1.30Nylon1.2820810.89
Forten Dynamix 16Nylon1.3420810.95
Alpha All Player Nylon 15LNylon1.3720811.38
Klip Blast 17 (Cross)Nylon1.2620811.46
Babolat Superfine Play 17Nylon1.2520811.49
Kirschbaum Touch Titanium 1.30Nylon / Titanium1.320812.11
Klip Scorcher 16Nylon1.3120812.83
Toalson Cyber Nylon Tour 135 L.E.O.Nylon1.3720816.54
Wilson NXT Tour 18Nylon1.242099.53
Gamma TNT2 17Nylon1.272099.85
Prince Topspin Plus 16Nylon1.2920910.06
Head FXP 16Nylon / Polyester1.3420910.83
Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex 15LNylon1.3520911.13
Gamma Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2620911.51
Wilson Sensation 16Nylon1.3220911.55
Toalson Synthetic 130 SpinNylon1.3120911.68
Prince Topspin w/Duraflex 15LNylon1.320911.92
Gosen Tecgut Super Tec Ak Pro 17Nylon1.2420911.97
Topspin Nylon Pro 15LNylon1.4120912.35
Klip Kicker 16Nylon1.3220912.55
Mutual Power Super Power 16Nylon1.3320912.94
Gamma TNT2 Tour 16Nylon1.3120914.49
Toalson Cyber Nylon Tour 129 L.E.O.Nylon1.2820916.36
Gamma TNT2 16Nylon1.3121010.34
Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2521010.39
Head Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2421011.27
Gosen Tecgut Remplir 16Nylon1.3221011.62
Bow Brand Tournament 16LNylon1.3221011.97
Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3421012.7
Babolat Superfine Play 16Nylon1.3221012.76
Topspin Fibre Touch 16Nylon1.321013.01
Pro Supex FT Ruff 1.25Nylon1.2321013.74
Alpha Power Cable MXT 15LNylon1.3721014.91
Wilson NXT Max 16Nylon1.342119.71
Gosen Tecgut Super Tec AK Speed 16Nylon1.3221110.45
Forten Competition Nylon 15LNylon1.4121110.89
Mutual Power Spin 16Nylon1.3221111.05
Gamma Marathon DPC 16Nylon1.3221111.51
Klip Blast 16 (Cross)Nylon1.3221111.62
Unique Tourna Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3421112.76
Pro Supex Synthetic Gut Titan 16Nylon1.2821112.94
Babolat Powergy 16Nylon1.3421113.1
Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex 17Nylon1.2621210.69
Forten Sweet 16Nylon1.3321210.78
Gosen OG Sheep Micro Super JC 16Nylon1.321211.05
Gosen Tecgut Super Tec Ak Pro 16Nylon1.3421211.64
Alpha Viper MXT 16Nylon1.2921212.35
Carnelian Synthetic Gut 16LNylon1.3221212.92
Pacific Powerline 16Nylon1.3621311.49
RAB Endura Classic 16 (Cross)Nylon1.3221311.62
Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex 16Nylon1.321312.04
Prince Synthetic Gut Original 17Nylon1.2421410.59
Klip Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3321410.98
Gamma TNT2 18Nylon1.1821411.05
Ektelon Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex 16Nylon1.3121412.24
Pacific Dura Tech 16LNylon / Aramid1.2721413.12
Babolat Razor Spin 16Nylon1.321413.76
Klip Synthetic Gut 15LNylon1.3721413.76
Babolat Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2621413.9
Gamma Synthetic Gut w/Wearguard 15LNylon1.3821511.18
Gamma Ruff 16Nylon1.4821511.33
Unique Tourna Nylon 16Nylon1.3221512.33
Dunlop Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3121513.21
Pro Supex FT Ruff 1.30Nylon1.2721513.49
Pacific Syntec 16Nylon1.3721612.15
Babolat N.vy 16Nylon1.2921612.19
Pacific Dura Tech 16Nylon / Aramid1.3221612.85
Alpha Sphere 16Nylon1.3121614.88
Gamma Dura Spin w/Wearguard 16Nylon1.372178.95
Gosen Nanocubic 16Nylon1.3221710.81
Gamma Challenger 16Nylon1.3221710.95
Prince Synthetic Gut Original 16Nylon1.321711.67
Toalson Silencer 17Nylon1.2621713.96
E-Force Platinum 17Nylon1.2621714.42
Babolat Conquest 16Nylon1.3321714.99
Gamma Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.32189.86
Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3221810.28
Gamma TNT2 15LNylon1.3321810.69
Gosen OG Sheep Proform Tuff 15LNylon1.3821811.16
Bow Brand Super Pro 15LNylon1.4321811.42
Bow Brand Calibre 15LNylon1.3621812.28
Babolat Conquest 17Nylon1.2721812.64
Babolat Conquest Ti 16Nylon1.3321816.23
Wilson NXT Tour 16Nylon1.312198.98
Dunlop Synthetic Gut 17Nylon1.2421910.04
Gamma Marathon DPC 15LNylon1.4421910.8
Gamma XL 16Nylon1.2921911.4
Head Master 15LNylon1.3921911.58
Gosen OG Sheep Rectangle Z 16Nylon1.3621912.79
Ashaway Super Kill II 16Nylon1.3121913.16
Head Master 16LNylon1.312219.57
Gamma Synthetic Gut 18Nylon1.2222110.14
Bow Brand Superspin 1.33Nylon1.4322211.29
Toalson Synthetic Tournament 16Nylon1.3222211.88
Toalson TOA Gold 17Nylon1.2622212.92
Toalson Silencer 16Nylon1.3222214.04
E-Force Platinum 16Nylon1.2822214.4
Gamma Dura Spin 16Nylon1.392238.93
Gamma Synthetic Gut 15LNylon1.3722411.42
Fischer Pro Number One 16Nylon1.3222412.66
Gosen X 3 15L (Cross)Nylon1.3622413.12
Babolat Synthetic Gut 16Nylon1.3122413.32
Gamma Advantage 15LNylon1.392279.9
Toalson TOA Gold 16Nylon1.322713.16
Gamma Marathon DPC 17Nylon1.272289.42
Toalson Synthetic Tournament 15LNylon1.3922811.65
Gamma Dura Spin 15LNylon1.4123010.23
Gamma Dura Spin w/Wearguard 15LNylon1.3123311
Ashaway MonoGut 17Nylon1.2223320.2
Dunlop X Life SyntheticNylon1.3723614.73
Wilson Ultra Synthetic Gut 15LNylon1.3523813.52
Ashaway MonoGut 16LNylon1.2724219.4

Polyester (Sorted by Stiffness)

polyester strings
StringMaterialGaugeStiffness (lb/in.)Tension
Babolat Pro Hurricane 18Polyester1.2118722.29
Tecnifibre Promix 17 (1.25)Polyester1.2719913.72
Head Sonic Pro 17Polyester1.2319923.09
Pacific Poly Power 18Polyester1.0920121.17
Tecnifibre Promix 16 (1.30)Polyester1.2920414.99
Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.10Polyester1.0920623.68
Isospeed Pulse 1.20Polyester1.2320921.78
Super String Pure Control OrangePolyester1.2521022.25
Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.15Polyester1.1621123.49
Gamma Zo Tour 16Polyester1.3221420.73
Head Sonic Pro 16Polyester1.3121422.18
Isospeed Pulse 1.30Polyester1.321423.74
Gosen Polylon Comfort 17Polyester1.2621519.91
Gosen Polylon SP 17Polyester1.2521520.7
Pro Supex Poly Power Soft 1.15Polyester1.1321619.69
Pacific Poly Power Pro 17Polyester1.2121821.78
Kirschbaum Competition 1.20Polyester1.1921919.09
Pro Supex Big Ace Micro 1.15Polyester1.221919.34
Isospeed Pyramid 16Polyester1.2821924.19
Tecnifibre Black Code 18Polyester1.1822018.88
Signum Pro Poly Deluxe 1.22Polyester1.222019.11
Polyfibre HighTec Premium 1.20Polyester1.2122023.13
Pacific X Force 18Polyester1.1922217.09
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 18Polyester1.1922218.89
Pacific Poly Power Pro 16LPolyester1.2422221.65
Unique Tourna Big Hitter Blue 18Polyester1.2122318.32
Klip K Boom 18Polyester1.1922318.88
Isospeed Hybrid Control 16LPolyester1.2522320.73
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.2 1.15Polyester1.1622418.92
Tecnifibre Black Code 17Polyester1.2722518.03
Topspin Cyber Blue 1.20Polyester1.2222518.17
Pro Supex Big Ace 1.22Polyester1.2122518.68
Gamma Zo Tour 17Polyester1.2922518.94
Super String Terminato V1Polyester1.2722524.5
Babolat Pro Hurricane 17Polyester1.2522616.83
Luxilon Alu Power Fluoro 123Polyester1.2522617.64
Toalson Cyber Blade Tour Thermaxe 123Polyester1.2322617.97
Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.20Polyester1.1822623.44
Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 1.19Polyester1.1922716.67
Kirschbaum P2 1.20Polyester1.1822718.1
Pacific Poly Soft 16LPolyester1.2622719.41
Polyfibre TCS Rapid 1.20Polyester1.1922723.79
Polyfibre Cobra 1.20Polyester1.2122724.43
Pro Supex Poly Master 1.25Polyester1.2622820.59
Pacific Poly Soft Pro 16LPolyester1.2622823.92
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.2 1.20Polyester1.1822918.19
Unique Tourna Big Hitter Blue 17Polyester1.2622918.21
Silent Partner Roly Poly 17Polyester1.2722919.62
Kirschbaum Touch Turbo 1.25Polyester1.2522921.41
Boris Becker Bomber 17Polyester1.2422921.59
Polyfibre Viper 1.20Polyester1.2122924.43
Polyfibre HighTec Premium 1.25Polyester1.2423024.01
Polyfibre TCS 1.20Polyester1.1923024.16
Polyfibre Cobra 1.25Polyester1.2623024.63
Unique Tourna Poly Big Hitter 17Polyester1.2623118.15
Pacific Poly Soft 16Polyester1.2923119.16
Gamma Zo Twist 16Polyester1.2823122.71
Topspin Titan Fibre 15LPolyester1.3923212.65
Luxilon Ace 112Polyester1.1623217.05
Pro Supex Premier Ace 1.20Polyester1.2223218.05
Pacific Poly Power 17Polyester1.1823219.95
Signum Pro Plasma Pure 1.18Polyester1.1923220.09
Pro Supex Blue Gear 1.19Polyester1.1923220.53
Yonex Tough Brid 125 17 (Main)Polyester1.2423220.95
Pacific Poly Soft Pro 16Polyester1.2923223.71
Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25Polyester1.2423315.66
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.23Polyester1.2523317.48
Signum Pro Poly Deluxe 1.30Polyester1.2423318.31
Gamma Stinger (Main)Polyester1.2823319.53
Signum Pro Poly Power 1.30Polyester1.3223319.58
Pacific Poly Power Pro 16Polyester1.323321.19
Unique Tourna Poly Premium 17Polyester1.2723321.8
Isospeed Hybrid Spin 16Polyester1.323324.08
Isospeed Pyramid Spin 16Polyester1.323324.5
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.1 1.15Polyester1.1623417.09
Pro Supex Premier Ace 1.25Polyester1.2423417.57
Klip K Boom 17Polyester1.2323417.99
Volkl V Rex 16LPolyester1.2423418.32
Pro Supex Big Ace 1.25Polyester1.2523419.16
Kirschbaum Touch Turbo 1.275Polyester1.2623421.21
Polyfibre TCS 1.25Polyester1.2623423.86
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 17Polyester1.2623516.27
Pro Supex Poly Control 1.25Polyester1.2623517.23
Kirschbaum Competition 1.25Polyester1.2823519.07
Luxilon Alu Power Spin 127Polyester1.2923519.25
Kirschbaum Super Smash 1.20Polyester1.2123519.98
Gamma Zo Tour Rough 16Polyester1.2923520.52
Signum Pro Poly Special 1.25Polyester1.2323520.64
Gosen Polylon SP 16Polyester1.2923521.06
Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17Polyester1.2323523.42
Topspin Cyber Flash 1.20Polyester1.223617.47
Klip Optic Nerve 17Polyester1.2323617.49
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.2 1.25Polyester1.2423619.14
RAB Endura Classic 16L (Main)Polyester1.2923620.26
Gosen Polylon Polybreak 18Polyester1.2123621.26
Signum Pro Poly Fiber Titan 1.25Polyester1.2623624.1
Prince Tournament Poly 16Polyester1.2923624.17
Polyfibre Viper 1.25Polyester1.2423624.66
Gosen Polylon Polybreak 17Polyester1.2323817.47
Unique Tourna Big Hitter Blue 16Polyester1.2923817.88
Pro Supex Big Ace 1.28Polyester1.2523818.68
Forten Pro Select 17Polyester1.223818.92
Alpha Vengence 17Polyester1.2623822.36
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.18Polyester1.1923915.65
Wilson Enduro Pro 17Polyester1.2523915.77
Gamma Zo Power 16LPolyester1.223917.29
Signum Pro Tornedo 1.23Polyester1.2523919.16
Unique Tourna Poly Premium 16Polyester1.2923920.25
Polyfibre HighTec Premium 1.30Polyester1.2923925.36
Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.25Polyester1.2423927.14
Luxilon TIMO 122Polyester1.224014.07
Topspin Cyber Flash 1.25Polyester1.2324015.54
Pro Supex Premier Ace 1.30Polyester1.2824016.83
Pro Supex Poly Control 1.30Polyester1.2824016.94
Pro Supex Blue Gear 1.19 (Platinum Edition)Polyester1.1924017.6
Luxilon Alu Power Rough 125Polyester1.2524018.98
Kirschbaum Hybrix Power 1.25 (Main)Polyester1.2424019.14
Luxilon M2 Pro 125Polyester1.2624021.7
Polyfibre TCS Rapid 1.30Polyester1.2924024.45
Polyfibre Cobra 1.30Polyester1.2924024.83
Babolat Pro Hurricane 16Polyester1.3124113.61
Gamma Zo Magic 16Polyester1.2824115.25
Luxilon TIMO 110Polyester1.1524116.91
Unique Tourna Poly Big Hitter 16Polyester1.2924117.62
Prince Tournament Poly 17Polyester1.2424124.23
Pacific Poly Power 15LPolyester1.3324124.83
Babolat Duralast 17Polyester1.2624125.07
Klip Optic Nerve 16Polyester1.2824213.58
Luxilon Alu Power 125Polyester1.2324217.13
Gosen Nanocubic Nanosilver 17Polyester1.2624217.33
Tecnifibre Black Code 16Polyester1.3124218.08
Signum Pro Poly Fiber Titan 1.30Polyester1.324224.89
Klip Hardcore 17Polyester1.2424317.05
Luxilon XP 125Polyester1.2524317.78
Pro Supex Blue Gear 1.25Polyester1.2424318.55
Pro Supex Poly Power Soft 1.30Polyester1.3224318.76
Signum Pro Poly Power 1.20Polyester1.224319.5
Kirschbaum Touch Turbo 1.30Polyester1.324319.58
Kirschbaum Super Smash 1.225Polyester1.2324319.74
Signum Pro Poly Special 1.30Polyester1.2824320.33
Topspin Cyber Whirl 1.24Polyester1.2424419.01
Signum Pro Poly Speed Excl. 1.25Polyester1.2724419.56
Babolat Ballistic Polymono 17Polyester1.2524420.89
Alpha Vengence 16LPolyester1.2924422.05
Signum Pro Plasma Hextreme 1.25Polyester1.2524616.23
Topspin Cyber Blue 1.30Polyester1.3124620.38
Polyfibre TCS 1.30Polyester1.2924624.74
Signum Pro Poly Power 1.25Polyester1.2624717.88
Dunlop Explosive Polyester 17Polyester1.2624718
Kirschbaum Competition 1.30Polyester1.324718.5
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.2 1.30Polyester1.2724718.61
Yonex Tough Brid 130 16 (Main)Polyester1.324722.42
Polyfibre Viper 1.30Polyester1.3124725.18
RAB Monoflex 16Polyester1.2624817.95
Signum Pro Plasma Pure 1.23Polyester1.2424818.17
Super String Viper V2Polyester1.2524824.56
Luxilon Original 130Polyester1.2824917.11
Pro Supex Blue Gear 1.28Polyester1.2624918.04
Gosen Polylon 17Polyester1.2424919.52
Tecnifibre Polyspin 16 (1.275)Polyester1.2724919.87
Prince Tour 17Polyester1.2524921.37
Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.30Polyester1.2924923.77
Luxilon Supersense 125Polyester1.2625019.21
Signum Pro Poly Power 1.35Polyester1.3525019.38
Signum Pro Poly Speed Excl. 1.30Polyester1.325019.63
Genesis Spin X 17Polyester1.2625021.08
Toalson Cyber Blade Tour Thermaxe 130Polyester1.2925022.21
Gamma Zo Life 16Polyester1.2825115.5
Alpha Gut 2000 Poly 16 (Main)Polyester1.3125115.52
Kirschbaum P2 1.225Polyester1.2325115.76
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.1 1.20Polyester1.1925118.96
Signum Pro Poly Deluxe 1.25Polyester1.3225217.4
Genesis Black Magic 17Polyester1.2425219.16
Kirschbaum Super Smash 1.325Polyester1.3325220.75
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.1 1.25Polyester1.2225316.67
Dunlop Explosive Polyester 16Polyester1.2925316.98
Prince Poly Spin 3D 16Polyester1.2725323.39
Babolat Duralast 16Polyester1.3125325.33
Forten Flexion 16LPolyester1.2425415.53
Signum Pro Plasma Pure 1.28Polyester1.2925419.56
Gosen Polylon 16Polyester1.325421.23
Dunlop Comfort Poly 17Polyester1.2625421.24
Gamma Monoblast 16Polyester1.2825425.56
Kirschbaum P2 1.275Polyester1.2425516.47
Klip K Boom 16Polyester1.3125516.96
Super String Bionic V9Polyester1.2325517.09
Head UltraTour 17Polyester1.2225519.29
Yonex Poly Tour 125 16Polyester1.2425519.78
Signum Pro Plasma Hextreme 1.30Polyester1.2925616.63
Forten Flexion 16Polyester1.2825616.76
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 17Polyester1.2525617.58
Forten Intimidator 16Polyester1.325617.91
Gosen Polylon Comfort 16Polyester1.325619.65
Luxilon M2 Plus 130Polyester1.3125619.93
Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 1.20Polyester1.2225619.97
Prince Tour 16Polyester1.2825621.57
Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 1.25Polyester1.2625622.02
Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 1.225Polyester1.2325714.58
Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 1.24Polyester1.2425714.91
Kirschbaum P2 1.25Polyester1.2525715.48
RAB Endura Flex 17Polyester1.2125716.34
Kirschbaum Super Smash 1.275Polyester1.2625719.53
Kirschbaum Super Smash 1.25Polyester1.2525719.55
Signum Pro Poly Speed Excl. 1.35Polyester1.3925720
Babolat Ballistic Polymono 16Polyester1.325720.31
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 16Polyester1.2825814.9
Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 1.29Polyester1.325815.06
Topspin Cyber Flash 1.30Polyester1.2725815.28
Topspin Concept Pure 1.24Polyester1.2425816.67
Wilson Enduro Gold 16Polyester1.3225817.6
Klip Hardcore 16Polyester1.2725819.42
Genesis Spin X 16Polyester1.3125820.73
Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 1.275Polyester1.2725820.84
Kirschbaum Pro Line No.1 1.30Polyester1.2725822.09
Gamma Zo Sweet 17 (Main)Polyester1.2225915.75
Ashaway Monofire XL 17Polyester1.2625917.13
Pro Supex Poly Power Soft 1.25Polyester1.2725918.57
Prince Poly EXP 18Polyester1.2125920.88
Wilson Enduro Pro 16Polyester1.326014.33
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.28Polyester1.2726015.98
Luxilon TIMO 117Polyester1.226116.29
Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 1.30Polyester1.3126118.17
Toalson Cyber Blade Tour Thermaxe 127Polyester1.2726118.99
Luxilon Adrenaline 1.25Polyester1.2326119.4
Genesis Black Magic 16Polyester1.2826121.35
Pacific X Force 17Polyester1.2526213.47
Yonex Poly Tour 130 16Polyester1.3226219.65
Head UltraTour 16LPolyester1.2726317.97
Kirschbaum Super Smash 1.35Polyester1.3726319.36
Super String Super Pro V3Polyester1.2426319.49
Fischer Poly Pro 17Polyester1.2726321.06
Pacific X Force 16LPolyester1.3226414.33
Topspin Cyber Flash 1.35Polyester1.2326415.44
Gamma Dura Blast 17Polyester1.2626416.82
Pacific Poly Power 16Polyester1.2926517.16
Genesis Spin X 17 (Silver)Polyester1.2326518.61
Topspin Cyber Whirl 1.27Polyester1.2826520.48
Luxilon Original Rough 130Polyester1.2826619.21
Kirschbaum Super Smash 1.30Polyester1.2926619.58
Topspin Cyber Red 1.24Polyester1.2426815.88
Topspin Cyber Black 1.23Polyester1.2526818.52
Pacific Poly Force Xtreme 16LPolyester1.2726819.39
Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 16Polyester1.3126820.24
Signum Pro Poly Plasma 1.33Polyester1.3427014.26
Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16Polyester1.2827016.61
Prince Poly EXP 17Polyester1.2427021.66
Unique Tourna Poly Premium 18Polyester1.2127115.39
Kirschbaum P2 1.30Polyester1.327315.74
Topspin Concept Pure 1.29Polyester1.2727316.28
Toalson Ultimate Polyester 130Polyester1.3527321.59
Toalson Rencon 125Polyester1.2627413.42
Pacific Poly Force Xtreme 15LPolyester1.3527419.05
Mutual Power Power Match (Crosses)Polyester1.3527423.3
Babolat Revenge 17Polyester1.2627719.32
Prince Poly EXP 16Polyester1.2827721.48
Signum Pro Poly Megaforce 1.34Polyester1.3427815.69
Ashaway Monofire XL 16Polyester1.2927816.14
Kirschbaum Long Life 1.38Polyester1.428120.71
Toalson Rencon 130Polyester1.3128213.64
Signum Pro Poly Speed Spin 1.28Polyester1.2928318
Signum Pro Poly Speed Spin 1.33Polyester1.3228918.34
Pacific Poly Force 17Polyester1.2429413.41
Prince Twisted 16LPolyester1.2829818.91
Babolat Revenge 16Polyester1.3130219.31
Gamma Dura Blast 16Polyester1.330312.68
Pacific Poly Force 16LPolyester1.332017.84

Gut (Sorted by Stiffness)

natural gut strings
StringMaterialGaugeStiffness (lb/in.)Tension
Pacific Tough Gut 16LNatural Gut1.28837.52
Pacific Tough Gut 16Natural Gut1.26886.75
Pacific Classic Gut 16LNatural Gut1.28926.39
Pacific Prime Gut 16LNatural Gut1.3926.86
Pacific Prime Gut 16Natural Gut1.28975.75
Grand Slam Gut Ti. Power 16 (uncoated)Natural Gut1.39710.92
Head Natural Gut 16Natural Gut1.25998.73
Grand Slam Gut Grand Slam Gut 15L (coated)Natural Gut1.361008.58
Wilson Natural 16Natural Gut1.311028.43
Babolat VS Team Thermogut 17Natural Gut1.261028.45
Prince Natural Gut 17Natural Gut1.231028.49
Wilson Natural 17Natural Gut1.261038.13
Pacific Tough Gut 15LNatural Gut1.41038.66
Grand Slam Gut Black Knight Gut 16 (Coated)Natural Gut1.3210311.91
Klip Armour Pro 16Natural Gut1.31057.43
Klip Armour Pro 17Natural Gut1.281057.7
Grand Slam Gut Grand Slam Gut 17 (uncoated)Natural Gut1.281057.87
Pacific Prime Gut 17Natural Gut1.221058.45
Pacific Classic Gut 16Natural Gut1.310611.01
Babolat VS Touch Thermogut 16Natural Gut1.31078.31
Pacific Tough Gut Imperial (Blue Spiral) 16Natural Gut1.31108.23
Bow Brand Championship 16Natural Gut1.31117.36
Grand Slam Gut Ti. Power 16 (coated)Natural Gut1.361129.31
Klip Legend 16Natural Gut1.281138.77
Grand Slam Gut Grand Slam Gut 16 (coated)Natural Gut1.411139.28
Klip Legend 17Natural Gut1.271139.31
Prince Natural Gut 16Natural Gut1.311148.49
Babolat Tonic+ Thermogut Ball FeelNatural Gut1.351148.84
Bow Brand Championship 15LNatural Gut1.341168.53
Gamma Natural Gut Tour 16Natural Gut1.321178.47
Babolat VS Touch Thermogut 15LNatural Gut1.351188.68
Babolat Tonic+ Thermogut LongevityNatural Gut1.381199.26
Grand Slam Gut Grand Slam Gut 15L (uncoated)Natural Gut1.4812911.22

Kevlar/Technora/Vectran (Sorted by Stiffness)

aramid strings
StringMaterialGaugeStiffness (lb/in.)Tension
Ashaway Composite XL Pro 15Kevlar1.3844416.36
Ashaway Composite XT Pro 16Vectran1.347014.34
Pacific Powercraft 18Kevlar / Nylon1.150814.67
Forten New Age 18Kevlar / Nylon1.1351118.43
Forten Aramid Composite 18Kevlar / Nylon1.1151615.04
Forten Ultra Thin Blend 18Kevlar1.1254515.12
Forten Thin Blend 18/17 (Main)Kevlar1.1555714.33
Wilson Hyperlast Spin 19 (Main)Technora1.2156213.72
Head FXP Blend 17 (Main)Kevlar1.2457415.73
Forten Aramid Composite 17Kevlar / Nylon1.1759711.27
Forten Aramid Gear 16LKevlar1.4261010.43
Forten Aramid Composite 16Kevlar / Nylon1.286199.55
Silent Partner Gutsy Aramid 17Kevlar1.1562311.38
Forten Aramid Gear 15Kevlar1.4562711.84
Alpha Tourna Blend 18 (Main)Kevlar1.1863421.03
Gamma TNT2 Fusion Plus 19 (Main)Kevlar1.2364017.33
Gamma Infinity 18 (Main)Kevlar1.1764117
Gamma Infinity 17 (Main)Kevlar1.2464120.57
Alpha Tourna Blend 17 (Main)Kevlar1.2464720.64
Alpha Tourna Blend 15 (Main)Kevlar1.3966220.37
Ashaway Kevlar 18Kevlar1.0867127.21
Gamma TNT2 Fusion Plus 16 (Main)Kevlar1.2867416.36
Gosen Arammix Pro 18Kevlar1.0969717.03
Wilson Hyperlast 15 (Main)Technora1.4170913.15
Prince Problend w/Duraflex 17 (Main)Kevlar1.2472016.39
Gamma Infinity 15L (Main)Kevlar1.3572917.9
Gamma Infinity 16 (Main)Kevlar1.373617.9
Ashaway Kevlar 17Kevlar1.2275728.37
Ashaway Kevlar 16Kevlar1.2976426.68
Gosen Arammix Pro 16Kevlar1.2879519.14
Prince Problend w/Duraflex 16 (Main)Kevlar1.398115.88

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