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Stringing Service Article Wins Praise

When I received my June RSI, I read it from cover to cover immediately. Though I always enjoy reading and learning something from your publication, this one had some of the best articles I’ve seen. In particular, thanks to Tony Taverna for his article, “First-String Service,” and for the “What Technologies Are You Selling?” piece. Many thanks!

Donna Ryan

I just wanted to say that Tony Taverna’s article is an excellent summary of the service aspects of racquet stringing. For anyone in the racquet stringing business, this article is a great learning tool and an excellent reminder of the important points to cover when assisting customers.

In addition, I very much agree with his point to “take a string-bed stiffness reading after every string job.” It is an excellent tool to help a customer when they return later to ask if they should have their racquet restrung. One can show the customer exactly how much the string-bed has softened, therefore giving the customer a proven reason to have their racquet restrung. Thank you for the article, and this very good issue of RSI.

Roger Gough



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