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Change for the Better

By Peter Francesconi

You may have noticed in our February issue a subtle redesign of some of our pages. Our intent was to keep things fresh in the magazine — while not changing too drastically the look and feel of our award-winning publication.

Our wonderful design/art director, Kristine Thom, came up some subtle changes that we feel help give our pages what we’re calling a “facelift.” It’s not a full redesign by any means, just a dusting off and re-presentation.

And that’s also something you might want to consider for your business, too, whether you own or manage a pro shop or tennis facility or offer tennis lessons, clinics and coaching. Every now and then, you should give your business a facelift — take stock of what you’re doing, get input from other staff, or members, or customers, then put in place some changes that, while not necessarily changing your core, present a fresh face to your customers and clients.

With our slight redesign, Kristine asked those of us on staff what we think we should consider changing. Our input, combined with her expertise and practiced eye, led to different typefaces, a different color palette and other subtle graphic changes.

Sometimes, though, your business will need more than a subtle facelift. Think about the old saying in tennis, “Never change a winning game; always change a losing game.” That may be more appropriate in this economy than at any time in your business life. If your business is in trouble, or you feel it’s heading into trouble, make some changes now — you’ll have to if you want to survive.

Peter Francesconi

Peter Francesconi
Editorial Director

This issue contains our 2009 Court Construction & Maintenance Guide, and we want to thank Contributing Editor Mary Helen Sprecher and the American Sports Builders Association for their work in making this section happen. Articles in our guide, written by Mary Helen, use ASBA sources and members and provide you with the best expert advice when it comes to tennis court construction. (For more on the ASBA, or to join, visit

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Peter Francesconi is editorial director of Tennis Industry magazine.



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