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Positive Reinforcement

Whether you’re a retailer, teaching pro or manager, using the same key mental strategies as top athletes can help you weather the economic storm.

By Dr. Robert F. Heller

Given the tough economic times we are all experiencing, keeping a cool head is no easy task. Fortunately, many of the same mental skills that help top athletes perform at their best can help you better weather the financial crisis and its consequences.

It’s unlikely any of us have escaped the fallout from the worst financial crisis to hit this country since the Great Depression. Whether it’s struggling to avoid foreclosure, the evaporation of your retirement account, the shakiness of the job market, or the reduction in store sales or lesson income, dealing with major losses and the uncertainty of the future presents unique challenges to our mental and emotional well being.

Here are some strategies and reminders to help you move forward in a positive way.

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About the Author

Dr. Robert F. Heller  is a psychologist and consultant in the areas of performance enhancement and stress management. He is the author of Mental Skills for Match Play and Mental Toughness. For information on telephone consultation, products, and other services, contact,, or 561-451-2731. He is based in Boca Raton, Fla.



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