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2008 PTR Member of the Year: Jorge Andrew

By Peter Francesconi

Jorge Andrew is the ultimate tennis professional. The director of tennis operations for the Lexington County (S.C.) Recreation and Aging Commission, Andrew is a premier teacher of the game. He is a fixture at industry events as a presenter (in both English and Spanish), serves on sectional and national committees, and is one of only a handful of teaching pros who are master professionals in both teaching organizations.

Jorge Andrew

“Jorge is one of the shining stars in this business,” says PTR CEO Dan Santorum. “Everything about him is so positive. He really is wonderful.” And Andrew genuinely cares not only about tennis, but also for everyone who plays the sport.

Because of his total dedication to tennis, Jorge Andrew is RSI’s PTR Member of the Year.

Andrew grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, and played on the pro tour for 10 years, reaching a career high singles ranking of 61 and doubles ranking of 69. He left the tour in 1982, but he says playing professionally taught him to be disciplined, something he has carried over to his jobs in tennis.

“My teaching philosophy, too, has changed since I left the tour,” says Andrew. “At first, I enjoyed teaching top-level juniors. Then in the club business, I enjoyed teaching women’s and men’s teams. And now the thing I enjoy the most is doing QuickStart Tennis and working with beginners, not just juniors but also adults.”

Andrew has been the only tennis director at the 21-court Lexington County Tennis Complex, which opened in 2002. Soon to be added to his long list of responsibilities will be a second major complex, with 24 courts, expected to be completed in 2010.

But Andrew is involved in so many areas of the business, it’s hard to keep track. “Jorge just does an amazing job with everything,” says Santorum.

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