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Teaching Pro Organization Debate Continues

In “A United Front” (Your Serve, August issue), author Bruce Levine takes a simplistic approach to the concept of one teaching pro organization. Using his logic, we should ask the racquet, shoe, and apparel companies to merge and make one brand. Competition is healthy to any business or association, and both teaching organizations are constantly striving to meet the needs of our respective memberships.

In regards to Levine’s comments about PTR, the writer is not and has never been a member of PTR, and thus his statements lack credibility. PTR continues to work diligently to grow the game, which according to TIA participation statistics show tennis as one of the healthiest sports.

Dan Santorum, CEO, PTR

Thank you for the article by Bruce Levine encouraging the merger of USPTA and PTR.

Since 1977, I have written several articles supporting such a merger. It even reached the point that the Executive Committee of the USPTA voted for the merger in the late 1970s (I made the motion as a delegate from Texas). The details of the merger could not be worked out, so it never materialized. The timing may be right to do this now, and many of us appreciate the article.

Ken McAllister
USPTA/PTR, Executive Director, USTA Texas Section

(For more on this subject, see this issue’s “Your Serve”)

Reader Praises ‘Helpful Articles, Overall Quality’

I have been reading Racquet Sports Industry for several years now and want to compliment you on the constant improvements in the magazine.

The helpful articles on facilities, industry news, racquets, footwear, apparel, injuries and more keep getting better and better! The pictures and overall quality is outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Jack Hill
Match Point, Elm Grove, Wis.

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