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Triple Crown

These three residential court winners are great examples of excellent construction.

When it comes to beautiful tennis settings, nothing can compare with a private court project. With only one owner to please, and often a budget that can include many fine extras, court builders really have a chance to show off their talents. And for the builders of the three 2007 residential court winners of the Racquet Sports Industry/American Sports Builders Association Distinguished Facility-of-the-Year Awards, that is exactly the case.

Two of the three winning residential projects were new construction. The upgrade, of the court at the Finley Residence of Paradise Valley, Ariz., was done mainly for aesthetic reasons, since the homeowner doesn’t play tennis. The original asphalt court had fallen into disrepair and clearly looked out of place in the spectacular, immaculately landscaped location. Access to the site was limited, so the old surface couldn’t be removed, and equipment to resurface the asphalt couldn’t be brought in. The contractor suggested a sand-filled synthetic turf, and the result was a court as magnificent as its surroundings.

The cushioned hard court of the Balin Residence in Pennsylvania has lights, outdoor deck, “tennis house” with refrigerator and bathroom, backboard and basketball goal. The contractor ran into a large bedrock vein through parts of the court base and had to configure the layout, fence and some posts to avoid it. Boulders that were dug from the court area were reused in the landscaping, including for a large waterfall next to the court.

The new private court in Boca Raton uses subsurface irrigation for the fast-dry surface. Because of a nearby lake, the contractor had to bring in extra fill to slope the ground away from the court, and they laser-graded a swale into the base to allow for proper drainage. They also graded a rock perimeter around the court.

For the contractors, these award-winning projects are great examples of excellent workmanship.

private residence

Private Residence
Boca Raton, Fla.
(Nominated by Fast-Dry Courts, Pompano Beach, Fla.)
Contractor: Fast-Dry Courts
Surface: Lee Tennis Hydroblend
Net Posts: J.A. Cissel
Windscreens: M. Putterman
Line Tapes: Lee Tennis

Finley residence

Finley Residence
Paradise Valley, Ariz.
(Nominated by General Acrylics Inc., Phoenix, Ariz.)
Specialty Contractor: General Acrylics Inc.
Surface: NGI Sports Pro Court XP
Net, Posts, Strap: Douglas Industries

Balin residence

Balin Residence
Thorton, Pa.
(Nominated by Sportsline Inc., Exton, Pa.)
General Contractor: Sportsline Inc.
Surface: California Products Plexicushion
Net, Posts: Collegiate Pacific
Lighting: LSI Industries
Backboard: Bakko

For details on the 2008 Distinguished Facility-of-the-Year Awards, contact the ASBA at 866-501-ASBA or



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