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Finding That Tennis Passion

By Peter Francesconi

I’ve been involved in the tennis business for more than 20 years. And I have to admit that when I first joined Tennis Magazine in 1987, I would not have said I was particularly passionate about the sport. I was attracted to the job itself, and to the potential for growth in that job.

But the passion for the sport of tennis quickly grew for me. I started taking lessons, became a frequent, and avid, player, and continued to become more and more involved in the sport and in the industry itself. I quickly realized all the positives about tennis that for me, continue to this day: the activity, health benefits, fun, competition and, importantly, the social network that tennis provides.

And I quickly realized something else: that I want to make sure this game reaches as many people as it possibly can. Here at RSI magazine, that’s our reason for being. And as a member of this industry, that most likely is your motivation, too.

Often, you can tell when someone you meet in this industry isn’t particularly passionate about the sport. They’re in it for other reasons—maybe a quick profit (good luck in that endeavor), maybe to make a quick name for themselves. In short order, these folks frequently will move out of the industry, looking for something that just won’t materialize for them in the tennis business.

But those of us who remain—and we are many, and growing—are ardent supporters of tennis. We look for, and find, the good in the sport and its people, and we take it upon ourselves to spread the word about tennis.

I’ve been fortunate to find that many people who work in this business believe in tennis and the good it brings to others. Whether they are teaching pros, coaches, facility managers, park and rec personnel, retailers, manufacturers, media members, USTA staff, and, particularly, volunteers in this business, there is a passion that burns in each of them. They want this game to grow, and they are passionate about spreading the word.

If that isn’t your motivation, I only hope that one day, it will become so.

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Peter Francesconi is editorial director of Tennis Industry magazine.



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