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Boosting Your Online Game

By Peter Francesconi

This magazine is all about helping your business. Whether a pro shop, facility, teaching pro, coach, court builder, CTA, manufacturer—we want you to succeed. We want more people playing tennis, we want to see full courts and more being built, and we want more equipment and apparel to be sold. This magazine’s reason for being is to help you make money. But RSI alone isn’t going to do the job. You need to be proactive, too. And one area that you absolutely have to address in your business is the internet.

Some of you have embraced technology and are using it to make your life and your jobs easier. But I’m betting there are many more out there who have yet to realize the full potential the internet has in helping your business. Maybe you have a website that doesn’t really get updated. Maybe you have an AOL or yahoo account and check email every now and then. Maybe, God forbid, you shun the internet and email altogether.

Well, it’s time to wake up to all that the internet can bring to your business. Every day, more and more people are using the web to make their lives easier, both personally and in business. And you should, too. In fact, you must if you’re going to succeed in today’s world.

Consumer use of the web is exploding. In tennis, players, consumers—your customers—now use the web to find all sorts of information, like how the Yellow Pages were used 25 years ago. And more and more, they use it to make online court reservations and—we might as well say it—buy products, too. Yes, that is a reality that, if you haven’t admitted it to yourself, you need to face: More and more products are being purchased via the internet. All of this is why you need to have, and increase, your presence on the web. And it’s not that hard to do.

To help you, we have a special section in this issue starting on page 25 devoted to your business on the web and how you can benefit greatly from all that the internet has to offer. Step up your web presence now and it’ll definitely pay off down the road.

Peter Francesconi

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Peter Francesconi is editorial director of Tennis Industry magazine.



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