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Multi-tasking can be a great tool for your business. But if you’re not careful, it can also drag you down.

By Joe Dinoffer

There are a number of trends in the business world that, when used properly, can put you in the winner’s circle. Conversely, if followed blindly, these same trends can run you into a brick wall and be harmful to your business.

“Multi-tasking” is just such a notion. At the right time and in the right situation, multi-tasking in your tennis business can propel it toward success. However, multi-tasking at the wrong time and under the wrong circumstances can become a reputation-killer.

Some 20 years ago, the concept of multi-tasking was the theme of many leading management books. Nowadays this buzzword is used so commonly that concern for how to properly multi-task has almost become lost.

In your tennis business, here are some examples of positive multi-tasking:

Backfiring on Your Business

Unfortunately, many of us who are in the habit of doing more than one thing at a time may think that all multi-tasking is a good thing. But, in many cases, this theory can backfire and hurt business. Here are some examples of negative multi-tasking:

Multi-tasking can be a good thing at the right time in the right situation. Focusing on the single task of the moment, or being “on-task,” can challenge the compulsive multi-tasker, but it’s worth the effort. Your customers will remember you by how much you pay attention to them, not by how many things you can pay attention to at the same time.

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About the Author

Joe Dinoffer is a Master Professional for both the PTR and USPTA. He speaks frequently at national and international tennis teacher workshops as a member of both the HEAD Penn and Reebok National Speaker's Bureaus. He is president of Oncourt Offcourt Inc. and has written 16 books and produced more than 30 instructional videos.



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