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Outlook 2008

OK, it’s time. It’s time for your business to take that giant leap forward that many of us in this industry have been hoping for, and predicting, for the last few years.

Retailers, facility managers, and court builders are optimistic about the future. Programs are in place that can help increase your customer base. The various groups and constituencies in tennis all seem to be on board and working together. Industry data shows that equipment sales continue to increase, that participation is holding steady, and that total “play occasions” has increased. And, importantly, tennis has grown faster than any other participation sport over the last six years.

And manufacturers are responding, with some of the best products they’ve ever made, designed to give players what they want and need in equipment and tenniswear. As you’ll see on the following pages, the new racquets, shoes and apparel will help make your customers’ playing experience the best possible.



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