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HEAD Introduces MicroGel Radical Line

Head has launched its new Tour Series racquet line, the MicroGel Radical, featuring new MicroGel technology that Head says will offer aggressive, competitive players with a solid feel and tremendous spin properties.

The MicroGel Radical line includes the MicroGel Radical Pro, Radical MP, and Radical OS. Suggested retail price for each is $200. The line also includes new Radical bags in orange, black, and white.

HEAD Microgel Radical

MicroGel Technology combines a new space-age material with a stiff and strong carbon composite. MicroGel is a silica-based, semi-elastic solid with a honeycomb-like structure, and the lowest density of any known solid, says Head. When combined with carbon composite fibers in the racquet head, MicroGel deforms and compresses upon ball impact, uniformly absorbing and distributing the impact load around the entire frame, according to the company.

“MicroGel gives the Radical amazing response qualities,” says Kevin Kempin, vice president of sales and marketing for HEAD Penn. “Fans of the original versions of the racquet will be wowed by the feel of this one.” For more information, visit



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