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USPTA Launches Online Resource for H.S. Coaches

The USPTA recently launched a new website that offers extensive resources to high school tennis coaches and others who work with high school tennis teams and players.

The new site — — will help support the “No-Cut” high-school tennis team program that the USTA is pushing. So far, more than 1,400 high-school tennis coaches have signed on to run No-Cut programs, which accept every student onto the tennis team who tries out.

The new USPTA site will provide resources that enable coaches to organize effective team practices for large groups. One of the most important elements is a practice template with a large library of drills and games that can be copied and pasted into the template to create a high school practice session of any length or complexity. Drills and games have been used extensively and successfully by USPTA coaches.

“We need to do all we can to provide high school coaches with the tools they need to run effective programs,” says USTA Chairman and President Jane Brown Grimes. “The USPTA’s High School Coaches Resource Center will do just that. We are particularly excited about how this can help develop more ‘no-cut’ high school teams.”

Information on the new USPTA site comes from many sources, including almost four years worth of TV show productions for “On Court with USPTA,” video recordings of both specialty courses and seminars from past USPTA World Conferences, audio seminars from past World Conferences, DVD productions from special events, including the USPTA Competitive Player Development Conferences, drills, games and more. The site is free to USPTA members and available free for 90 days to anyone else who registers and provides a valid e-mail address and password.



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