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Industry Continues Bullish Streak Into '07

The tennis industry, after finishing a strong 2006 in racquet and tennis ball sales, has begun 2007 with more good news. First-quarter shipments of tennis racquets to all dealers were up 11.5 percent in dollars and 8.9 percent in units over the same period in 2006. Tennis ball shipments also showed significant growth in the first quarter, up 8.4 percent in dollars and 8.7 percent in units compared to last year.

In racquets, the largest growth continues to be in the super premium category, which was up 32.1 percent in dollars and 22 percent in units compared to the first quarter of 2006. Also, sales of youth racquets were strong, up 17.6 percent in dollars and 14.6 percent in units over 2006.

“Overall, we are on the right track,” says TIA President Dave Haggerty. “Industry sales are the most positive they have been in years, and the efforts to grow the game at the grassroots level have also intensified. Along with our industry partners and working closely with the USTA, we have promoted Tennis Welcome Centers for four straight years, the USTA has greatly expanded its Tennis in the Parks campaign among other programs, and Cardio Tennis, entering its third year, is seeing terrific media attention and success in attracting new and existing players.”

These latest figures for the tennis industry continue the bullish streak begun four years ago. For more information, visit

Top-Selling Racquets at Specialty Stores

By year-to-date dollars, January-March 2007


1. Prince O3 White (MP) $186
2. Babolat Pure Drive Cortex (MP) $173
3. Prince O3 Speedport Red (OS) $232
4. Prince O3 Speedport Silver (OS) $269
5. Wilson N SixOne Tour 90 (MS) $186

‘Hot New Racquets’ (Introduced in the past 12 months)

1. Babolat Pure Drive Cortex (MP) $173
2. Prince O3 Speedport Red (OS) $232
3. Prince O3 Speedport Silver (OS) $269
4. Wilson K Six.One tour 90 (MS) $186
5. Wilson K Six.One 95 (16 × 18) (MS) $175

(Source: TIA/Sports Marketing Surveys)

Tennis Racquet Performance Specialty Stores

Jan.-March 2007 vs. 2006

Units 2007 143,212
2006 132,347
% Change vs. ‘06 8%
Dollars 2007 $19,690,000
2006 $17,796,000
% Change vs. ‘06 11%
Price 2007 $137
2006 $134
% Change vs. ‘06 2%

(Source: TIA/Sports Marketing Surveys)

Top-Selling Tennis Shoes at Specialty Stores

By year-to-date dollars, January-March 2007

1. Adidas Barricade IV $101
2. Nike Air Breathe Free 2 $95
3. Adidas Barricade II $84
4. Prince T 10 $80
5. Nike Air Breathe Free 3 $93

(Source: TIA/Sports Marketing Surveys)

Top-Selling Tennis Strings at Specialty Stores

By year-to-date dollars, January-March 2007

1. Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex
2. Wilson NXT
3. Wilson Sensation
4. Prince Lightning XX
5. Luxilon Alu Power

(Source: TIA/Sports Marketing Surveys)



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